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 A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay)

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PostSubject: A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay)   A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:12 pm

Location: En'Treilldei Unnamed


Smoke weaved among the clouds of her homelands, thinking to herself. Lately, Rokan he been withdrawing from her, not speaking and so forth. She could tell something was troubling him, not only because she knew him, but because of her bond as his familiar.

She dove down almost to the ground, near a river, and slipped silently across it, tips of her claws tracing the surface of the water. Why won't you tell me what's bothering you? A waterfall was coming up ahead, and she began flying up along it's length. Their campsite was at the top, an extremely high drop, but they were far enough from the edge.

Smoke landed softly on the grass. Rokan was asleep, still. Good... I didn't wake him. Smoke curled up near by, but was startled when she heard him whisper. It wasn't audible; he was only talking in her sleep. But it had such a feeling of..... angst; regret; anger; sadness; the list went on. To her, it sounded like a nightmare. She nudged him softly.
He responded by turning away from her.

She was about to nudge him again when she heard a sound in the trees near by. Lightning quick and as smoothly as a silk ribbon, she uncoiled and fluew towards the noise.

"Who is there?"

A feeling that something bad was going to happen was growing inside her. She strained her large, acute ears for any noise but couldn't hear anything. With every second, that negative feeling grew. Smoke stayed a second longer in the trees, then returned to Rokan. A shock vibrated through her from nose to tail; he wasn't where he was before. A quick glance and she saw him beside the waterfall, at the end of the cliff. One of his feet was stuck out over the edge.


He dropped off the edge.

Smoke flew towards him, diving over the edge past him. She dive underneath of him, but by that time they were almost at the bottom of the cliff. The momentum he'd gained falling pushed Smoke down and into the ground. Both were unconscious.

Damien walked slowly through the forest. He was searching for a challenge, one that could proove his power.

All that he came across was pathetically weak: so-called great warriors, arrogant spellcasters and dim-witted demons... he wanted more.

In the distance, he could sense the presence of a Vampire and his Dersi.

"That should do..." he smiled.

The Dersi heard him and he could sense her anger and distrust. But as quick as she came, she left.

He walked out into the clearing to see her dive over the edge of the cliff suddenly. He looked over the edge with confusion.

He saw them land suddenly and both of them fell unconscious. He lept down the cliff and landed softly. He moved towards the pair and began examining them...

Rokan shifted, then fell off of Smoke, waking up instantly.

Wha...? What am I doing down here? He sat up and shook Smoke. I hope she's all right. Smoke didn't respond to him, but he could tell she was mostly all right. Then he noticed the other person there, a small boy with silvery hair.
Rokan glanced at him; the boy's gaze was slightly unnerving.

"Uh.... Hello. Aren't you a little young to be out here alone in the dark?"

"Don't mock me!" he said savagely. "I am older than even you..." he put on a smile and tried to play innocent.

"But I was looking for something, could you help me find it?"

Rokan was shocked not only at the boy's sudden aggressiveness, but at what he'd said. Then he tried to be all innocent. Who's he fooling, with an outburst like that? Rokan figured he'd play along. After all, this guy didn't look dangerous, and even if he was, he was sure Smoke could bail him out (If she woke up, but Rokan didn't want to think about that)
"All right...... What are you looking for?"

"I think you know..." he said as he circled the vampire. "I'm looking for a friend, and fun," he tried to exert his demonic aura on him, attempting to infect him with it...

Rokan felt something reach out to him, something evil, and immediately knew what this kid was. He stood up, rubbing a bruise on his left arm. He followed the demon with his eyes.
"What kind of 'fun'?"
I hope he doesn't mean what I think he means....

He sat down on the damp grass. "Damn, you aren't as fun as I thought you'd be," he breathed. "Well what should we do now?" he was attempting to confuse him as much as possible. He enjoyed mind games...

Rokan watched the demon child sit irratibly. What the hell? Oh, I don't care... I'm not in the mood for this. Ignoring the kid, he nudged Smoke. She made a muffled noise, but other than that, nothing. Damn.... She must be hurt more than I thought....

He laid down now and closed his eyes.

"How about we make a deal? I heal your friend, and you accept my friendship?" He wanted him to accept this offer. That way, he could add another to his Collection.

"So... ? What do you think?"

