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 No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language!

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No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language! Empty
PostSubject: No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language!   No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:31 pm

Location: Achron Unnamed


daxis laying in the grass looks up into the bright sky squinting his crimson red eyes.
sits up and hears his stomach growling" ohhhhhhhhh.... man...... i neeedddddd .... fooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd...."
daxis gets up from out of the grass and smells a delectable scent that is flowing through the air ,and starts to drool. daxis follows the scent to a small cave,
where he sees a fresh baked cherry pie. daxis all confused to find this runs towards it "Pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!"

daxis stuffed his pretty face full of the cherry pie which he thought tasted yummy.
aftering an entire pie all to himself he heaved himself up to walk away, when he felt a slight breathing on his neck. he turned around and let out a loud high pitch feminin scream."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

daxis running for his life like a maniac down a hill looks back to see the beast charging angrily after him. not noticing the trench ahead,he falls head first into the trench getting stuck partway upside down, and trying to pull himself out he kicked his legs only to just hang in a tight place upside down, and flails his legs in the air.

Zeke walked through the somewhat chilly grasses, constantly on his guard for a beast to attack. He'd been through only once before, and it hadn't been a positive experience.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he heard a girly screech. Someone's in trouble... he thought as he walked along. Should he help them...?
"Nah," he shrugged, speaking only to himself. "Not my problem."

He kept walking along until he reached a long trench. He saw just one way across it, and promptly headed in that direction.

Again, he heard something.

There was sounds of someone struggling inside of the trench. Curiously, he looked down and saw a pair of legs and wings writhing from between some rocks. It appeared that this person was stuck.

Zeke laughed inwardly and shook his head. Some people...

"Hey, you. How'd you get yourself stuck in this mess?"

daxis heard a voice and started struggling even more and flailed his legs in every direction possible. but couldn't get out. " heyyyyyyyyyyy could you kinda sorta ..... give me a hand , i think im stuck ...." he yelled up.

daxis felt the blood rushing to his head , "ow, ow ow ow , i cant die yet im too pretty to die and what about pie, Pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I need more pie...T_T can you get me out first and then i will tell you .?"....

Zeke cast the strange individual a doubtful look.

"Pie? Uh.... what?" He shrugged and grabbed hold of the man's foot. "Whatever, I might as well help you out."

Bracing himself against the side of the cliff, he gave an inhumanly strong pull and out the man came flying.

"There. Don't get stuck in any more holes. Not eveyone has the time to be pulling you out."

"ow ow ow watch my feet their delicate you knowT_T"he said as his gradually going back to the way he was before hangin upside down in the trench.
he looks at the mysterious person who saved him, with fangirlish eyes and squeeled "omg ! omg omg ! you ...saved.... me ...." as he glompifies the stranger, and hangs off his neck. "soooooo.... what's your name handsome..?"
as he let go and sat down before him, he stared into his eyes like they were so mesmerizing.

Zeke stared at the strange man with a detatched sort of shock. He could have sworn that he looked as if he was chibi for a moment.

Zeke turned around and began to walk away without answering. What a weirdo....

daxis watched the stranger begin to walk away from him.
"nooooooooooooo don't leave meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!"
he ran up to where he was ."can i get your name? how can thank someone if i don't know their name ?, can I come with you, can I come with you, can.... I come... with ... you ?" he says to the guy in a feminin singsong voice as he looks at him with his crimson red eyes like a puppy dog and tugging on his clothing .

Zeke glared at the strange man...

"Zeke," he muttered under his breath, "what have you gotten yourself into."

He looked away from the man. "I travel alone."

" Zeke what handsome name you have !" he smiled "why do you travel alone ? i for one am looking for someone to travel with i am sooooooooooooo lonely!!!!!!, OMG i think i just broke a nail !!!!sooooooooooo CAN I PLEASE, PLEASE ,PLease,PLEASE, COME wITH you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????"
"im so lonely , mister lonely ,i have nobody to call my own , ohhhhhhhhhh i'm sooooo lonely ....................................." looks at zeke with sad eyes that can't be refused , it starts to rain .

