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 Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay)

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PostSubject: Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay)   Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:19 pm

Location: Shriverin Temple


Mushio, The young mediator, was just finishing his training for a new skill, in which he heals all allies at once.

"Try again..." His instructor, oyashio said, sighing.

"Okay, Hya!" He lifted his hands, and charged his energy, Green lights gatthered in his hands, forming into a ball in each hand, "Okay, ready!" A small POOF of smoke fluttered as the green ball disipated, "Ugh...." He shuddered then looked up, "Uh oh"

"Try again..." Oyashio said, with anger in his voice...

"But-" He interrupted,

"Do it!"

"But I've been here for four hours! I'm hungry!" He cried. He sighed, giving in, "Fine" He did as was to be done before, but instead of poofing smoke, the ball exploded, creating parks which fluttered and landed all over Mushio, lighting him on fire, "AGH! OW! HELP!" Oyashio sighed as he lifted his left hand and sprayed Mushio with water, "...Thanks...I think..."

"Today's lesson is done, eat something and get some rest. Tomorrow, we start at Six AM, and we won't stop til you learn it..."

"WHAT!?" He looked down at me,

"This skill is a requirement for every intermediate mediator, so he/she can be promoted!"

"Fine..." He sighed as he walked out, Oyashio folded his hands, and bowed his head,

May God help us..." He looked up as a tear rolled down his cheek. Just then A loud crashing sound was heard throughout the temple, followed by a quaking fissure, "What the fuck!?" Oyashio ran to one of the green, cobblestone windows, and looked outside.

Xyn-Lea sat in a hidden possition just inside of Shriverien Temple. She'd been on a mission to kill a certain person in there, an eleven-year-old boy by the name of Mushio. She hadn't asked questions, but since the job had a high price attatched to it, she assumed it wouldn't be as easy as most ammetures would assume.
When she checked it out, it turned out that the problems would most likely lie in the boy's teacher, Oyashio. She'd have to make sure that the boy was alone.

Earlier that day, she'd hired thugs to cause a distraction, preferably in the area of explosions. And right about then was when they should attack.

Just then, Xyn-Lea heard an explosion. Looks like I picked the right guys... She sneaked (snuck?) through the temple to the place she knew Mushio was. She watched from a small window near the roof. Oyashio was looking out a window in the direction of the wexplosion. Soon he'd be gone, and she could get the job done.

Everyone was running around panicing from the explosion, and as Hatakuro, a young time mage, was running through the halls trying to find the damn exit that it seems no one is able to find when trouble is near, she ran into Mushio,

"Ouch!" Hatakuro yelled as she rubbed her head, "Mushio!" She grabbed his hand, "Com'on!" She tried to force him to run, but she was unable,

"No! I'm not running, i hafta protect the Temple!" He whipped her hand off of his and began running to the roof of the tower located in the middle of the Temple, She followed. As they got close to the roof, they started hearing footsteps following them up the stairs,

"Hey you! Stop!" The large struxtured man continued to follow them,

"What do we do!?" Hatakuro began panicking and Mushio stopped in his tracks, which Hatakuro was not expecting, causing her to lose balnce whilst trying to stop, and tripped, landing at Mushio's feet,

"Hatakuro, get behind me!" Hatakuro got up and sidles behind Mushio. He lifted his hand and pointed it at the thug with the palm open, "FIRE-" A glowing orange ball appeared in Mushio's hand and form into a large sphere of flames, "BALL!" He threw his arm back and then whipped it forward towards the thug, and the orb shot towards him, hitting him head on,

"AGHHHH!" The thugs shirt lit on fire and he started freaking out, but as he was trying to put it out, he fell off the stairs to the bottom of the Temple's tower to his death.

Mushio turned at looked at Hatakuro, "Let's go!" Just as they reached the roof of the tower, they opened the door and as they walked onto the roof, they...

Xyn-Lea saw a boy and girl enter. She gathered from the description she had gotten that the boy was Mushio, but who was the girl? She'd have to consider her a threat, then. She was behind them; she'd been hiding by the door so they wouldn't see her when they came. She readied the Emei Needles and instead of attacking ambush-style (she was outnumbered... even if they were children, in a place like this, either could be a threat) she grabbed a pair of her small knives and threw them at the pair.

