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PostSubject: Xeidin   Xeidin Icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2007 4:02 pm

Instead of having seperate accounts for each character, I decided that it'd be better to have an account and then just characters.

Here's the template for characters. Just create a new Topic here with your character's name.

Name: Xeidin

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Class: Dark Knight

Race: Vervalsing/Giansza

Morals: neutral

Abilities/Attributes: (What abilities/attributes they have. See Info if confused)

Weapons and Armor: Xeidin has two, special hand crafted swords that have been attached to his wings painfully by rings. One is a normal katana while the other was two blades side by side in one sheathe.

He also has a small adamant dagger that is attached to his ankle, usually hidden so that in case of dagger e can take it out and surprise attack.

Xeidin wears two gauntlets around his wrist, mostly for design but can be used to block certain kinds of attacks. On the right one there is a dragon the symbol of the vervalsing and on the left one there is the symbol for a Giansza indicating that he is of both races.

Appearance: Xeidin is a vervalsing/giansza so he has wings obviously. His wings are scaly, much like a dragons and they are red with black trim. His eyes are a yellow color, much like the shade of yellow the emoticons are Very Happy . He has dark brown, medium lengthed hair, wears a headband across his forehead and two earings on his left ear. The two swords he carries with his are attached to his wings, they are held on by rings and will stay on for the rest of his life.

Personality:Bitter unless acquainted with other character, Untrusting, Negative

History: Xeidin has a giansza mother and a vervalsing father, he is of both races. The giansza race had a big problem with the two seeing each other, they said it was an insult to every giansza and they did everything in their power to keep them apart. Luckily the vervalsing race had no idea this was going on. After a short amount of time his mother had given birth to him, and the giansza agreed that they could not let this continue so they went to kill the three. His father refused to let this happen so he fought them off vigorously with the aid of his wife, but in battle she was killed. She said to the father, "your race does not know of this, go home and pretend that our son is a full vervalsing, give him a normal life and live peacefully." He agreed, said goodbye to his wife and left in tears, heading for his home. There the two lived for many years, no one knew of what happened, not even Xeidin, and that was the way it could be kept if his father could help it.

When Xeidin was about 27, due to the slow aging he still seemed like he would be about 14, his father finally decided that it would be best if he told Xeidin about all that had happened between him, his father and his mother. When her heard this he was surprised and furious, but he promised his dad that he would never tell anyone about being half giansza, or else it could mean the worst. Xeidin, unfortunately could not keep the promise and within a week he told his bes friend, Axel that he was part giansza and if cause Axel to become distant. Axel told everyone, including the elders about it and Xeidin was forced out of the town told to never come back because if he did he would be killed on sight. His father let him leave without even trying to help(some father), and Xeidin left for good.

Other Information: (Put here any other miscelaneous information about your character. This could be random stuff, people they know, a familiar, ect.
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