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 Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay)

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PostSubject: Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay)   Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:01 pm

Location: En'treilldei Unknown


"How much longer until we reach the city?" Mushio and his friend, hatakuro, had been walking for days straight, and had finally reached the Faerphen Fields, one of the last stops before reaching Trielldêi City,

"We're almost there Hatakuro. Let's setup camp, and rest for awhile." Mushio breathed in and out sleepily, he looked back at Hatakuro who was smiling,

"Okay! I'll go look through those bushes over there for some berries!" She pointed to a seemingly large patch of bushes.

"Okay. I'm gonna find a spot to setup camp!" They trailed off in different directions.

"Hmm...Aha!" Hatakuro spotted small red berried with pink spots on them, "These look good!" She popped one in her mouth to taste it, "Mmm...They're perfect!" She pouched her shirt and stuffed it full of berries and walked back to the campsite.

Rokan walked through the soft fields outside of Treilldêi City. He knew he shouldn't be back in that country so soon after fleeing the Vampire-Werewolf Half breeds, but Smoke had convinced him that it was important. He was headed to the city, and eventually the temple, in search of someone who had knowledge of the group. That, and Smoke wanted to gather those who would actively fight the halfbreeds.

However, Smoke had flown ahead to scout out dangers. Without her, Rokan had gotten hopelessly lost.

Up ahead, he spotted a boy who was setting up camp. Maybe he can assure me that I'm pointed in the right direction. Rokan headed for him.
It didn't take long to reach the boy. Rokan called out a friendly greeting.

"Hello," he said. "Don't run into many people off of the roads. I'm headed to Treilldêi city, and I was wondering if you could tell me if I was headed the right way?"

"Um...Hello. Me and my friend, Hatakuro are headed there too, why don't we go together?" He started stacking some branches and sticks he had found lying around, and pointed the palm of his hands to it, "Fire!" A fire ball shot out of his hand and started the lumber on fire, then he looked up as he warmed up his hands in the fire, "It's getting dark, why don't you stay here tonight, we should have enough accommodations for all three of us." Mushio smiled friendly and looked over and spotted Hatakuro coming back, "Hey Hatakuro!" He looked back up at Rokan, "We have food, now so you can stay if you'd like. Oh! Bye the way, I'm Mushio!" He held out a hand to the new ally as he got to his feet, then Hatakuro reached them and set down the berries, "And this is Hatakuro!"

"Um, Hi!" She smiled sweetly and innocently

Rokan smiled. "Nice of you to offer," he said, coming closer now that he saw he was welcome. He was almost about to comment on why two young kids were out alone when he saw Mushio start a fire with magic. They can probably handle themselves, he thought.

Hatakuro showed up and Mushio introduced her.

"I'm Rokan," he replied, taking Mushio's hand and shaking it.


Smoke drifted in the twilight sky, watching for anything unusual. Things looked pretty quiet so far, and had been for the past few weeks. But maybe that was due to their avoidance of most civilized areas. She and Rokan were known to the halfbreeds now, so they had to be careful.

Wait a minute, what is that? she thought to herself. She saw a group of people walking down a path that intersected the field. The path was leading out of a forest. One of the people there saw her, and pointed. Immediately, she felt fear, but tried to reassure herself. They look more or less peaceful. Gotta remember that Dersi aren't exactly common here...

She flew casually back towards where she'd left Rokan, but couldn't shake the feeling of being followed. A glance back told her that the people she'd seen were now following her. Uh oh....
She picked up her speed; she had to reach Rokan quickly.

She saw a camp up in the distance with a fire going. Rokan was there, along with two other people, and young girl and boy.

That's not good.... I don't want to get children dragged into this.

She flew towards them and landed nimbly behind Rokan. It startled him.
"They've found us," she whispered in his ear.

Shock passed through Rokan. Dammit.... Now not only am I in danger, I've gotten Hatakuro and Mushio into this....

