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Class:shaman, cleric, enchanter.

Abilities/Attributes:is able to make a pact with spirits to transform into powerful creatures,

Weapons:a small but powerful teal coloured ring with the ability to create magic

spirits she is familiar with: bird, wolf, siren

Appearance:short,(4’9”) her outfit appears to resemble either temple robes or an arabian dancers outfit with a beaded headdress.in a vibrant orange color to catch the eye of anyone she walks past
has short blood red hair colour,translucent blue eyes

Personality:short-tempered ,yet shy and kind once known better . entices men with her beauty, or so she thinks.
somewhat antisocial, yet interested in finding someone or something to calm her temper and get rid of her boredom.

History: as a child shida matured within the walls of the shriverien Temple , raised by the temple Priestesses and priests.
all of her magical studies were completed over the years that she lived there, after completing her studies,she grew tired of being around the priests and did not agree with their teachings, thus led her to leave the temple with what knowledge she carries of magical healing ,and spirit transformation, she has become a wandering traveler , crossing through regions in search of hopes to find friends or other interesting things.

Shida Shidayo
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