Just then, Hatakuro turned around yelling, "Look out!" She lifted her staff and cast protect on them both, Mushio turned around at the confusion just as the knives ricocheted off the invisible wall,

"What the?" He looked back at Hatakuro, and saw her pointing to something in front of him, he turned to see a young woman glaring at him, in a readied stance, "What do you think you're doing!?" Mushio lifted his kunai and blanketed it with his other hand, "Frost!" Just then, the kunai began to develop an icy frost on it. He then threw it directly at the woman.

Xyn-lea barely had time to react to the icy kunai. It bounced off the needles and clattered onto the ground somewhere. Instantly after blocking it, she feinted a charge at the two, jumping to the side and skidding around to the back of them at the last second with the needles spinning rapidly under her palms. She struck at the girl, aiming for the base of the neck, a sure kill if it landed.

"No! Hatakuro!" he lifted his hands and created a barrier around her, "Ugh...I can't hold it forever!" The barrier broke from the impact of the needles, causing him and the woman to fly backwards, but he fell flat on the ground, hitting his head on a random rock, "AGH!" He fell unconsious,

"MUSHIO!" Hatakuro reached out to him and then put away her staff and took out her Bow. She aimed it at the enemy and gathered her energy to place an arrow in her hand, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Deep Sea Submerge!" She shot the arrow and it changed into pure water, which struck the ground in front of the woman, then dried into the cobblestone, and then a large circular wall of water sprung up surrounding the woman, then she grabbed another arrow, "Whirlpool Shot!" She shot another arrow and it too became pure water but began spinning and struck through the wall of water.

Xyn-lea was sent flying by the cracking barrier, but managed to land without hurting herself. She noted that her target hadn't.

However, she hadn't expected the girl to counter-attack so fast. The water surrounded her, and she heard the girl yell "whirlpool shot" and the water began to spin. Quickly, before it crashed down on her, she let a quick enchantment soak into her sword and unsheathed it. The sword, icy now, slashed the water around her. It froze on contact and shattered. Xyn-lea forced herself out.

Dripping wet, she sheathed the sword, put the needles away and took out her whip.

"I'll have to say, I didn't expect this much of a challenge." She grinned. "Now, I'm not here to kill you, so if you just walk away, I'll give you no more thought and just finish my job here." She didn't think that would work, but never hurt to try and play on the weakness of other people. "Otherwise, I'll just have to kill or incapacitate you. This is your only chance."

"Eh......*huff*.....Why exactly are you here anyway!?" Hatakuro put her bow away and got out her staff and readied herself.

Xyn-lea smiled and nodded towards Mushio. "I'm here to put an end to a certain individual. Nothing personal, you must understand, but there are some people who will pay quite a lot of money to have him gone."

She took a small step closer to Hatakuro and quickly took out one of the needles, fitting the ring over her middle finger on the hand without the whip.

"Now, what to my offer?"

"NEVER!" She cast 'Stop' on the Woman, who was unable to move for the time being because of it, "I'm gonna kill you, right here and now!" She twirled up her staff so the the pointed end was facing the woman, "Mushio is my friend and I would never abandon him! Now then...where was I? Oh yes!" She lifted her hands and shouted out words that weren't of human language, then screamed out, "DEMI!" A black void of nothingness surrounded the woman which she expected would damage her severely, freeing her from the binds of 'Stop', "Now then," Hatakuro walked up to the woman, "what's your name?"

Xyn-lea, unable to move, glared at the girl. She just couldn't be a complete coward, could she?
Hatakuro then cast something at her, a dark void which surrounded her. She felt it pulling away at something... and immediately knew she was in trouble. then, though, she felt a buzzing around her neck. Her necklace, the one her mother had given her, was buzzing. She felt the attack straying away from her and to the necklace. I knew it had to have had a use.... None the less, she fell to the ground for the unstability of the attack.

The void dissapated and Hatakuro asked her her name.
Feigning weakness, Xyn-lea answered. "If you must know, it's Xyn-lea."
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PostSubject: Re: Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay)   Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:20 pm

Hatakuro looked over at her friend, "Well Xyn-lea, I won't let you lay a hand on Mushio!" She took out her bow again and shot up in the air, "Air Raid!" A thounds Arrows of all elements began shooting down at Xyn-lea!