Zeke turned around angrily.

"I travel alone because I don't like people." he said sharply. "Man, you're annoying."

He turned to walk away and as he did, it began to rain coldly. The wind picked up, and Zeke looked into the horizon. Looks like a bad storm coming.... I wonder if there's a cave or something near by....

A quick survey of the area told him that, yes, there was, and he began to head to it. Hopefully mr. Annoying would not follow.....

daxis already ahead of zeke in the cave he started a fire with random objects.he sits down in front of it to dry his wings. and takes his shirt off to dry. "burrrrrrrrrr" shaking his wings and spraying water everywhere except on the fire. he lays down to sleep.

Zeke walked into the cave and saw a fire up ahead.
What the....?

He turned a corner and saw the strange man laying by a fire, shirtless and sleeping.

"What the hell? HOW DID YOU GET AHEAD OF ME?!?!?!"

not paying attention to zeke as he rested by the fire , he turned over to the other side , showing his wings bruised from being stuck in the trench for a while.
meanwhile he was mummling random things in his sleep."mmmmmmmmmm........come here you little pie ,......... hehhhhmmmmmmm i'm gonna eat you..............................." his voice faded into the night, as he shivered on the cold floor of the cave.

Zeke shot him a funny look, and after a moment of hesitation, sat near the fire.
Well, it's here or the storm. Maybe the storm wouldn't be too bad... Just then, thuder shook the cave. Then again, maybe not....

He shook his hair, trying (unsucessfully) to get most of the rainwater from it.

Faintly, he heard the battered man mutter in his sleep and shiver. I wonder if he's delusional? Or maybe he hit his head to hard or something?
Sighing, he took off his jacket -which was water resistant- and dropped it on the wet Giansza. He then sat down against the wall of the cave, watching the faint vision of rain falling and lightning dancing, arms crossed and knees drawn up close. I wonder how long this storm's gonna last....

daxis stopped shivering as he felt the warmth of the jacket on him. and moved a little but not enough to startle zeke. andwoke up slightly not moving but just looking at zeke sitting there, as he looked out from underneath the jacket.
he waited to see if zeke noticed him.

Zeke saw movement out of the corner of his eye and looked over. The man had shifted from the way he was laying down before and was now looking at Zeke with interested eyes.
Zeke shot him a stern look.

"You looked cold," he explained. After a moment, there was a pause. "What's your name?"

daxis looked shyly at zeke from under the jacket." I'm ......Daxis ........ AAAAAAchoOOOOOOOOOO........." " thanks for letting me use your jacket as a blanket ." as he held it around himself still keeping warm by the fire.
daxis stared at the fire as if he were mesmerized, by the flames.

"I'm sorry i acted the way i did towards you its just no one would usually save me from anything ...... i guess i'm just grateful..." he cocked his head and slightly smiled. " everyone else avoided me because of what i was...... but it's no big deal..." daxis looked back into the mesmerizing flames that danced in front of him.
no longer paying attention to Zeke.

Zeke looked back with disinterest. At least he seems like someone mostly normal now... He cast Daxis a funny look however, when he was done speaking.

"Because of what you are? You've gotta be more normal and less scorned than I am. Hell, I'm half demon."

daxis kind of halfly ignoring zeke, looked at his soaking wet clothing dry on the floor, and stared at the fire again as if watching a horrific scene of burning buildings and people being slaughtered being replayed through his mind.
then snapped back to reality, looking at zeke." my .... other half of me is evil... from the side that you see now ..... and welll ....... people don't look at me the same from that night at my village......my other half took over my body by force.....!" he halfly yelled at zeke. " and now there is nothing I can do to change that moment in time."

after yelling at zeke for nearly an hour, he felt his other half trying to take over again like that night in the past .yesss.... you want to be free and do as you please ... all you have to do is get rid of that burden .....
" No NO NOO STOP STOP STOP STOP IT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed out of nowhere." why can't you leave me alone...!!!!"

he could feel it taking over completely as his wings turned black " AARGHHHHHHHH" and moved towards where zeke was sitting , as the other side of daxis trying surpress his power but to avail. he hoped his other side would go away.