"Uh, this is my familiar, Smoke," he introduced hastily. "She showed up with bad news, not the best first impression. She says that there's some potentially dangerous people coming. Well, not exactly people, but she can't be sure....."
He trailed off, knowing that he'd have to explain but procrastinating it.

"What?'Not exactly people'?" Hatakuro thought to herself, what could possibly be not 'exactly human'...

"I don't mean to pry, but who are they exactly, and why are they following you?" Mushio looked into Rokan's eyes, "I hope you know you can trust us." He looked to his left, A cold wind, something's coming. He looked down at the fire, and noticed that the flame had extinguished and only embers were left, "They're almost here, we need to know what they are!" He jerked his head up to look Rokan in the eyes once again.

"Mushio..." Hatakuro rested her hand on Mushio's shoulder, "Do you feel that?" Mushio looked back at her then looked down once again, and nodded.

"Yeah...The power is immense...So, what is it?" He looked at Rokan for a third time.

"Have you ever heard of Vampire-Werewolf Halfbreeds?" He waited for their reaction.

Smoke whispered to him, "I'll go distract him. Don't worry; I'll be all right..."

"Vampire-Werewolf Halfbreeds?" Hatakuro thought for a second, "I've heard of them, but i don't exactly know what they are..."

"Well I have a feeling we're about to find out!" Mushio clenched two kunai with his right hand, but kept them in the holsters, Just then the the tips of the trees beyond their view began to fall, along with loud crashing sounds, "Oh God! There's more than one!" He looked and noticed Smoke headed over to deal with them, "Smoke! Look out!"

Smoke dodged the attack of the halfbreed, rising skywards.

"No time to explain now...." he muttered. Rokan turned to Mushio, "I noticed you're a mage, so if you know any magic that has to do with daylight, it's the only weakness of these things. It'll make them turn back to their human form, and trust me, that makes it easier to fight them."

He stayed back, waiting for the Were-vamps to come to him. "I hope you two know how to fight," he said, pulling out his sword. It was indeed coming in handy.

"Mushio!" Hatakuro looked at Mushio and he looked back and they both nodded. Hatakuro lept back cast Haste on both Mushio and herself, and then Mushio lept up, and Hatakuro did the same as she casted float on them.

"Ready Hatakuro!?" He looked back at her and she hovered beside him,

"Ready!" Mushio took out his two kunai and lunged towards the enemies, as Hatakuro pulled out her bow and shot a light arrow at him. Mushio turned around and caught the arrow with his kunai,catching it in the form of a ball. He stuck his kunai in the center of the ball and span them,

"Now!" He threw up the ball and Hatakuro used her magic to stop it in it's tracks, and then hasted it to make is spin faster. The ball of light gave off a glow so bright it was as if it was midday time. Mushio jumped up and snatched the Kunai then him and Hatakuro lept back to where Rokan was just as float wore off. The ball continued to shine. "It'll only last about ten minutes so we better hurry!"

Rokan watched the two working together. An orb of light formed and suddenly Hatakuro and Mushio were beside him.

"It'll only last about ten minutes so we bettter hurry!"
He whistled loudly and Smoke drifted down. "You think you can carry all of us? I mean, they're kids so they should be light."

Smoke nodded. "I can try. At the very least, I'll be able to carry us far enough away to be safe."

Rokan got on Smoke. "Come on," said Smoke. "We can be out of here soon."

Mushio and Hatakuro looked at each other, "Hatakuro, go grab our stuff!"

"O-Okay!" Hatakuro grabbed the embers from the fire and put them in a bag and stuffed all their items in a larger bag, and she brought it back to Mushio and they hopped on smoke as she started to fly away, "So where are we going exactly?"

"11-10-9-8..." Hatakuro looked at Mushio as he counted down,

"What are you doing?" He looked at her as he reached zero,

"2-1-Zero!" Mushio turned around to look back, "Look!" He pointed to the direction of the sunball, but it wasn't there,

"Oh no! That was way too fast!" Hatakuro thought back and remembered that she didn't put as much power into her magic because she had to stop them fast, "Dammit!" She squinted into the distance, "I can't-Wait! I see them! They're coming!"