Xyn-lea heard her attack and quickly thumbed the quicklrelease on her emei needle. It flew, spinning, at Hatakuro. She had her own problems, though. The arrows were flying towards her, and she jumped away almost in time. An arrow caught her in the right shoulder. The arrow being elemental, it was no longer there after it struck, but it still left her bleeding. She hit the ground, rolled, and knowing this was a good chance, threw a spare attachment to the emei needles at Mushio.

Hatakuro, finished with her attack, noticed that she was gonna kill Mushio, She ducked down, and felt the air from an Emei needle abover her, she ran toward Mushio and Casted Barrier in front of Mushio, protecting both ofthem, "If you wanna get to Mushio, you'll hafta get through me, and it won't be as easy as you think!"

Xyn-lea was now beginning to get angry. Every time I get close enough to attack, they throw up one of those bloody barriers... She calmed her self down and thought back... The time the barrier had broken, it had been due to force put in a needle point.... that might work again. She quickly grasped her other emei needle in her hand and quickly enchanted it with an extreme force (so it would go towards there and not stop). She threw it, along with two of her small knives, at Hatakuro and Mushio.

Grasping her staff, readying herself for the impact, the barrier was struck and shattered from the impact, but stopped the knives from continuing, "Dammit, I won't be able to keep a barrier up with her around. There's only one thing to do!" She grabbed her transparent cloak and threw it off, she then tossed to the side her gloves, bow, staff, and she removed her boots. "Haste!" She casted a spell on herself which substantially increased her speed. She casted 'Wall' on Mushio, which created a protective force so powerful that nothing could penetrate it. She then grabbed the sash tied around her waste and went into a readied position, then she took a running start. because of haste she ran so fast that only people with super advanced sight can see her, and it's still just a slight blue. She sped behind the enemy and tightened her sash and whipped Xyn-lea in the back with it then ran in the other direction.

Xyn-lea hadn't seen what had just happened. Hatakuro had dissappeared in a blur... And then something sharp whipped her in the back. She staggered foreward.
"Little bitch.." she spat. "Well, if you want to play with whips...."

Xyn-lea pivoted around, sending the whip in a circular slashing movement that span two meters around her on all sides. At the last moment, she whipped it around to a random side, where she thought Hatrakuro was most likely to be. Eyes scanning for any movement, she caught the end of the whip, now wrapped around her once, on the rebound in her free hand.

Hatakuro concentrated really hard on running so as to not be seen, then see felt a slight stinging pain on her back, Xyn-lea had whipped the air, and by random luck, had slightly hit Hatakuro on the back. "AGH!" She began to double over but forced herself to keep her feet moving, "I hafta do this!" She decided to pick up her Bow and use a skill she had just recently been taught. She hadn't mastered it yet though, so she wasn't sure how it would turn out. She lifted her Bow off of the ground and then decided to toy with Xyn-lea, so she swiftly ran in front of her and stopped suddenly so Xyn-lea, she looked at her stuck her tongue out and then ran before anyhting struck her. Then she lifted the bow and created the arrow she needed, which was Light, "Midnight Millenium!" She yellrd it at the top of her lungs and released the arrow in the direction of Xyn-lea, but before it struck her it stopped in mid air and began to gingerly lose it's shape and started circling her. Hatakuro then created the next arrow she need which was Darkness, and shot it too at the woman, and it began to imitate the actions of the previous projectile. they continued to circle Xyn-lea in opposite diagonal directions. Then Hatakuro ran so as to be able to face Xyn-lea directly, she created another arrow, which was also Light, Okay, this is the part I've had troubles with she then began trying to mix the two elementals together in one arrow, it was successful at first, but as she shot it it burst midway to the enemy. "NO!" Hatakuro screamed as she watched the arrow burst, "Dammit!" Hmmm...I remember my sensei telling me about a plan B should it fail! She lifted her bow once again and shot an arrow with a greyish-pink tinge, which was the unknown elemental, which has no official name, abilities, or origin. The third arrow was headed straight for Xyn-lea's stomach, as it reached it's destination, both the Light and Dark spheres collided directly in front of the point of impact. The arrow struck the new mixture causing it to burst and take the form of a thin wall, which then blanketed over Xyn-lea. Inside the blanket, smalls explosions began to barrage the woman. After a period of small explosions, a final large explosion burst causing the blanket to disintegrate.