Zeke stared at Daxis as he spoke to himself and yelled loudly. What's wrong with him? He thought to himself again. Maybe I can just..... make him pass out... He reached his mind out to Daxis, but just as he reached for it, he felt a strong conflict just beneath the surface. It was definitely something he wanted to avoid.

As his mind returned to his body, he realized that Daxis was walking towards him, the white of his wings bleeding away to a dark black. Zeke opened his mouth to speak but his voice wavered as he saw the murderous look in Daxis' eyes. It was like looking into the black abys of a killer's soul; in fact, Zeke was convinced that it was a killer's soul.

"Uh, Daxis?" He took a step backwards and collided with the wall behind him. "Daxis, we-we're friends here, right?"

Not much scared Zeke, but the strange transformation of Daxis to this terrifying being that shared his likeness sent shivers down his spine. He reached down to his side, where the bag with his bladed rings usually were, and felt nothing. He then saw them on the ground three meters away. Too far away, at that. Daxis was right in front of him, and Zeke tried to stare into Daxis' eyes with as little fear as possible.

I hope I don't have to go near his mind... I don't wanna know what's in there.

daxis right up close to Zeke, his other side was fighting against his dark side but couldnt control its power. as he came closer to zeke who was backed up against the wall of the cave he picked up the weapons that lay on the floor and licked it as he stared straight back at zeke with his cold crimson eyes ,and evil grin on his face and his hands against the wall cornering zeke . daxis stopped as he came as close as he could get to zeke and held the weapons over his head " STOP STOP STOP STOP ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as the other side of daxis was reverberating out and screaming . leave me alone you are such a pest, I should have sealed this half you away long after that night .....

daxis fell to his knees scared of what was happening .

Zeke stared at Daxis as he didn't respond. The now dark winged man picked up one of the rings and licked it and another shiver ran rampant through him. He could almost -but not quite- hear a mental echo of Daxis as he walked closer. It was yelling; screaming. Pleading.

Daxis raised the ring above his head and Zeke knew he was going to attack any moment. So Zeke forced himself out of the terror gluing him to place and punched Daxis right in the face, taking a defensive fighting stance.

"Looks like it's time to see if actions speak louder than words."

the now uncontrolable daxis rushed towards him with his black wings slightly parted. he through his scythe at zeke as he scratched him with his demonic hands. yet trying to back away. I can't keep running away from stopping him..
the uncontroled daxis stopped in front of zeke and took a good long stare ."I am not so easy to be rid of."

Zeke was able to avoid most of Daxis' attacks, although a few of them hit him shallowly, causing bloody rips in his skin. He stared directly back at Daxis as the other man spoke, noting the almost slips of his murderous glow. Was it just Zeke, or was the terror fading? He changed his stare into a glare.

"Well, neither am I!" He dove to the ground where his bladed rings were and picked up three, throwing the first at Daxis' legs. The other two he held tightly in his hands and charged at Daxis with.

being hit in the leg by the ring that zeke threw he stumbled down abit but getting up he through his scythe in zeke's direction and charging towars him to a get a few good punches and a backwards kick at him. and he picked up the ring and faded it with darkness and threw it back at zeke. as he chased him around the cave .

Zeke wasn't expecting the darkness infected disk to be sent back to him, and though he tried to block it, it pushed him back a few feet. Unfortunately, directly behind him was a large stone jutting out from the wall. It cracked into the middle of his back, winding him and making him stumble to a half crouch. He coughed in air harshly, keeping an eye on Daxis but having a hard time doing anything other than breathing.
Dammit, Zeke, breath! If you don't move your ass soon, it's toast!

