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 Random OOC (Warning: Possibly mentally scaring!)

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Random OOC (Warning: Possibly mentally scaring!) Empty
PostSubject: Random OOC (Warning: Possibly mentally scaring!)   Random OOC (Warning: Possibly mentally scaring!) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:27 pm

From the old Sernand Mountains RP......

(Xyn-lea: Don't mind me, just been trapped under a stinking monster corpse for, like, three weeks.... *grabs random sandwich* Why aren't you people on?)
(Ally: I don't know why they're not on. *grabs another random sandwich*)
---------Next day---------
(Xyn-lea: Still no one here.... I thought you said you'd pressure them at school. *starts channel surfing* Oooh! Food network!)
(Ally: I forgot. *shrug* But anyway, pass the chips and dip. I got one of my other characters to rent movies.)
(*magical door opening noise* Rokan: Got the movies!)
(Ally: Yay! What'd you get?)
(Rokan: Pirates 2, The grudge and Ice Age 2.)
(Xyn-lea: *squeaks* Oooh! Orlando Bloom.)
(Ally: And Johnny Depp..... ^_^)
(Rokan: Uh... Let's just watch the movies....)

The Really Innapropriate Random ROleplay:

George, a young Elfin man, was walking through the fields of Giant Territory without a care.
All of a sudden, he heard a rustling in the bushes.
The bushes then got up and walked towards him. "Hey, we payed you money SO STRIP!!!"
George blinked.
"Gladly, but I only accept bits of string. If you're interested, I'm headed to a giant's strip club."
He smiled gleefully.
"That's where I work."
"Why can't I join?" Keith randomly walked up from behind a large rock. "I've been watching you all day George! Why did you leave me?"

*insert creepy obsessive, sad, I-want-you-so-bad facial expression*
George shrugged. "I told you where I was going. You ditched me."

All of a sudden, a herd of naked purple rhinos ran by. George jumped up and screamed.
"OH NO! They were my best customers!"
"Well there's always me..." Just then, 24 walked up. He stopped suddenly. "But I have to admit something... I'M HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH KEITH!!!"

*poof* Jerry Springer set appears out of nowhere. "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! ... "
All of a sudden, 24 goes up to keith.
"I have something to admit to you, keith. I'M A MAN!"

Everyone stares.
"Well, we all knew that."

Just then, George glomped Keith. "I wanna be your bitch."
"Sure... but only if you accept the hand of this old woman's in marriage..." *pulls random old lady from behind tree* Oh and if you walk Alyssa's Flute each day... and... uh... you know... Sastisfy his needs..." *wink wink nudge nudge*

Alyssa walked down the path randomly, with her flute at her side; leashed. "Dark is mine! MINE! MINE! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!"

Just then, Dark appeared. "I'm not yours you crazy flute girl... I'm 24's!" *jumps into his arms. Cue love music*
Alyssa glared at dark.
"Fine. Then I'll just take the Uchia brothers." *pulls sasuke and itachi out from nowhere.*

(in unison) "Noooooo!"

"Time to consumate marriage in a closet" (only funny if read MeruPuri)

Just then, Brendan walked up.

"Hey! I was told there would be BOOBIES!"
Just then, that chick from avatar ran across the screen.

"whoa cow girl, don't gettin' madcow disease!" A young ugly female? no im pretty sure its male.....y'know whatm, let's just call it 'it'....it walked over to the crazy gay harem and stood in the meedle of thee circle. He---I mean it! crossed it's finger, "Hm....this looks familiar..."

Just then another slightly less.....slightly......at least i can bare to look at him....MAN walked up and kissed the it and they started making out, but after ten seconds the man stopped, "Okay! Times up!" He turned towards the bushes, "Pay up...five thou like you said!" The 'it' looked around at the normies and blushes,

"Whatcha y'all lookin' at?"

Alyssa began to laugh, "Ha! Not you! you'd make me vomit barf! and the i'd probably suffer from explosive diarrhea!" She looked look at him to point and laugh and her left eye melted....and the right one twitched, "Well...at least i can't see anything....specially mustard face...."

24 looked around and spotted a really pretty.....golflorpal colored bush, and walked over to it, "Hey sexy, wanna jam?"

"Sure, but you gotta take off all you clothes!"

"(singing)I am gettin' so hot, I wioll take my clothes off!" and he removed all of his clothing and the faery dust sprinkled all over him and he began to frolic deeper into the woods, "Look! I'm peter pan!"
*brain implodes*

Just then, The Curator Of All That Is Random walked in. He stood there, all official, and looked around.
He pulled out a thick book, opened it, seemed to consider, flipped a few pages, and then spoke.

"You are under violation of Act 57 of the randomness code, line 22, clause 15, word 7. You will have to come with me, now."

Five Randomness Officers jumped out of nowhere and began spraying everyone with ketchup. Purple ketchup.

Now, that should only make sense to a few people.... The 24 thing especially XD
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Random OOC (Warning: Possibly mentally scaring!)
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