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PostSubject: Daxis   Daxis Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 7:48 pm


Daxis Daxisyay2

Race: Giansza




Abilities/Attributes:can utilize the powers of the deceased

Weapons:a crystal scythe

Appearance:tall,(6'6") with black and blonde highlights through the hair.
Wears a traditional outfit of an ancient dynasty , eye color is a demonic red
And has thing against wearing shoes.

Personality:charming and loving at heart but can be on the cruel side if he is provoked from his kind nature. Acts like a ladies man . usually knows what he’s doing.has the most distinguished derptastic moments when he runs into trouble.

History:wanders the world looking for a good woman he can be with after being exiled fom his homeland for a crime he did not commit, though the real one who blamed him has been long gone from the place where daxis once lived. though in reality his dark side was the culprit behind the crimes without him knowing . home was a small village located on the pyrion road.

from further roleplays he has become attached to zeke (see in characters profile ) like atumor .
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