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PostSubject: Arroe   Arroe Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 10:33 pm

Name: Arroe (pronounced: ARE-OH)
Race: half vampire, immortal.
Age 18
Gender: Male
Alignment: I guess he could be half and half … since he kinda lives with a church organization.
Class: knight:
Abilities: utilizes the power of darkness, and other magic though he is very indecisive about how to use it. Use the powers of his word as well.

Weapon: a sword given to him from the organization of the church with inscriptions on the hilt of the blade on how to unleash its full power. The handle is covered in a leather over wrap, as its blade is made from shimmering crystal that emits a blue light when it strikes a foe.

Appearance: ( 6” 6) hair color is a blend of silver and black. an short in emo style. Eye color is a luminous gold, orange color. Clothing: he wears a black baggy pants and a gray under shirt with a blue vest over it. The clothes were given to him from the church organization when they found him on the streets.

Personality: kind of arrogant, indecisive, sometimes makes bad choices.. he does a have a soft heart but it takes time to get through to him. And a bit naďve when it comes to women.

History: after Arroe was found on the streets, he was taken in by a church organization,
He was raised by the organization them selves they alone are a mysterious and unknown organization, that even Arroe himself did not know of their reasoning existence, and never questioned it. There was only was one person who he cared for within the organization who had warmed his heart when she took care of him. Though he now can only remember her face he cannot put a name to her only to refer to the girl as “HER” when the organization was wiped out in a battle against demons. As his heart is now cold and refuses to accept anyone into his life. (this character is in relation to kyryuu).
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