Xyn-Lea saw, momentarily, Hatakuro in front of her with her tongue stuck out.... Then was trapped within some sort of spell....
This is getting bad.... She felt small explosions rocking within her, beginning to zap out her strength, but then felt the same buzzing as before. Xyn-lea laughed within her mind; Hatakuro's attacks of this variety so far weren't going to work. However, her whip, which had been wrapped around her, was compressing against her body. The various small spikes on it were digging into her skin shallowly and drawing blood.
A larger explosion shook the constricting grasp off of her body and she felt the power within the necklace backfire... almost... Then something else, some other sort of strenght flowing back in. But it caused her to stumble backwards. Her grip on the free end of the whip loosened momentarily. And then she knew what she was going to do. swung the whip out infront of her, letting an enchantment seep into it. The enchantment was the same as the force of the other, but also breaking the nine segments of the whip into single bits, as well as the rings that held them together. They all flew at Hatakuro and would fly out, back attacking again, and then back into the whip in Xyn-Lea's hands....

Hatakuro saw the attack heading to her but she was too fast for it to hurt her, she casted barrier again and with full force, jerked herself to one side and began spinning at top speed, knocking anything that was headed for her back to Xyn-lea.
But do to the speed and acceleration of her spin, she lost balance and struck the ground with full power because of her speed. She fell unconsious.

*Meanwhile, in Shriverein Temple*

"Mushio! Hatakuro!" Unable to find his students, Oyashio began to worry about what had happened then remembered a shadowy figure lurking in the shadows two nights ago, telling him to keep a watchful eye over his students. he thought of the only other place theyb could be, "The roof!"

Xyn-lea smiled when she saw, at least in-directly, her attack had worked. She dropped to the ground and watched the bits of the whip fly into the distance with amazing speed. She didn't worry... The pieces would be back soon, re-attatching or re-attacking (she wasn't sure what they would do, exactly, coming back from a distance). She got up and cautiously walked up to Hatakuro, but she already knew the girl was unconscious.
"I like you," she admitted, speaking to herself as she headed over to Mushio. "Even thought you're a kid, I'd be glad to have you on my team any day."

She reached her target (at this point, not even giving him a name in her mind) and reached for one of her small knives.
"No wonder you had such a high price, kid," she said, getting ready to end his life.

Just then oyashio reached the roof and saw that Xyn-lea was going to kill Mushio, he casted barrier on Mushio and sprintd forward towards his obvious enemy, "You shall not lay a hand on him!" He ducked down and struck the woman in the chest with his staff in swift motion.

Xyn-lea gasped for breath after she was struck. She turned around, picking up the dropped knife.
"Well," she said, gasping, "I'll have to say that I didn't expect that..."

Just then, she heard the whooshing of metal through air and grinned. The pieces of the whip were coming back.

Oyashio looked up and saw the pieces of metal, and grabbed Xyn-lea by the shirt and span her around, so she was unable to retrieve the metal.

Xyn-lea was ripped around by Oyashio and heard the pieces getting closer. She wrenched herself out of his grip, trying to block herself. The pieces flew at her, cutting her and one of them digging into her leg. At least they'll probably hit him, too, she thought, since they're coming from all directions.

She grabbed the piece sticking out of her left thigh and pulled it out, ignoring the pain. throwing it on the ground.
"Damn...." She drew her sword. "Listen. I've had a bad day. I'm just gonna kill the boy and you and then I'm gone."

She held out the sword, eyes burning with anger, and felt the necklace hum again. This time, though, it didn't take the hit for her. She felt it reach through her and work something through her. Flames burst up the side of the sword, brilliant gold and almost white.

"I'm starting to get really pissed off now.

Oyashio watched as the woman drew her sword as it lit up, he took out his staff. his hands started glowing bright green, "Two can play that game!" The light from his hands transferred to his Staff and as the staff lit up the end of it changed it's shape, as the light faded to a dim glow along the back, it revealed a blade att he end of the newly crafted Spear. Oyashio lunged toward Xyn-lea.

Xyn-lea blocked the attack and came around quickly with one of her own. Behind the sword's motion, a deadly distraction, she hid a second attack with one of her small knives directed at Oyashio's chest.