He saw Daxis charging for him and panicked. Suddenly, on impulse, he threw his conscious mind out at Daxis and tried to invade the other man's thought.
Daxis! What the hell are you doing?! He tried to push his way into control of Daxis. Stop trying to kill me!
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No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language! Empty
PostSubject: Re: No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language!   No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:31 pm

daxis' other side of his mind responded to zeke I... I can't stop him, this is the half of me i try to hide ..... but he has never come out sonce the night when he slaughtered the village. I will try harder to stop him but i may need your help . the voice that was contacted dissappeared as the evil daxis came back to control and grabbed zeke by the arm bringing him close to himself. he held tightly onto zeke's arm as he clouded his hand in a poisoness darkness ,punched him and threw him to the ground as he smirked at zeke on the ground. his crimson eyes burning with the rage of fire.

Zeke saw his body being pummeled by Daxis, and knew immediately that if he didn't return to it, Daxis would kill him. But if he went back, he would only be able to save himself, and even that wasn't a given.

He pushed all of his mental energy into a sort of "shove" to try and throw off "dark" Daxis' control.

as daxis felt the push of mental energy he dropped zeke. and recoiled from the pain of the hit, and looked down to splots of blood dripping from his fingertips.
his eyes widened as he went in shock of seeing his own blood drip on the ground.
but got up, blinded with rage he picked up his scythe formed darkness on it and threw it at zeke only as if it were a boomerang, and caught it as it made its roundabout, as he made his movement to catch it his wound sprayed blood all over zeke.

Zeke saw the immediate need to return to his body, but felt a regret to leave where he had a foothold. He sent part of his consciousness back to his body, and forced it to move out of the way. However, it didn't want to respond. He'd have to go back fully.
Get the FUCK OUT OF HIM! He mentally screamed at the dark entity within the other man. Daxis, take control!

He returned back to his body just in time to throw it out of the path of the scythe. However, he also felt something that hadn't been there before. A tightness was wrapped around his chest, paining him at every breath, and he wondered why for a moment until he remembered one of the hits Daxis had landed, one where his fist had been surrounded by a miasma of blackish aura. He tried to push himself up and extend his mental energy towards Daxis but more tightness distracted him.

"Daxis...!" He said between gasping breaths as his balance failed. "You're on.... your own!"

daxis trying as hard as he could to bring himself into control of his own body, saw zeke on the ground infected with a dark miasma. " Damn damn damn it allllllllll !!!!!!!!! this was all my fault!!!!!!!!!! " as he felt it trying to come back to take over " zekeEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" he wailed as daxis started to glow with a resonating gold colour. this is the last thing i can do to try and stop him as a last resort ...... this is probably the only way ... i hope this works ....
daxis glowing lit up the entire cave before zeke, as a warm light flowed through the place. removing miasma that was everywhere , as it became a counter balance toward the darker side of daxis. to hold for a while " zeke do you have anything to transfer my darker side into ......" he yelled as he looked at him.

Zeke felt the warm aura of light surround him and he tightness in his chest loosened. He tenderly stood up, because although the magical remnants of the wounds was gone, the physical remained.

"Transfer him to me. I might not have been able to handle him outside, but if he's inside of me I can crush him like a bug."

daxis nodded confidently at zeke "alright.. here goes nothinggggggggg.....!!!!!!!! "
daxis stood up holding his hands over his body as a dark aura eminated off, and flowed into zeke's body."i hope you can do this...!" as the last bit of darkness left his body it made a move striking daxis on the shoulder ,blood trickling down his arm leaving a bloody trail as he walked faintly over to zeke,as the darkness on his wings faded slowly .he stood behind zeke in case he fell back,so he could catch him.

Zeke stood ready as the dark cloud of "evil Daxis" floated towards him. Daxis was behind him, ready for something to happen.