Smoke took them over top of the trees in the distance quickly. Rokan could see the halfbreeds following quickly behind them. Then, one of them took to flight; then another; then another.

"Uh oh...." he said from her back. "I forgot they could do that."

He felt Smoke twitch downward and yelled to the other two, "Hold on tight!"

She immediately dove down into the thick green forest. They were high up, and it took a moment to reach the ground. Smoke pulled out of the dive just in time to level with the ground. They skidded to a halt.

Rokan flew off of Smoke and rolled a little before climging to his feet and checking if the others were all right.

"What do we do!?" Mushio went into panic as Hatakuro grabbed onto his arm,

"Mushio, it's okay! We've faired through worse!" He looked back at her as she smiled softly, it would melt any heart,

"You're right!" Mushio and hatakuro both took out their weapons and readiedx into their stanced position, readily alert for anything to come their way, but what came, they weren't expecting, "What's that sound?" A silent humming buzz could be heard, then a thud folowed as it stopped immediately, "AGH!" Mushio fell to the ground harshly with a Half-Breed hanging off the flesh between his neck and right shoulder, it bit harder and harder til the flesh jerked off and the Half-Breed flew up diagonally to join it's brethren, "Dammit!" Mushio clenched his wound tightly,

"Mushio!" Hatakuro ran up to Mushio but stopped when she caught a glimpse, "Oh no..." She looked over at Rokan, "We have to hurry Rokan! He's been bitten!" She picked him as his body turned limp and lifeless,

"Hata--ku-ro...."He feinted softly,


"Shit!" Rokan exclaimed under his breath as the halfbreed launched a dine-and-dash attack. (lol sorry... had to when it came to mind)

He pulled off the loose coat he wore over his shirt and tossed it to Hatakuro. "Try to slow the bleeding for right now. I don't think the rules of either vampires or werewolves apply to these things, but we can't be sure... I sure hope you know some healing, Hatakuro... I don't, and I think without it....."

Rokan didn't even want to finish the sentence. He'd only just met them, yet he felt responsible for what had happened (although in truth, the halfbreeds would probably have just run into them and massacred them if Smoke hadn't been watching for them)

He heard bushes rustling and turned just in time to see a halfbreed going for the attack on him. He ducked, using the momentum of the attack to throw the beast savagly into the ground near by. He pulled out the sword, a momento of knowing he'd be screwed if he tried to fight something as beastly as this unarmed, and stabbed at it, aiming for the throat.
The thing had moved, however, and although Rokan tried to keep up with it, it was still just a bit too fast. The strike missed its innitial target and hit the halfbreed in the shoulder.
It roared and gripped the sword. It ripped it out, slashing at Rokan with it's clawed hand that was almost but not quite a paw.
Rokan jerked away from the attack, but he'd given the beast the time it needed to take flight. He glanced over at Hatakuro to see how she and Mushio were doing.

Hatakuro took the coat, and fastened it around Mushio's wound. and pulled out her staff, and readied herself for some magic, but as she pulled it out, she heard something coming for her, and ducked and jerked her staff into it's belly and twisted and threw it. "Heal..." She aided Mushio wound slightly and went off to help Rokan, "What do we do!?"

He looked over to Smoke at Hatakuro's words. She seemed unconscious from the dive. He walked over to her and nudged her; she moaned softly and lifted a large eyelid. She smiled, which told him that she was all right.

"We can either run or we can fight. It's all night until the dawn comes again; last time I faced these things, it was daytime so I was lucky. So we should probably find a place that we can hold safely, like a small cave or something.... Unless.... How close are we from Treilldei City?"

He glanced in the general direction it should be in, but the trees cut off all view.