Oyashio blocked the first attack, but did not see the second one coming, "AGH!" Xyn-lea had stabbed Oyashio in the chest, "No!" Blood came out of his mouth, muttling his words, "I can't...die now..." He fell to the ground, clenching the wound, "My students...need...me...." He fell to the ground with one final heave, "Muhsio...Ha...ta...kuro...." Oyashio lost the last of his energy and soon his life essence faded with the wind...

Xyn-lea looked down at Oyashio as he was bleeding.
"Wow. Even your students were harder to kill than this. You really should be ashamed."
Not sheathing the sword, she walked over to Mushio.
"All right, if there are no more interruptions...."
She glanced back over her shoulder one more time and then get ready to strike.

Hatakuro stumbled to her feet, she noticed her Teacher laying on the ground near a puddle of blood, "SENSEI!" She ran to his side and said a short prayer, then she arose in a fit of rage, "I'm...going...to kill you!" She took out her bow and casted float, so she could hover above land, then she jumped off the roffand hovered near the edge, shooting arrows at xyn-lea through the cobblestone bricks.

Xyn-lea heard Hatakuro's cry and so was ready when the attack came. She dodged the arrows (although a few were pretty damn close) and grabbed three of the last few replacement emei needles. Throwing the first, she Enchanted it to duplicate in midair, forming seven of the needles. Then she did the same with the second. The third, she did the same, except in waves and directed towards Mushio.
The moment the third left her finger tips, she dove down and grabbed the handle of the whip, which had reassembled itself on the ground. Then she ran towards Hatakuro, knowing that something would have to work.

Hatakuro saw Xyn=lea headed for her, then decided to have a little fun, and started appearing in random spaces between the bricks, "Peekaboo!" Then she noticed the emei needles and cast barrier on mushio, and continued "Ugh....wha?" Mushio woke up in a daze and rose to his feet almost tumbling, as he arose, he noticed a barrier, "Why is this here?" Then the emei needles scattered along and breached the barrier, striking Mushio to the ground,"Oh, that's why..." He rose and noticed his teacher laying in a puddle of blood, "Sensei!"(shut up ally) he ran to his side, "Aw well, it was bound to happen eventually, he's already got a good sixty years behind him."

Damn... thought Xyn-lea. As long as those walls are there, I can't get at her. Even more frusterated now, she enchanted her sword with the same boomerang effect she'd given the whip and the force she'd given the needles and threw it at the stone ledge. AT the same time, she jumped back and used the whip to slash at Mushio. With her free hand, she threw a knife at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay)   Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:20 pm

He dodges the first attacked, but was struck with the knife, "Augwah!" He clenched the knife which was sticking out of his arm, he jerked hard and it came out, "AGH!" He twirled it in the air and chanted some words, and it changed into a chinese blade, "Okay, let's see if I remember how to use one of these!" He gripped it tightly and waited for and arrow to pass him and then sliced through the arrow in the direct middle, "Kenzai-Ko Strike!" He sliced the air, in japanese symbols, and then shifted to the left and did the same, and continued 'til he completely circled the enemy clockwise, and when he finished, the symbols were's left illusory in the air and began heading for the enemy, and if it hit her, it would strike her in the same sequence that Mushio slashed the air.

Xyn-lea saw the illusionary marks slashed in the air; she knew this technique well.... It was of the same style as her mother's. As the marks got close, she dodged the first one, the second, the third- There was pain; the fourth had taken her from behind.
She turned to dodge the fifth, but it hit her from the side. The last two came together. She dodged one, but in the process ran into the other, falling to the ground.
I can't fight them like this.... They're too good a team together.
She lay on the ground, formulating. Where an all out attack wouldn't work, something else might.

Hatakuro popped up above the wall, "Surpri-ise!" she an arrow straight fro teh vulnerable woman, "Wind-Wave!" She shot a wind arrow at the original arrow, but midway through the air, it turned to air and swivelled around the original arrow making it spin around, "You can't get away!" She though she was right though she knew there was a way to dodge a HOMING arrow.

A large sword fell from up above, sticking in the stone and standing straight up out of it just inches from Xyn-lea's face. Ru's feet gently landed on it. Bending over backwords, his hand went in front of the sword. A pale green glow grew from in front of it and disintegrated the arrow.
Ru smiled.
"Looks like you could use some back up...."
He flipped gracefully off of the sword and pulled it out of the fissure.
"Now, who's the target?" He asked, brandishing it threatenlingly.