Suddenly, Zeke felt the evil presence strike out mentally towards Daxis; Zeke intercepted it and pulled the evil within him. As it made contact with his body, sharp pain began to dance jovially through his body, taking advantage of his weakened physical state. He began shaking, clenching his teeth together in defiance of the pain, and he he had to put his hands on his knees for support to stay standing.

Almost in, you bastard. What are you gonna do!!? He thought scathingly at the evil substance. As the last bit entered his body, the pain became unbearable and he screamed, stumbling backwards. Daxis caught him and Zeke quickly forced his mind out of his physical body and into the mental, sort of "realm" within his own mind. That was where he would do battle with the evil.

Zeke's body became limp and his pulse and breathing slowed measurably. Eyes half closed, it looked as if he was almost dead to an observer. But, as always, there as something strong going on just below.

------IN ZEKE'S MIND------
Zeke stepped into the only area of light in the shadowy area of his mind. He saw evil Daxis right in the middle.

"You know where you are?" He asked the evil. "Do you? Because you're in trouble now." He paused, with an air of drama that challenged Daxis'. "You're in the mind of a pissed off half-demon."

He walked towards evil Daxis, a knife appearing in his hands.

"You can make this fast or you can make it quick; either way, you're going to die now. What do you have to say to that?"

the evil daxis now in the mental realm of zeke , stood in the middle of the darkness that surrounded the area. he grinned viciously at zeke ." foolish half -demon...... you are in such a weak state it would be nearly impossible for you to destroy me ......, but if that is your wish then ..... I will personally see to it !!!"
daxis started to make his move by jumping into the air gathering darkness on his fist , and flies fastly towards zeke like a torpedo of darkness, flowing around daxis.

Zeke laughed as Daxis charged towards him. He dissappeared just as Daxis reached him and reappeared behind the evil entity.
"This is my mind. Where I have all the power. I'm not the defenseless prey you feed off of." The knife in his hands transformed into a ringed blade, and another one materialized in his other hand. He charged at Daxis, slashing at him with both bladed rings.

"Even on the off chance that you could kill me here, you'd die too. I don't know if you've tried yet to escape, but now you're trapped within my mind."

evil daxis felt the bladed rings slice through to reopen the shoulder wound only to see darkness flowing out of his body from the wound.." it ... will take more than that ... half-demon!"he quaked at zeke. he fell back to where the shadows were.waiting for zeke's response.

Zeke looked into the shadows where Daxis had run.
"You can't hide from me," he said menacingly. He swept his hand across the area, a spotlight flooding another circular area that contained his opponent. Zeke grinned. "You can't run, either."

The ground from beneath Daxis lurched and heaved and two ragged, clawed arms made out of the floor reached up to grab Daxis' legs. Zeke threw another of the rings at Daxis, and as it span wildly through the air, wicked spikes protruded from it.

daxis caught by zeke's attack , looked up to see the ring spin in air with spikes coming towards him, and tried to free himself. struggling to get free knowing there was no way to get out of it he tried anyways and sending a couple shots dark arrows towards zeke . in a split second the spikes came down on daxis piercing him to the ground . as he sent one last mind contact to his other half welll ..... its been a bang ....thanks for the fun.... damn I never thought you would surpass my power.....
pinned to the floor, apool if darkness spilled out as the dark entity lay there with smirking look on his face though his eyes were closed as if sleeping .


back in the cave where daxis stood holding zeke's limp body he heard the faint voice of his darker side . "did he do it .....?" "Zeke . Zeke Zeke....... wake up ... wake up....!!" he said shaking zeke's body with little force " speak to me.... ZZZZEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" daxis sat down holding him, as tears streamed down his face landing on zeke's cheek.

Zeke grinned as his trap had caught Daxis. However, as the disk impaled the evil half, Zeke didn't see the dark arrows flying towards him until the last minute.
What the hell is that? He thought, as he quickly tried to leave his own mind. However, just as he did, one pierced him in the shoulder.

