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 Character Submission Template

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PostSubject: Character Submission Template   Character Submission Template Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 11:32 pm

Instead of having seperate accounts for each character, I decided that it'd be better to have an account and then just characters.

Here's the template for characters. Just create a new Topic here with your character's name.


[b]Name:[/b] (obviously, the characters name. You can have full or just first name)
[b]Age:[/b] (Age, duh. Make sure to keep in mind race when choosing the age. Please state apparent age as well, if applicable.)
[b]Race:[/b] (See Races page. All races have pros and cons, and you must work within their bounds.)
[b]Alignment:[/b] (Think of it as morals. Good natured, Law Abiding, Rebel, Pure evil, whatever seems to be their morality. Don't go on about their personality here, this just acts as a quick reference to things.)
[b]Abilities/Attributes:[/b] (What abilities/attributes they have. See Info if confused)
[b]Weapons and Armor:[/b] (Describe any weapons and armor your character uses or has with them)
[b]Appearance:[/b](Describe your character. Go as in depth as you want. )
[b]Personality:[/b] (Describe your character's personality)
[b]History: [/b](Describe your character's history. You do not need to go in depth or very far back, but having this section helps others be able to interact with your character more easily and to know what your character is about.)
[b]Other Information: [/b] (Put here any other miscelaneous information about your character. This could be random stuff, people they know, a familiar, ect.)

This information must be present in your character's profile. You may jazz it up however you like, but this info must be legible.

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Character Submission Template
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