Xyn-lea's eyes opened wide with surprise. She knew that sword. Even more, she knew that voice.
"The boy," she said, lifting herself up. "Mushio."
She glanced sideways at him as she picked up her whip. "I can handle him, though, as long as you take care of the girl."
She smiled. They might be a good team, but Ru and I are the best.

Another sword swung by passed Xyn-lea's face, just inches away, and struck Mushio in the arm. A figure flashed by and grabbed the handle of the sword and jerked it out if arm, causing him to fall to the ground,

"Agh!" He clnched his arm tightly as Quel-zena looked back at Xyn-lea,

"Need some help?" She sheathed her sword and took out two knives, and jumped back, to stand beside Xyn-lea, then she noticed the man in front, "Uh...who's that? Another enemy!?" She readied herself.

Ru glanced from Xyn-lea to Quel-zena. From the looks of things, she was on Xyn-lea's side...
"I'm on your side!" He said.
Xyn-lea. "He's teling the truth. Now," she said, glaring at Mushio, "can we finish this?"
Ru nodded. "Like you said before. I'll handle your distraction."
He charged at Hatakuro, swinging the sword at the ledge. The bricks on it crumbled and broke under the force.

Mushio Gathered his strength and got to his feet, "You won't win that easily! No matter how outnumbered we are!" He raised his staff and span it around frantically, "Golem, protect us with thine divine granite armor!" As the staff span a giant rocky creature came out and cast a spell on Mushio and Hatakuro making them temporarily uinvincible. "Now! Bring out thine holy thunder, Ramuh!" Just then dark clouds formed above the temple and an elderly sagacic man with a long cascading beard, the giant man lifted his wand and the clouds began to roar and at that moment, lightning struck down vertically and diagonally and struck the same place, where the three enemies were gathered. "And for the final touch!" He slowed down the spinning, "Shower on us your crystallized powder of vivid healing!" A fairy appeared through a fog of starry clouds, and threw crystallize powder over Mushio and Hatakuro, regaining their life essence. "So, Can you win now?" Hatakuro floated back up and landed next to Mushio, with the creatues surrounding them.

Xyn-lea heard Mushio's spell, but watching for an attack from him, she had not realized the lightning would come from above. It struck her, throwing her across the top of the tower.

Ru, out of the way of the lightning, watched Xyn-lea thrown by the lightning. He almost began to approach her, but hesitated; there was too much danger in the surrounding area.
I'll get to you as soon as I can... He thought.
He glanced at his foes, surrounded by Mushio's summons. It wouldn't be easy, but since it appeared that Xyn-lea was out cold, he'd have to finish this for her.
Glaring, he charged at the nearest summon, Golem. Leaping into the air and coming down with the force of the large sword beneath him, he shouted "QUAKE!" and cast it through the sword and into the stone tower. Then it began to shake..... a narrow fissure cracked out from below. Leaving the sword there for the moment, he spied one of Xyn-lea's knives on the ground. He dove for it, rolling as he hit the ground, and threw it at Mushio.

Golem, with his large Granite texture, pulled his hands in front of his face, making it impossible for damage to be dealt on him, "You won't win that way!" Hatakuro taunted the enemies and put away her bow and took out her staff, "Meteor!" A small meteorite raced down towards the earth, crashing through the atmosphere, causing it to flare up, then it struck Quel-zena,

"AGH!" A loud shrieking was heard, and as the fog and dust cleared, she was on the ground, the the opposite side as Xyn-lea, "Ru...Be....careful..." her head dropped, and she fell unconsious.

"Don't bother! You're majorly outnumbered!" ushio lifter his staff, and pointed it to the direction of Ru, "Ramuh!" Ramuh raced towards Ru, but disappeared half way and appeared behind him and shot a lightning bolt out of his wand.

Ru saw Quel-zena go down; Dammit...
He grabbed onto his sword, yanking it from the ground. Then Mushio commanded Ramuh to attack him. When the summon dissappeared, Ru turned, swinging the sword and guarding at the same time, expecting some sort of attack from behind. He had been right, and though his guard had been weak, his strike had been strong; he hoped it landed. Most of the damage of the lightning bolt had been diverted, but the force pushed him back. He tumbled and steadied gracefully.

