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 Dir'k'nuah Vyr'Nth

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PostSubject: Dir'k'nuah Vyr'Nth   Dir'k'nuah Vyr'Nth Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2008 2:56 pm

Name:Dir'k'nuah Vyr'Nth
Age: 8
Weapons:He uses his claws, tail, or his iron hawk.
1.Unnamed Location
2.Dir'k never knew his parents for they had left him on an unnamed island.
3.Dir'k usually travels around, hes not one to stay in a place for a long time.
4.Dir'k was ment for war, he enjoys a fight just as much as he likes killing.
5.He does'nt really have a goal.
6.Dir'k thinks love is for the weak.
7.Yes dir'k was betrayed by his parents, and he couldnt of done anything he was to little.
8.Dir'k has a long tear going from his left shoulder down to his stomach, he got that scar from being on the island.
9.Yes dir'k has a brother but his parents kept him, and got rid of dir'k like he was an exile.
10.His only rival is his brother.
11.Being a komodo he has the special ability to sniff out enemys, see things from 2 yards away, and a great amount of strength.
12.He was on that island for a very long time, he had picked up a talent with swimming.
13.Even tho hes willing to take on his brother he has a somewhat fear of him also.
14.I'd say hes 50% mentally stable.
15.No he thinks love is for the weak.
16.He has a strong hate for his parents and brother.
17.Yes there is a bounty on dir'k thats why he is always traveling, he had killed many men and left there slaughtered bodies where they lay.
18.If someone were to hug him he'd probly tear them apart.
19.Dir'k can cook very well in the lines of meat.
20.Dir'k loves human meet.
21.I dont know.
22.He was practiclly left on the ocean shore.
23.Anything horrific hes ever witnessed was his own massacres that he caused.
25.he finds nothing beautiful unless you count blood.
26.He finds nothing hideous.
27.It makes him happy when people die, and he doesnt get sad.
28.Half empty.
29.He doesnt spend at all really.
30.He's succesful in battle yes.
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PostSubject: Re: Dir'k'nuah Vyr'Nth   Dir'k'nuah Vyr'Nth Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2008 8:12 am

Interesting sounding character. A description of the person's physical appearance would be nice, though, as well as adhering mostly to the template.

Also, I don't recall your race being on the race list. However, it sounds interesting, so maybe you could suggest it as a race and post it in the questions/suggestions forum?
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Dir'k'nuah Vyr'Nth
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