Rokan waited for Hatakuro's reply as he kept his ears open for any sound of an attack.

"I doubt we could see the city even if we were in the open!" She heard a screeching sound and looked behind Rokan and focused her eyes and saw a shadowy figure, "Look out!" She put away her staff and took out her special sash, and threw it around the halfbreed and threw it to the ground and took out her staff yet again, "Photon Laser!" She shot a thin beam of pure light from her staff, which pierced the being as it disintegrated. "We need to get outta here, got any ideas?"

Rokan muttered under his breath, "Damn, that's not good."
Smoke drifted over to the three others. "We have to run until we find a good place to hide, then."
Rokan nodded. "Mushio will have to ride on you, though. As long as you're in good shape?"
"The inpact was nothing," she said through a smile. That was a relief to Rokan, although she might be lying about it. He'd have to watch her, just in case.

Smoke flew over to Mushio and picked him up gently. Because he was just a child, it was easy for her to fly while carying him like that. Rokan looked over to Hatakuro.

"You guys go a bit ahead, I'll cover our backs."

Smoke nodded and began to fly away.

Hatakuro ran alongside Smoke, constantly looking back to make sure Mushio was okay. "Are you sure he'll be alright?" She stopped looking back and stared up at Smoke.
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PostSubject: Re: Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay)   Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:01 pm

In truth, Rokan had no idea if Mushio would be all right. He wouldn't last long unless they got somwhere safe in order to treat him properly, that was for sure. Should I tell her? She's only a child.... He sighed.She definately deserved to know, especially in the situation they were in.

"No, I'm not sure." He glanced behind him to judge the distance of the halfbreeds. "Help me keep an eye out for somewhere safe."

He looked to the side when all of a sudden, Smoke turned sharply. "Follow me!"

"Smoke, what-" He stopped mid sentence and decided to just follow.

Smoke swiftly and deftly wove between the trees. I know I saw it... she thought to herself. And sure enough, in the trees ahead, she saw again the thick crack in a rise in the ground. She flew up to it and looked back to Rokan.

"I think we can hide in here."

Rokan skidded to a stop and looked at her. He looked at the hole and then nodded. "Good job, Smoke."

Gently, he removed Mushio from her arms and crawled into the narrow hole.

Inside, it was small, but there was definately enough room. He lay mushio down and then turned back to make sure Hatakuro and Smoke would be okay. I lead the halfbreeds to them... and I'll protect them.

"Stand Back." She looked up at Rokan and Smoke and knealt beside Mushio, "I need to try something! Anything!" She hovered her hand above Mushio wound , "Heal..." her hands began to glow, she kept her hands steady for several minutes, but to no avail "Com'on, work!" Tears started streaming down her face, she looked up at Rokan, "What's wrong with him!?" She tried again, but it still didn't work.

Rokan, trying to keep half of his attention on the entrance, looked at her.

"I.... don't know." He thought back to his first encounter with the beasts. "Wounds given by them don't seem to heal as well or as fast." Unconsciously, he brought a hand up to the scar on his chest left from one before.

"Do you think you've healed him enough to last for a bit? I don't know anything about healing...." His eyes dropped to the ground. Dammit, if he dies because I met him... Why does this always happen? His mind drifted back, back to when he returned to his home. People... my family.... Diana... They all died because of me. I don't want that to happen again.

"I think so." She looked down at Mushio and then wiped the tears from her eyes, and looked up at Rokan, he had a serious expression on his face.

"Ha...ta...kuro...?'" Shocked, Hatakuro looked down to see Mushio looking up at her. She smiled and held his hanf tightly.

"Mushio! You're okay!" She heard screeching from outside, "Oh God....not now..." She looked towards the entrance and saw Halfbreeds gathering in the spot, She let go of Mushio's hand and arose to her feet, clenching her staff. As she raised it she noticed Mushio was gone, and there was another shadowy figure, but it looked different, "Is that....Mushio!?"