He took in the situation...... Not good, so far. He glanced at the sky. Soon, it'll be night.....
Ru quickly glanced at his sword, decision made, he touched it and whispered, "feather," and te sword became as light as a paper one. Then he charged at not Mushio, but Hatakuro.

"MUSHIO!" Hatakuro screamed, in fear of being injured,

"Hatakuro!" He jerked his staff to hatakuro's direction, and commanded Golem to stand in front of her and protect her, and he did so, He raised his hand, "Fire!" He casted fire on Ru, hoping to stop whatever attack he had, "Now! Ramuh!" Me commanded Ramuh to mix his lightning with the fire, and it headed straight for Ru.

Ru heard Mushio's attack, and thought, Either strike and be struck, or miss and try again.... I might not get another chance.... He continued with his attack, striking as hard as he could, and then the lightning/fire combo hit him. He felt the clothing on his right arm burn and start burning the skin. Being thrown back again, he quickly put out the burning before it could do a lot of damage, but did nothing for the burnt skin.

He skidded along the ground, sword at least ten feet from him. He began to formulate his next attack as he surveyed the results of his attack.

"Good job Mushio!" Just then, at that exact moment, golem begin to disappear,

"That's right...dammit...due to GOlem's defensive qualities, he is the only temporary summon!" He looked at Ru, it doesn't look like he's getting up, "One more summon! Shiva!" Just then the ground of the roof froze and a gigantic icicle arose from the spot, with a beautiful ice queen inside of it, just then the ice broke and she emerged, she flipped the hair from her face and then she looked around, "Time for a formation!" He lifted his wand and all three existing summons, Ramuh and Shiva casted an Ice/Lighting combo on Ru and Fairy fed it some unelemental power, and then unsheathed it's sword made distinctly from nature's beauty, and charged at Ru, "It's our turn Hatakuro!" He looked at her, and then gripped his staff and shot a muti-elemental explosion at Ru, as Hatakuro shot continuous arrows at the explosion, combining them.

All of this created a powerful formation.

Xyn-lea shook off the fog in her head and stodd up shakily. I shouldn't have let myself get hit like that- Where's Ru? She looked around and saw Ru on the ground, getting up. There looked like there was something wrong with his right arm....

One look told her he was in trouble; one of the summons had dissapeared, but it looked like Mushio had summoned another, and they were doing a formation attack. At this rate, it looked like Ru was done for. Not if I have anything to do with it....

She ran over as fast as she could, getting between Ru and that attack. As it struck, it pushed her back into Ru; both tumbled off the edge.
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Ru saw Xyn-lea dive in front of him. When she hit him and they fell, they hit three branch after a tree branch, slowing them before they hit the ground somewhat roughly.

"Xyn-lea! Xyn-lea, answer me!" She shook her, but she didn't respond. It looked like she wasn't far from....... He stopped that thought. "Dammit... Why did you have to do that?" Tears began to fall. "I wish I was better at healing, but I can try.... Maybe, with the strength of the night coming on, I can save you."

He took a deep breath and gathered his strength. Willing it to work with every single bit of himself, he cast heal on her. It seemed to take hours to him, but he knew it wasn't. when he was done, all visible injuries were mostly healed, but he couldn't tell for anything internal. He kissed her gently, once. "I'll come back for you. But I can't just leave your friend up there alone. Please forgive me for fighting them like this; I know you didn't like it, but it's the only chance."

He looked to the sky; though there were clouds, he could tell it was fully night now...... and, it was a new moon.

He closed his eyes and forced himself to transform. The change was fast, but semi-painful on a new moon. And now, where Ru had been standing, there was a menacing werewolf.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGH!" Quel-zena had just regained consiousness, and as she rose to her feet, she was struck by a pummeling blow from a giant fairy, she was flung to the ground. When she arose again she heard the voice of Mushio,

"Why don't you give up, there's no need for bloodshed!" Quel-zena smiled a bit,

"That's pussy talk!" She darted towards Mushio, dodging passed the summons, she picked up her sword when she got close enough to it. "I won't lo-" Just then she was struck by ann arrow in the side, and although the arrow disappeared, the pain stayed behind, "Ugh..." She held her side tightly, then looked up, and saw the summons hovering over her, "Au...Agh.....AAAAAAAGHH!" She screamed as loud as she could, then was hit by multiple attacks from each enemy, then she collapsed once again, after sliding towards the edge, hanging off of it.