Rokan glanced at Damien. Does he really think I'll trust him...? Wait; maybe he doesn't know I know he's a demon... Maybe I can use that. Hegently ran his fingers through Smoke's silky fur.
"No thanks. I think she'll be fine on her own," he lied. "But if you're looking for a friend.... well, that all depends on what you'd consider a friend."
I can't leave now, so I'll have to play along a bit and not let my guard down at all...

He opened his eyes and looked at him.

"I don't think you could be my friend, unless you accepted it. Well, that's too bad. I was really looking foward to adding you to my collection... "

"That's all right. I'd rather not be thought of as an object for collection, anyway. And I think my friend would agree."

"Too bad..." he said sadly. "Well do you want to see my Collection?" he said with a sly grin...

"Uh....." Maybe I can distract him and I can get Smoke to help.... "Sure, I guess... "

He held out his hand, "Come on... it's within walking distance."

He was attempting to bring him toward a path near the cliff side.

Rokan glanced from the demon's outstretched hand to Smoke and back. I can't leave her.... but if I don't follow along, he might never leave me alone.....
"All right, I'll follow..... But what's your name? I don't think we've introduced ourselves?"

"I'm Damien... and you are..." he searched the thoughts of Smoke, "Rokan, I presume. And your Dersi..." he pressed at Rokan's memories this time, "goes by the name Smoke.

"Now that's in order, shall we go now?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay)   A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:12 pm

Rokan stopped in his tracks. How did he....? Oh, nevermind.... I can't do anything about it...
"Lead on."

He held his hand gingerly and lead him down the path. It turned into the cliff and went in wide tunnel. They reached the other side within minutes. They walked down a grassy hill toards a tiny village, that was almost unnoticeable.

Villagers ran up to him to greet them. They were overjowed to see them. On their temples, glowing veins of blue could be seen. One old women said, "Damien! Your back!" she was so happy to see him that she was almost tearing.

"Why do you worry! I only left for a few minutes!"

"I'm sorry, don't be angry with me please!" she begged. She attempted to change the subject as quickly as possible. Seeing Rokan she asked about him, "Who is he?"

"He's Rokan" again, he pressed into his thoughts, "a Vampire, once half-breed, but no longer."

"Is he one of your friends"

"I'm not sure," Damien said. "I think he refused the offer..." he turned to look at Rokan.

Rokan almost looked away in disgust. I was right to refuse....
"He's right; I refused."

The woman looked at him as if he blasphemed. "No one refuses Damien, he enlightens all, spreading he's love to all, making the world a better place," her tone suddenly changed from surprised to laughing uncontrolleably. "Wait. Why am I worrying? You will be part of his Collection, no one has been able to refuse, and neither will you..."

Rokan shook his head. "Sorry, but I have to." He turnd to Damian. "It was... um... nice to meet you, Damian, but I gotta go..." He turned away and began walking...

The villagers cut Rokan off as he was trying to walk away, their eyes were glowing silver and all their veins were illuminated.

"No on leaves, not after they have seen his glory..." they said in unison.

"You see, I gave you a choice Rokan. A choice, to become happy, forever, until the end of your days and after death. But you threw it in my face!" his features were suddenly distorted as he became angry. What was once a cute little boy became a tiny, ugly demon eyes filled with hate. His hair became grey and wispy, while his eyes failed in their beauty and were a dull bronze.

"And there is no point in worrying about your Dersi friend. She has already been taken care of..."

Rokan glared at the now demonic-looking Damien.
"If you did anything to Smoke, you piece of shit, I'll kill you."
He charged at Damien, skidding around too fast to be scene and ending up behind him, delivering a flying kick aimed at the diminuitive demon's head.

Damien wouldn't go down that easy. After living so longer, fighting so many battles...

"Finally. The challenge I have been looking for," he said happily. His features were restored as he said this.

He quickly turned around and used his Dark Gift to send Rokan flying. He knew it wouldn't kill him if it had worked, but at least it would disorintate him for the split second that it worked.

Rokan tumbled on the ground. What the hell was that? He saw Damien among his collection and charged this time for the people. Jumping high into the air before they could react, he tried to land on Damien with all the force he could.

"You are too predictable," Damien laughed simply stepping out of the way. He jumped after him and threw a tiny ball of hellfire. He knew that'd work if it hit.

Rokan saw Damien move so rolled as he hit the ground. He felt something explode near by him and then heat on his upper arm. The sleeve of his coat had caught fire. He quickly threw it on the ground, stomping it out.
Then he heard Damien speak.
"Well, if I'm too predictible and not fun to fight, why not just let me leave?"