Mushio dove underneath one of the halfbread and used his newly discovered claws to rip it into pieces, it's red juices flying everywhere and soaking into Mushio's clothing, He pounced onto another one and bit into it's neck and pulled, ripping out skin and muscle clenched in his teeth. he picked it up and threw it onto the ground headfirst, and it's skull collapsed on impact. He went after the last one and pireced it through the stomach, and using his other claw, pierced it through the heart, it's blood lathering into his skin like thick water. He pulled out his claws and looked up into the sky then collapsed, the halfbreeds didn't stand a chance...

Rokan stared at Mushio, now one of the halfbreeds. He was about to attack the ones heading for the entrance when Mushio killed them all in front of them. As he collapsed, Rokan spoke out to Hatakuro. She was sure to be at Mushio's side.

"Stay back! I wasn't sure before, but now I know that their attacks can turn you into one of them. It won't.... It won't effect me, so just stay back."

He saw Smoke cast him a worried glance, but he didn't know how to respond to her. I'm not sure what I'm doing.... But at least I can still protect Hatakuro.

He knelt down beside the collapsed Mushio. Rokan nudged him.

"Mushio, can you hear me?" Rokan investigated Mushio now that he was close to him. It was hard to tell what blood was his or not, and impossible to tell what state he was in.

"Ro...kan..." A tear streamed down Mushio's face, "It hurts..." He started crying. "It won't stop...please....make it stop..." He held his stomach in agonizing pain, "AGH....ughhuh...." He started crying out in pain. "Hatakuro! help!" Hatakuro started running towards Mushio.


Rokan put out his hand to stop Hatakuro. "I don't know if he'll snap and turn on us, so stay back! The last thing we need is both of you turning into halfbreeds!"
He didn't want to have to keep them apart, but he wanted less to have Hatakuro hurt. A few moments of hearing Mushio's cries, however, made him lower his arm.
"Try to heal him," he said as he stayed close to Mushio. "If anything bad happens, well.... just get back."

Hatakuro ran up to Mushio and straddled him in her arms and lifted him onto his knees, "Oh Mushio!" She squeezed him tightly and let go, "I'm gonna try this again!" She put out her hands and they started to glow, and slowly but surely the scratched staretd disappearing, "It's....It's finally working...."Tears streamed down her face, "I haven't been able to use this skill properly yet, but for you Mushio." The pitter patter of rain outside the cavern started emurging from the hush of the wind. Once the scratched were all gone, hatakuro stopped and swiveled a bit, "I haven't used so much energy before...." She looked over at Mushio, innocently sleeping, "Oh......Mushio...." She collapsed and fell forward, and they both lay together sleeping silently.

Rokan looked over the two. Hatakuro was exhausted, and Mushio looked like he'd be fine... at least for now. He cast smoke a concerned look.

"Keep an eye on them, okay?"

She nodded and floated over to them, curling herself up around the two. Rokan sighed. At least they'll live.

He sat, watching the entrance to the small cavern. Mushio had taken care of the halfbreeds near them, but that didn't mean that more wouldn't come. Not after long, he felt his eyelids begin to droop.....

The next morning the birds could be heard chirping, "ugh....." Mushio looked up, but his eyes hadn't quite adjusted to the bright of the sun shining through the entrance to the opening. He looked around for Hatakuro and spotted Rokan lying sleepily on the ground, and looked at the wound on his arm, "Oh yeah...." He looked around again, 'Hatakuro? HATAKURO!?" He spotted her walking back into the cavern.

"Relax, I was just getting something to eat!" She walked in with Robin's Eggs, and cracked all five of them on a stone, and put sticks around the stone, 'WOuld you do the honors?" She pointed to the sticks.

"Sure." He pointed his palm towards the sticks, "Fire." a ball of fire shot at the branches and the stone began to heat up, Hatakuro played with the Eggs 'til she was ure they were ready. She flipped them using a stick that branched out similarly to a spatula. "What about Smoke? What if she eat meat?" He looked at Hatakuro.