"I'm sorry, you left me no choice..."

Ru heard Quel-zena scream. Time to be going, he thought. He started scaling the wall quickly when he saw her hanging off the edge. Leaping upthe last bit, he grabbed her and deposited (^^) her safely on the top. Then, growling at Mushio and feeling the violent needs of the form pushing on him, he attacked, clawing and snarling.

"Mushio!!!!!!!!!!!" Hatakuro threw herself in front of him, feeling every impacting blow, she hit the ground roughly,

"HATAKURO!!!!" He dove onto his knees beside his friend, tears rolled down his cheek, "Hatakuro...Please...Please don't leave my side..." The tears fell harder, and that that moment the summons that were recently accompanying him, disappeared, Damit, what am I gonna do? He looked down at Hatakuro again, he rose to his feet, "You bastard!" His staff glowed brightly, and a swirling light emerged from the staff and surrounded, "You won't get away with this!" With the tears still streaming down, the light swarmed around him, and then covered him completely, and then seperated, into different parts on his now nude body, but with every light was left behind a beautiful shimmering piece of golden armor, and then his staff emerged as a large lancette, he emerged as an armor-clad Guardian, So...so this is what Sensei meant...I really can save the flourishing race of humans... He pointed his lance at Ru, "This...is for Hatakuro and Sensei!" he darted at the enemy, and then a brightly glowing steed appeared from nothingness and he jumped onto it, "Holy Lance!" The lancette began to glow every colour.

Ru, with the blood of Hatakuro on his claws, watched hte summons dissappear. Perfect
Then, though, he saw Mushio's golden armour appear. He concluded that it would be a problem.
Then Mushio was charging, the lance glowing in all colours. Ru howled and charged, darting for the glowing horse.

As Ru got close, Mushio and The Horse were struck by the more powerful blow by the werewolf, "AGH!" Mushio fell back off the horse, and the armor disappeared, (Yes, replaced by nothing) He got up, "OH MY GOD! Where the hell are my clothes!" He grabbed his staff, "Aw whatever!" He darted back at the wolf, but gave up, knoeing it wouldn't work, "What am I doing!?" He looked down at his feet, "Just...Just kill me..."

Ru growled, staring at the vulnerable Mushio. He, without thinking, began to strike, but stopped himself. What the hell am I doing? Fighting with himself, he changed back to his regular form. Sitting for a moment from the strain of changing back at night, he said,
"Just go, all right? I don't really want to kill you, and I'm sorry about your friend. If you go, I'll tell Xyn-lea that I killed you. She'll believe me. You'll need to keep a low profile, though, for a while."
He got up and walked over to his sword, picking it up.
"So what do you say to that?"

Muhsio sighed, "Huff...Thank you..." He turned and picked up his friend, and ran back into the temple.

Ru nodded and walked over to Quel-zena, nudging her.

"Wha-Wha?"She shot up quickly, "AGH! MONKIES!" She looked around, "Oh, did you win?"

Ru nodded. "Come on, we gotta go down to the bottom and see if Xyn-lea's okay."
Not waiting for her, he jumped from the roof to a tree branch and so on until he went to the ground.
He walked over to Xyn-lea.
"Xyn-lea. Xyn-lea, can you hear me?"
Her eyes opened slowly. Without waiting for her reply, Ru kissed her.
"Did you kill him?" She asked when the kiss was over. Ru nodded.
Xyn-lea. "Good." She lay back down. "Where's Quel-zena?"

Quel-zena followed Ru, "thanks for leaving me behind!", she said smiling, then she started laughing.

Xyn-lea looked at Quel-zena. "Glad you weren't hurt too bad.... What's so funny?"

"We did it! We finally won!" She grabbed Xyn-lea's and Ru's hands and dragger them in the direction of Xyn-lea's hirer, "We gotta go tell him we were successful! I'm glad we could be a team! No one lies in a team!"

Ru glanced at Xyn-lea. Not telling her will hurt her less than knowing the truth.....
"That's right," he said smiling. He knew the lie would bother him now, but he'd suppressed demons within himself before.....
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Danger in the Temple (Finished Roleplay)
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