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PostSubject: Orazashi   Orazashi Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 11:20 am

(write up written by Ally for Anarei because Ally types faster. Character is fully hers, though.)

Name: Orazashi

Race: Human Half-Demon

Age: 17 (looks 10)

Class: Assassin

Attributes: Knows basic healing, elemental magic.

Weapon and Armor: Sword and short bow. He also knows how to use a spear, or any spear like weapons. His shirt is also made of a tough, protective fabric.

Appearance: Very short, 4'10. His hair is a dark tealish green with pale yellow streaks, and it's shoulder length, loose hanging and a little bit wavy. His eyes are hazel. He also has wolf-like ears (they're brown) and can transform into a wolfish, human form. (this is his demon form, appearance in demon form is currently pending)

He wears a a white sleeveless shirt with black stripes around the bottom. He also has two overlapping belts, one of them with a bag on the side. He has a thin leather strip that winds around his arms, starting at his hands and connecting to the collar of his shirt. His pants go to his knees, and are dark grey.
He sometimes wears a cloak with a hood that hides his ears.

History: He was born in a city in En'Treilldei, but when it burned down, he moved to a town near the mountains in the Stromm badlands called Zemina. His parents died in the fire, as well as his friends (Akira and Eton), which was started by a man named Xoron, who wanted to kill Orazashi because he saw potential in him and his family. This happend when Orazasha was 14. He then, in Zemina, met a woman named Siundai. She trained him to use his weapons and magic more proficiently for three years. At the end of these three years, he leaves the town of Zemina to find Xoron and get revenge for his family and friends.

Personality: After the fire, he was never as light hearted as he used to be, not caring for creating new relationships unless it furthers him towards his goal.

Picture: http://atakino-zane.deviantart.com/art/LV-Orazashi-76338818
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