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 Matiko Ekaki

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PostSubject: Matiko Ekaki   Matiko Ekaki Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 8:04 am

Matiko Ekaki

Race: Vervalsing
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Class: Trained as a Dragon Slayer. Minor classes: Mediator, Illusionist

Matiko, being a Vervalsing, can change his form to that of a dragon-like entity. His dragon form is a Hemel Vlucht, a sky dragon. He is dark blue with bits of pale gold.

As illusionist as a minor class of his, he can make himself invisible when he needs. He will also use it to confuse enemies.
He also enjoys playing tricks on people's minds, using that to his advantage. His training as a Mediator class makes him good st sensing others and -more importantly to him- their powers.

Matiko has three weapons: A set of enchanted shuriken and a thin-bladed, though extremely strong sword. He inherited the sword from his father as a family heirloom. He has no idea what it's made of or why it's as strong as it is.
The shurikens are enchanted to cause more bleeding than they naturally would, making them extremely deadly.
His third weapon is a small dagger that has the power of his old teacher, Godain, in it. He uses the power combined with his own to do things he couldn't do otherwise. The gem embedded in the dagger will suck the life-force and power from those he uses it to kill.

Appearance: Matiko is tall (6'1") with pale, silvery blue hair. The bangs hang in front of his eyes, usually obscuring one or both. The back is cut short. There is a bit of hair below each ear that hangs down loose, bound at the end with dark glass beads. The beads are charmed for safety, and a bit of a good luck charm for him.
His eyes are gold and have dragon-like pupils.
Matiko wears a long sleeved shirt that appears to be two layers. The top layer ends at his elbows on the arms and was made from the skin of a dragon he killed. It is red and has a high collar. The shirt under neath is a darker red and goes to his wrists in length. His pants are loose and black.
He wears a beige scarf as well.
Quick headshot!
Matiko Ekaki New_canvas_by_shadow_mistress-d4nmyd8

Personality: Matiko is power hungry, but he's still retained some of his origonal playfulness. He likes screwing with people's heads before he kills them, you see. He still kills them, though, and tries to use their souls, stuck in the crystal in his dagger, to further his own power.
He has lost track of his original goal to get more and more powerful; he doesn't remember why he set out to do this, but still wishes for more.

History: Matiko was born in a small community of Vervalsing near Xell, between the forest and the eastern mountains. The community was mostly scattered farms and a small village.
He lived there, honing skills in illusion and contributing to the community until he turned 19, when he left home to study a different class.

He was origonally headed to Lytensei, traveling through Xell with a group of other travelers. However, the group was attacked and he got separated. Matiko ended up heading the direct wrong direciton, getting stranded in the Terethen Desert.
On his way, he ran into an old man in tough dragon scale armor. The man was near death, and Matiko, not yet corrupted by his powers, took pity and helped the man. The man, Godain, rewarded him by offering to teach him everything he knew about dragon slaying. Matiko, amazed by the old man's power, agreed (not realizing the irony, of course)

For 60 years he studied under Godain, becoming a master. But somewhere along the line of time, he was corrupted by the power involved and it twisted his once pure soul.

Eagre for more power, he killed Godain, imbuing his soul in a small piece of crystal that he stuck in a small dagger that he carries with him.

He then left, not continuing on with his origonal plan, but heading elsewhere to try and take souls and grow more powerful.

Miscelaneous Info: A few attributes of Matiko's dragon form:
-He cannot breath fire, but he is immune to it.
-He can fly and handle air that is thinner than he could in human form.
-For ten or fifteen minutes after transforming, he is twice as powerful as he normally would be.
-The dragon form can sustain more damage than the human form, but after a certain ammount, he must transform back to human.
-If he dies in dragon form, there is a chance that he will revive.


His name came from randomness.... I read it off of the "Harry Potter Wizard Chess" box....... 0_o
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Matiko Ekaki
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