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 Prison Party (Finished Roleplay)

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PostSubject: Prison Party (Finished Roleplay)   Prison Party (Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:26 pm

"Finaly I made it to Tankté!" Mikael looked around, "Now where is thes hop, might as well go there first! Sell some of the spoils I picked up fighting monsters!" He looked over and saw two men fighting in the middle of the street, "What!?" They drew their weapons and charged at eachother.

"Uhoh, I might as well break them up while I'm here!" He pulled out his twin blades, and darted after them, and jumped in between them, "Stop! What are you doing!"

"ugh... this bag is so heavy its killing me ... at least im close to a town."
shida heaved her heavy bag over shoulder's and slowly stumbled into town, not looking where she was going walked right into the middle of a fight , and bumps into one of the people.
"whoops.. sorry i didn't see you ... " shida looks up and sees one of them try to attack."hey ... what are you doing...?" as she pulls out her cleric staff to stop him from hitting her. she glances over at the one with twin blades " are you my back up ..?... i could really use a hand here...!"

"No, I'm trying to stop the fight!" Mikael stopped the other man from hitting the woman. Just as he deflected the attack, he heard guards headed to the area they were in, and the two men ditched, "What the? what's going on?" the guard grabbed his arms, and the arms of the woman next to him.

"You're both under arrest for causing a disturbance and brandishing a weapon in town!" The Guards took them to a larg building with many window with cast iron bars.

"What!? We were trying to stop them from fighting! This is unbelieveable!"

"That's what they all say!" The guard kneed him in the back, and he partly fell and the guard threw him over his shoulder. The other guard turned the woman around and punched her in the stomach before she could react. They were both carried into the large building.


Later That day....

"Ugh....huh?" Mikael looked up and looked around. What happened? Where am I? the last thing I remember is being arrested for something i didn't do... wait, the Woman! Where is she!? He looked around, it appeared he was in a corner cell, and could see her lay on the floor in the cell next to his.

"Miss! Excuse me! Miss! Are you alright?" The guard at his cell looked at him.

"Hey! Quiet down in there!" The guard glared at him menacingly. Dammit... I guess I'll hafta wait for the guard to leave... He saw another guard walk up to him and tell him something, and they both walked away together.

"Yes!" he looked over at the woman again, "Miss! Please answer!" He started throwing rocks at her, hoping one would hit the ground next to her, and wake her up.

"ow" shida woke to being pelted with a small rock,and said "what the hell are you doing !!, and more importantly where the hell am I!" she looked over to see the guy with the twin blades in the cell next to her " hey your that guy i met earlier ...
by the way.. i'm... shida , whats yours?"

shida stood up and looked out of the cast iron window "well this is just great ...and i thought i was going to be staying at a nicer place than this..."

she looked over to where the guard had kept their weapons "darn i can't even use any magic with out my staff ... and i'm out of attack magic supplies ."

shida sat down in anger pouting in the corner of her cell.

"I'm Mikael." He sat meditatively, maybe... "I've got it!" he looked for anything small and thin, and found a small post of metal, "perfect! wait...." What are the chances? "Eh, whatever!" He walked over to the door of his cell and jabbed the post into the keyhole, and wiggled it until he heard a click, "Got it!"

He walked over to the other woman's cell and unlocked her cell, "Com'on, we have to hide!" He picked up their weapons and threw the staff to her. "Hurry!"

shida caught her staff fastly with one hand as she stood up . /I wonder if he'd make a good traveling partner...he looks kinda useful
she darted out of the building behind Mikael, and around a corner where noone could see them for the time being,and to stop and rest,just then it hit her she forgot that when she bumped into that guy that her bag had fallen off somewhere in that street which they were trying to avoid at that moment.

"ohhhh.... what if someone takes what little i have in that bag ....we have to go back and get it ..." shida tugged on Mikael's arm like there was no tomorrow.

Mikael could feel firece tugging on his arm, "Yeah?" He listened to what she ahd to say about the bag, and thought for a second, "Yeah, that is pretty bad, but the problem is we're pretty high up, like four floors, so we're gonna hafta break out."