"I already thought about that, I found a dead squirrel..." She lifted it up, "I know it's hearltess, but if it's needed, then I'll cook it." She threw it onto the large stone and it started sizzling, she swished around the Eggs hoping to put the smell in the air so that Rokan and Smoke would wake up, "Wake up sleepy heads!'" She took the eggs off of the stone now that they were finished and set them on a larger rock that could be used as a table. She motioned Mushio over to the table, "I found a small pond nearby so i also got some water for us" She put the water on the table, and grabbed her bag, "And there's also the berries I picked last night" She set them down on the table on a leaf, and smiled at Mushio, trying her hardest to pretend that what she saw him do was just a dream.

Smoke's eyes drifted open as her sensitive nose picked up the smell of food cooking. She shifted upwards, looking at the two children. "Good morning. I'm glad to see you two are uppity this morning." She looked over at Rokan, who was still sleeping.

"Rokan!" She moved over to him. "Hmph.... You always were a heavy sleeper." She nudged him gently.

Rokan started, eyes shooting open. "Uh...wha... I wasn't sleeping! I swear!" He calmed down, and looked around, then smiled. "Uh, okay, I was sleeping."

He looked over at Hatakuro and Mushio. "That smells good.... How are you guys feeling this morning?"

The question, of course, was directed more at Mushio than Hatakuro. Rokan wasn't sure if Mushio would remember the experience or not, but he knew he'd have to confront it eventually.

"I'm fine....all i remember was being in excrutiating pain..." He looked over at Hatakuro, who was staring at her hands, which were resting on her lap. "huh?" He resumed eating his egg.

"Rokan..."hatakuro pointed towards the corpses at the entrance, and she crawled towards Rokan, "Maybe we should dispose of those before Mushio sees them..."
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PostSubject: Re: Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay)   Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:01 pm

Rokan looked at Hatakuro, he was about to reply with a no, but decided not to. As much as Mushio would need to know about it, it could wait. He nodded and gestured over to smoke to help him out.

"You guys eat up, you need it more'n I do." Smoke drifted over past him and started pulling the corpses out of the crevice. Rokan followed her out.

"Where are we going to put these where he won't see them?" She asked him.

Rokan shook his head. "I don't know.... but it's not like he won't know. We should tell him."

Smoke gave him a level look. "They're children-"

"So? You think it'll help to hide thing? I know first hand what that can do..." He crossed his arms and turned away. "It's better to tell him."

Smoke sighed. "Shouldn't we involve Hatakuro in this conversation? We barely know them. Why is it your problem?"

"Because- because....." He didn't really know; he just felt as if it was his responsibility. I can't tell her that, she won't take it as an answer. "Just because."

Smoke shook her head and pulled one of the bodies away into a bush. After a moment, Rokan helped her. He spotted the small pond Hatakuro had been talking about and walked over to it. There was a small river running through it, and he put his hands into the shallow current, washing the blood off of them. He then cupped his hands, filling them with water, and splashed it onto his face.

Rokan headed back to the crevice to check on how Hatakuro and Mushio were doing.

Hatakuro looked over to see Rokan return, "Sit! Eat with us, I made it for everyone!" Sha patted the ground beside them, 'Oh! I forgot about the squirrel! I hope Smoke likes her meat well done!" She used some of the water to put out fire, and picked up the squirrel and put it on the table-stone. "Where is she by the way?" She looked at Rokan hoping he would sit down."

Rokan let out a small laugh.

"You guys don't know much about Dersi, do you?" He sat down beside the two. "They're herbavores most of the time. anyway, I think she went out to stretch her wings. It is kind of cramped in here." He looked between them. "You two go ahead and eat, I don't need it, really."

He leaned backwards on the wall of the cavern. Where was smoke, really? He hoped she wasn't mad at him.