Zeke's mind returned to his body, as well as the wound from the mental fight. Blood flowed from it as it appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and he pushed his hand against it, trying to stop the flow of blood.

Zeke sat up and looked at Daxis.
"He's gone... I finished him off. And I sure hope to hell you know some healing magic."

daxis felt zeke's body move. as he looked at him with teary eyes , and nodded his head "I will try..... " daxis leaned over zeke and put his hands over him and began to glow with that golden light again. concentrating as hard as he could , focusing the warm light on zeke, and moving his hands over his wounds and wiping away the blood . though he couldn't fully remove the wound but made it so there was less pain, he had given zeke some power to move.

when he finished the light went away and he looked at zeke and flung his arms around him in a glomping hug trying to be carefull of the wound.

No sooner than Daxis had half-healed the wound, Zeke felt a forceful hug assault him.
"Hey, careful!" He said, trying to push Daxis off of him but realizing that he didn't have the strength to do so at the moment.
"Could you leggo? I'm not a hug kinda guy, y'know. And I need to get some rest."

daxis feeling zeke trying to push him off, let go, and sat near him " sorry.... " relieved that zeke was alright he smiled at him. " what a night...... i swear it was like a dream..... or was I imagining it." he looked blankly at his shirt lying on the cave floor , picked it up floded it in a neat fashion to make pillow for zeke to rest on. he handed the folded piece of cloth to zeke. daxis stood up to see the sun rise
bringing a bright light in the cave. looking zeke and not disturbing him, he said something to himself.I... owe you one... Zeke. and sat there watching him sleep.

Zeke gladly accepted the makeshift pillow and shut his eyes, feeling the heavy weight of exhaustion setting down upon him.


Zeke lifted his eyelids as he woke slowly from his sleep. The smell of freshly rained on plants wafted in and he noted the golden light of mid-day flooding into the cave.
He pushed himself up and winced as he bumped his bruises, and at any weight put on his injured shoulder.
Zeke looked over to Daxis.
"How long have I been sleeping for?" It could have been a few hours, or a few days; in fact, he'd slept for three straight once.

daxis halfly asleep heard the wincing of zeke beside him. " with your injuries.... you slept for at least four days....so you should be almost fully healed." as he looked at him." we should at least for a town or something and get out of this cave."

Zeke stood up and stretched. Four days? Definately must have over excerted myself...
He picked up his coat and the bag of ringed disks. Leaving is definately a good idea.

"Why'd you stay and wait for me to wake up?" He asked Daxis.

he stared at zeke with a puzzled look on his face, which changed to a smile.
" well your the only one who helped me with a problem.... so I'm going to help you...I at least should return the favour." as he pulled his shirt on, and glomped him from behind.

Zeke was assaulted with yet another tackling hug from behind.
"Oooof..." He turned his head around and tried to pry Daxis off of him. "Hey, I told you I don't do hugs. Let go!.... please." He added at the end, trying not to be rough as usual.

"So... I don't think there's any towns near here. It is Achron, after all...." He looked out of the exit of the cave. "Where were you headed before we ran into eachother?"

he let go from behind, and walked beside him " oh I wasn't going anywhere really since I don't really have anywhere to go .... where were you going ?" he said in a chipper voice, as he stood next to zeke in the opening of the cave.

Zeke looked at Daxis.
"Well, I was heading to Lytenséi. I'm supposed to be meeting someone there." He cast Daxis a rare smile. "Tagging along?"

daxis looked at him with delight " really ..? then it's settled I'm coming with you."
I guess zeke has a softer side, he really changed.
after gathering his things daxis followed after behind zeke.out into the plains field of Achron." hey Zeke ..... do.... you have a Map of where were going?"

Zeke shrugged. "Maps are for chumps. Besides, I've been through here a lot of times before." He looked around and turned in the direction of north-west.

"Come on, it's this way." And they began walking.

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No sense of direction (Finished) Warning: strong Language!
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