Just then he saw the two guards coming back crap... he looked over at shida, "shhhhh..." He heard their footsteps getting closer I have to time this perfectly... He saw them reach the corner and jumped and and smashed their heads together. He looked at shida yet again.

"Com'on, we're gonna need to sneak passed the guard, if any of them catch us, we;re done for!" Mikael ran ahead, looking back to see if she was following.

shida followed closely behind , down several staircases how many goddamn starcases are there ..."huff huff ...i don't think my feet can take anymore running "as she trips and flies down the stairs to where Mikael is ahead of her."OMG ... WATCH OUT ..." she said as she was hurdeling towards him.damn heels i knew i should've worn my sneekers if i knew i was going to be running down several flights of stairs.

Mikael heard her cries and turned around, and was hit by shida and they both went hurdling down the stairs, "Dammit!" They finally landed, and a guard spotted them, "Huh! They're trying to escape!" Luckily there were no other guards aorund, unluckily the guard had a sword, and unsheathed it to attack them, "Damn, I didn't wanna have to fight in here!" Mikael unsheathed his twin blades and charged at the guard.

"Gale Blade!" He slashed the guard twice, which sent him slightly backward both times, and then he jumped and went horizontally and span around, slashing him again, but the guard blocked each attack except the last one, so Mikael didn't do as much damage as he could have.

shida getting up from the fall pulls out her staff , runs towards the guard and smacks him in the face with her staff. shida glances back at at Mikael "I think I just ran out of sp ... with that last attack.. and i have no supplies."

shida looked away for second ,then looked back and screamed.Oh no ... if I don't think of anything soon i'm gonna be toast...and if I don't hurry ... that wish might just come true... i'm too young and beautiful to die yet !!!

shida frozen in fear of death screams "I DON'T WANNA GAME OVER...."

Mikael, running towards the guards, stand frozen in place, and looks back at shida, "uhhh....'Game Over'?" He threw her a 'Sprite Drop' and coninuted running. he went to turn around and was smacked across the face with a sword, and then slashed across the stomach, "Agh! Dammit! shida....r-r-.....run..." Mikael was in midway faint, waiting for his new companion to hightail it out of there.

"noooooooooooooooooo.... don't leave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." shida cryed .
getting up she smashed her staff as hard as she could into the face of the guard, and quickly used a resurrection spell on mikael. waiting for him to come back she dragged his body down and out of the building and tried casting another resurrection spell .

Mikael blinked, and opened his eyes, he and shida were outside, surrounded by guards. Mikiael stood up, "Why did you drag me along!? You could have escaped by now!" He pulled out his twin blades, and crossed him arms, readying himself. Damn...there's like....30 of'em....How can the two of us take care of them alone!? He looked around, and there was no other auspicious people anywhere that could help, 'Damn....shida, cover me!" he jumped into the crowd of guards and started swiping.

shida relieved that mikael was alright wiped her tears "thank god your alright ... i just couldn't leave you behind..." shida gets up and jumps into the frey to cover mikael. shida attention was caught by a shiny object and wandered off to follow it
and being lead away from where mikael was. " ohhhhhhhhhhhh shiny object must haveeeee" shida chasing down the shiny object like a frantic maniac was weird sight to see as she was running around the corner and going past mikael so many
times that she was going around in circles " Mikael i .... can't...... stop ...... myself..... from runnnnnnnnnnning......... may...be... it's a...... glitch..." as she wails while running around the corner.

"A glitch?" what is wrong with her? He picked up a rock in the mid of battle and threw it at her head, "I still need help!" Mikael and taken the numbers down to 10, sop he had done most of the owrk by himself sheesh..

Just then, he was pierced with a dagger on the right side, 'Agh! shida! I need healing!" Mikael reached out to her hoping she would heal him before he was killed. but as time grew thin, he was stabbed multiplre times.

"Damn...." Mikael fell to the ground, the immense pain growing with every stab wound, "Why...?" He used a special magic to finish the last of the guards. They fell ontop of him, and Mikael hoped that shida would leave, 'Please...let one of us live..." A tear rolled down his cheek.

"Maybe,....I deserved it...." His fist had loosened, and the weight of the guards crushed him even more. His lossened fist let go, and Mikale left the world, without doing what he was there to do....
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Prison Party (Finished Roleplay)
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