"Well you were no fun to begin with, but you've become the first challenge I have met in a long time. So if I win, you will be part of my collection," he smiled deviously; much like a child would, have he just came up with some master plan he could use as revenge.

"You will be mine. I have overcome fit warriors much like yourself and in the end they have always became my friends." As he said this he walked up to a man and held his hand. "Like Lance here."

The man's face was devoid of emotion, but his eyes betrayed his face, and in them a fierce battle of wills could be seen.

"Fight him, Lance" The man did as he was told and charged for Rokan. He drew his sword and stood ready...

Rokan stepped back. If I lose, I die..... But If I win, then it's worse. He contemplated this for a moment. All I can do is fight and try to get away.... If worse comes to worse.......

Rokan watched the man, Lance, for any movement. They were a good distance apart, but that didn't meant that a strike could land in an instant. They stood still as statues as time swept by, both waiting for the other to move first. Rokan glanced at Damien. Little bastard..... I can't do this on my own. His thoughts traveled momentarily to Smoke......


Smoke lifted her eyelids. She was in some sort of dark, damp cave. Where is this? She looked around. Rokan's not here! I hope he didn't..... But she knew he was alive, somehow. She got up slowly, ignoring pain she felt from movement. I hit the ground pretty hard. But if Rokan's not here, then he's all right. She slowly moved down the cave.
Up ahead, she could see the exit up ahead, a dim navy light.

"Where are you going?" A voice spoke from the darkness. "Damien does not wish to be interupted with his guest. You would not want to displease him."

Smoke looked closer; there was a heavily armed man there, silvery veins on his temples and a blank expression. Growling (I'll bet that Damien, whoever he is, is behind this!) She attacked the man.


Rokan knew what he was going to do. He glanced from Lance to the crowd and back again.

"I don't want to have to kill you; if there's a way to save you, I'll do it."

Slowly, he took a step foreward. He saw Lance move slightly in anticipation of what Rokan might have planned, but Rokan knew he would never expect it.

He continued his slow walk until he was just out of range of Lance's sword. Then, he made direct eye contact with the controlled man. No... Not controlled.... Collected.

Rokan hoped he could pull this off; he'd not done it since he was young. Keeping eye contact, he pushed off some of his physical energy and used it to strongly hold the man in place. When he knew he had Lance, he walked carefully towards him. Rokan took the sword from his hands and, as he passed, whispered, "I'll be needing this."

Instantly, he released the man and rushed towards Damian. Skidding to the side and turning, he slashed at Damian.
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PostSubject: Re: A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay)   A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:12 pm

Damien took the hit and laughed meniacly. The sword sliced him in half along his chest, but that didn't matter. He simply reformed again. "You need more than that to kill someone like me..."

The villagers began to close around Rokan, "Collect him," he said and they surrounded him entirely...

Rokan near gaped at Damian. No way...... Dammit! Oh well.... I've got an idea.
He glanced at the people closing in on him. That'll never work. Grinning, he pushed off the ground and hurtled over the people. In mid air, he laced some of his physical energy around the sword. Then he landed and charged at Damien, planning to impale him.

The sword struck him the chest, it appeared to have done nothing. "Well I see that you are learning..." he smiled and motioned towards the villagers.

With a white flash of light from their orifices, a select few of villages were free from Damien's bind. They looked around in confusion, and once they noticed Damien they ran for the cover of the trees, utterly horrified.

"Do you want us to collect them, sir?" said an infected knight.

Damien withdrew the sword from his chest let it fall to the ground. He forced Rokan back with a Hellwave. "No," he said simply. "Our guest, here, is starting to make things a little more interesting..."

Rokan stumbled backwards, smiling.
"Looks like you're not as powerful as you thought, hiding behind your little playthings."

Damien looked at him, indifferent. "Everyone has their flaws..." he pulled out a blue knife and lunged at him...

Rokan dove out of the way. That knife of his doesn't look normal..... Rokan glanced around and saw the discarded sword. He dove for it, accidentally cutting himself deeply on the arm. He stood up and glared at Damien.
"You know, it'd help if you'd just save yourself the trouble and let me leave. I really don't care about some demon's over-inflated ego. I just want to live peacefully."
Again, he wrapped the physical energy around the sword, but this time tighter; stronger; more deeply.
"So can you just give this a rest and let me leave?"

"I want-" he stopped short. "-that just wouldn't make things very interesting..."