"What's so funny? She looks like a carnivore..." Mushio gave a pouty face and l resumed eating, "So are we going to En'Treilldêi today?"

"I was hoping we could stop by a witch doctor for certain reasons..." She looked over at Rokan hoping he knew she was hinting at his wound.

"Why?" Mushio looked confused, obviously the pain had gone away.

"Because I'm out of herbs, i'll need more..."

Rokan nodded. He opened his mouth to speak, but hesitated.... and then continued. "Hatakuro, I think I found some herbs that you might be able to use. Can you come with me? I'll show them to you." It was a lie, of course, but he hoped she'd come with him without Mushio tagging along.

hatakruo noticed the serious look in his and she looked over to Mushio, "Could you stay here? You can have the rest of my food if you like!" She smiled inoccently like she always does to him.

"Okay!" he smiled rambunctiously and continued to stuff his face with the eggs nobody ate.

Hatakuro followed Rokan outside, "What's up?"

Mushio looked at Hatakuro, not sure how to start.
"Uh... I know it's not really my job to butt in..." He rubbed the back of his neck, the awkwardness of the situation seeping through him. "But... It's about Mushio. I think we should tell him what happened."

Hatakuro was shocked at what she had heard, "are you serious?" She looked down at her feet, "i know we should...." She looked up again, "Let me tell him, he'll take it easier with me..." She walked back into the cavern, scared and unsure of how to tell him.

Rokan gave her a strange look. Didn't think it'd be that easy to convince her.
"All right.... I'll stay out here, it'll be less awkward."

He watched her go into the cavern and looked up into the sky.
"Smoke," he muttered, "where are you?"

Hatakuro walked into the cavern, She held the pendant that was draped around her neck. The only reason I agreed is because I'm the only one he'll listen to... She looked down at the pendant and remebered who had given it to her. Sensei... I can't believe you, and everyone else in the temple is gone... She had remembered what he had told her too, "Hold on to this, as a gift from me. it holds special powers, and right now your the only one who can use them. You'll know what they are when the time is right... She teared in her left eye, but wiped it away, because she needed to be serious for the talk with Mushio.

"Mushio..." She looked down at him, as he continued to stuff his face. She sat down next to him and clenched her skirt in her hands. "Do you remember what happened last night?" She looked up at him, and he had paused his dinner.

"Not really.... The last thing I remember is all of us being attack by those things Rokan called halfbreeds..." He took another bite then his eyes went big and he dropped the utensil he was using to eat with. "Why!? What happened!?"

"Calm down! I never said anything DID happen! I was just asking!" She cradled his arms in her hands. Mushio looked down and his knees.

'Then...then why did you ask?" He looked up. and Hatakuro had tears streaming down her cheeks. "Did...did I hurt you?" She shooked he head in denial and looked up again.

"It's what happened with you." She reached over, confusing Mushio. She ripped off the bandage on his neck, and touched it.

"Ugh!" He clenched his neck and pushed her hand out of the way. "What is that?" he looked over at her.

"You...were bitten....by one of the halfbreeds..."

"What does that mean!?" He was more confused than ever.

"It means that if we don't get help you'll turn into one. I should know, I witnessed you in mid-transformation..." Hatakuro looked down at her knees yet again. Mushio didn't know what to think. "To tell the truth, I feared for my life. There were other halfbreeds come toward us, and you literally ripped them to shreds..." She looked to look into Mushio's eyes, but he wasn't lookingat her's.

'So, does that mean it might happened again?" He started quivering. Hatakuro began to shake too. As she opened her mouth to say that she knows where they can get help for him, he stood up. She looked up at him, but couldn't see his eyes because his hair was shadowing over them.

Hatakuro stood up to hug him, but he pushed her away, "Mushio?" He didn't make ey contact with and began to dart for the exit. He ran outside unaware of his surroundings, even the blood he had left on the floor. 'Mushio! Wait!" She ran after him as he the odor of the blood pierced his nostrils and the halfbreed blood pulsated again.