He ran at him again, and jabbed at him with the dagger...

Rokan moved his body away from the strike and grabbed the wrist of the hand with the dagger, strengthening his grip and stretching a bit of his physical power onto Damien's hand.
"Interesting? You really are just a little kid, aren't you? A selfish one, at that."
Rokan liked where this was going; He could probably make Damien make a mistake.... a fatal one, hopefully....

This was what he was waiting for. Damien twisted Rokan's wrist after he grabbed him and attempte to kiss him softly...

Rokan was pulled closer by the small demon and realized what he was trying to do. So, instead of pulling away, Rokan headbutted Damien. Then, with the other hand, he stabbed at Damien again. This time, however, almost all the physical power he could bring forth was with the sword.

Damien laughed, "you are making this fun, but believe I have met my match," he disappeared suddenly and reappeared in front of him several feet away.

We raised his fingers to his mouth and let out a high whistle. The gaurds came out of tunnel holding a struggling Dersi. "Let her go," he said and they released her into the air. "I wanna go with you. I wanna be your companion..."

He waved his hand effortlessly at the villagers and they fell to the ground free from the infection. The guards did the same.

"Demon! Leave us!" some of them said. They held together and backed away slowly towards the trees for cover.

"Don't worry you fools, you are free from me now. I am leaving..." he turned back to Rokan, awaiting an answer...

Rokan stared in shock at Damien's actions.
"How can I trust you? For all I know, you could be using me as a cover to go somewhere else and collect more people."

"My goal in life is not to form the best collection, but to find a challenge... I want more from life..." he looked anxiously at the tunnel. He desired more than anything to leave this place, after being here for so long...

Smoke flew down beside Rokan; she growled at Damien. Rokan whispered to her, "Just wait.... I think we can at least trust that he's not going to attack us right now."

"Sorry, but if your goal is a challenge.... I want no part. Smoke and I just want peace, nothing more." Not that it'll ever happen. "If you want to go around, looking for a challenge, you'll have to do it alone."

Damien searched Rokan's thoughts again, relived his memories. "As much as you want peace, you'll never come across it, just more people who want you dead ...you think so too...

"Well I will help you search for this much desired peace, if he you help me find a challenge..."

Rokan looked at Smoke and she nodded. Smoke thinks he's being honest about this.... Which means he has no intention to harm us.....

Still, Rokan didn't take the question directly. "What kind of challenge are you looking for?"

"Something to test my strength, living for so long isn't as fun as it sounds, especially if you have lived in this city here for centuries on end.

"Anyways, I desire to fight my last fight against a power that no other can face, then die and exist on in the other realm. Only after I accomplish that will I be allowed a high rank in hell... I have already sent enough souls there to be accepted with open arms, but I want more...

"A power no other can face, huh?" Rokan walked cautiously closer to the boy. "Well, if you were to stick with me, you'd find it. I'm sure, after rudely going through my thoughts enough times, you know what kind of things come after me."

"Yeah... and don't try to pull any sneak attacks, I'll know when those come too..." he smiled. He knew that danger would be attached to this Vampire and he loved the idea. He could finally find what he has been searching for.

He sat, waiting for an answer from Rokan, any movement that would imply he accepted his offer...

"All right, you can stay with us. But if Smoke senses any, and I mean any intention to harm us, and we'll abandon you. And if you actually try anything, I won't hesitate in trying to kill you, and neither will Smoke."
Rokan knew it didn't sound welcoming; but he figured it didn't matter. On the bright side, if he keeps his word, he'll be of some help against those monsters....

"I understand, you speak the Demon Law, which I am very accustomed to... which monsters?" he said curiously as he started walking toward the tunnel in the cliff, trying to get them to leave the village...

Rokan and Smoke followed him.
"Vampire-Werewolf-Halfbreeds. They're trying to kill all the Vampires and Werewolves. Succeeding, too. That's why I'm all the way up here in Lyténséi; they're concentrated in En'Treilldêi."

"Uh... I see... I have heard of this before. About a millenia and a half ago have they actually came being. I also heard of cult movements in En'Treilldêi, but nothing more..." he stopped suddenly and turned to them and asked, "Where are we going?"

Rokan shrugged.
"It doesn't matter; South would be prefered."
The dersi nodded in agreement.
"Now, it think It's about time to leave."
"I agree," replied Rokan.
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PostSubject: Re: A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay)   A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitime

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A Chance Meeting (Finished Roleplay)
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