Mushio clenched his sotamch and doubled over onto the grass, but as Hatakuro closed in the gap between them he got up, ignoring the pain, and ran off. She looked at Rokan, with tears streaming down her face, and onto her shirt. 'What do we do!? The only way to catch him would be with Smoke, but she's not here!" She ran up to Rokan and grabbed his shirt, 'this was your idea! Please help me!'

Rokan looked in the direction Mushio had run. Dammit... This is exactly what I was trying to avoid.
"We'll have to chase him and hope for the best," he said.

He began running after Mushio. Why can't I just stop screwing things up?


Smoke was off in the distance when she saw someone who looked suspiciously like Mushio running through the field. Immediately, she swooped down and flew along side him.
"What's going on? Why are you running?" she asked in a kind voice.

"Leave me alone...." Mushio growled menacingly, still clenching his chest, "I don't want to kill you..." He ran even faster, "I'm running away, i don't want to edn up hurting Hatakuro..." Just then the halfbreed blood kicked in and he swooped around and the dust shot up from under his feet.

He darted towards Smoke at top speeds, and started slashing towards her, but before he could hit her, his human side took over again, and he stared at Smoke, gulping.

"I'm...I'm so sorry!" He had obviously remembered it that time. Tears streamed down his face due to the pain in his body, but he didn't stop running.

Smoke understood what had happened. She swooped down close beside him again.
"Stop, Mushio!"
However, she knew that he wouldn't listen. She dove for him, wrapping her long body around him to hold him still.
"Mushio, listen to me. Running gets you nowhere."

"But...I'm worried I'll kill someone!" The tears streamed even harder. "I don't want to hurt my best friend!" He tried to hold back the halfbreed form, but doing so caused him immense pain. "Please....just let me go...."

Smoke shook her head.
"If you go, you'll just end up hurting more people. Even if it's not your best friend, is that what you want?" She sighed inwardly. This was reminding her of what happened to Rokan. Smoke wanted to save this child from the bloodshed Rokan'd had to go through at any cost.
"Either we'll find a way to cure you, or we'll find a way for you to control yourself. Either way, you have people who are willing to take the risk that they might die to help you. Don't throw that away. That was Rokan's mistake to make."

Mushio wiped away his tears and nodded his head, "You're right..." He looked off into the distance and could see hatakuro and Rokan reaching the point where they were.

"But do me a favor, restrain me until I turn back, I can't hold it anymore.' Just then he turned back into his mid form and started slashing at Smoke.

Rokan saw smoke in the distance, holding a struggling half transformed Mushio.

"Help me hold him down, Rokan!" yelled Smoke.
Rokan charged on ahead. "Hatakuro, stay back! If he bites you, you might turn, too!"

He used all of his strength to push mushio down. Added with Smoke's strength, it should have been enough.
"How are we gonna keep him under control?" He asked no one in particular.

Hatakuro walked up to them, "Keep him restrained!" She walked uo to them, crying at the condition of her best friend. She took out her staff and pnctured him in the neck in the direct middle of where the bite was. She held it there as Mushio let out a loud howl.

Mushio began to revert back, but the pain of the puncturing, and the exhaustion of chaning and changing back so quickly caused him to faint. Hatakuro looked up at Rokan and then Smoke, "How fast can you get us to En'Treilldêi City?" Hatakuro was stricken with a serious expression.

Rokan shook his head.
"I don't know how long it is. But what will be there for him? People to kill? There has to be a better way to control him than by inflicting pain."

"No, it's a pressure point, due to him being injured there, hell be out cold for awhile. the witchdoctor wil be able to restrain him, don't worry. we just have to hurry." She looked in the direction of En'Treilldêi City, 'We just have to..."

"Where is the witch doctor?" Asked Rokan as Smoke lifted up Mushio and they began flying.
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Faerphen Fields (Part 1 of a multi-part roleplay)
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