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 Pretty boy and shortie (crack)

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PostSubject: Pretty boy and shortie (crack)   Pretty boy and shortie (crack) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2008 8:06 am

Orazashi was sitting on the side of the Sea Cliffs. He was just walking when he got bored he sat down. He came here because he was depressed,he usually sits here for a while until someone comes. No one was coming. Boredom. He thought.

Zeke walked along the the path that wound in an out of the cliffs. He hadn't had enough luck to hire one of the many boats or ferries to cross the bay, so he had to walk.

Or swim, but that wasn't very favourable.

He meandered along, humming a bit to himself, when he saw someone sitting along the side of the cliffs. He payed them no mind, thinking it'd just be a weary traveler taking a rest or something of the like.
However, when he got close, he saw that said person was quite young looking.
As he passed, he stopped. Quite young looking indeed.

“Aren't you a little young to be off on your own?” he asked.

What!?!? Orazashi Slapped him “Who you calling a child pretty boy?!?!”

Zeke was quite shocked with the response. And irritated. Zeke rubbed his cheek where he'd been slapped.

“Tantrum much?” He muttered. “Well, I don't see any other children running around out here, so...” he gave him an angry look. “Obviously you, pipsqueak.”

“Wait are you calling me a child still?... Never mind I'm not a child,I'm an assassin,The name's Orazashi Ylloh,Age: Seventeen,There got any more question's wake me up. You don't want me to go all emo on you.”

Zeke raised an eyebrow. “Seventeen, huh?” He whistled with fake awe. “Yeah, well, you're a kid to me.” He poked him in the forehead. “I'm ages older than you, kid.”

“Stop it all ready I can't take it I'M NOT A KID!!!!” “nyeeuhh” “I all ready asked someone if I could go and he dissed me. So that's why...” he looked side to side.
“Take me with you!!!” He cried wile holding on his leg and sliding down eventually hitting the ground.

“I'm begging on my knee's here please!!!”

Zeke raised an eyebrow... Sure seems like a kid to me....

He crossed his arms. “Gimme one good reason why you should come to me? Who's to say you'll be any help if I run into trouble? Might just get yourself killed or something.”

“Okay... “ He took out his spear and threatened “You be my target, okay?”

“Back up...” Zeke backed up. “Here.” He through the spear at Zeke.
“Wow...Hit him in the stomach” That's Gotta hurt.

Before he could react to Orazashi's absurd question, he was hit in the stomach with a spear. He stopped it before it did any damage, but it had shocked him.

He glared at Orazashi. “I thought you were trying to convince me to take you with me, not kill me....” He rolled his eyes and chucked the spear on the ground in front of Orazashi.

“Other than hurling point objects at unsuspecting, possible companions, what other skills do you have, oh short and angry one?” He asked sarcastically.

This time all he did was run over there and said “Ya know?...I'm gotta call you pretty boy if you keep calling me short... Oh and I was kind'a trying to kill you there Okay Zekekin's?” “Well pretty boy let's have a fight but it's a test and NO CHEATING!!!”

Zeke smirked. “Cheating? Who, me?”

He pulled out two of his bladed rings and folded his arms. “What about you? I have a feeling you'll NEED to cheat to win.”

“Um...well...” Orazashi ran off to the side of the Sea Cliff's and started jumping “Follow me Zeke”
He said holding out his hand as if he was offering to marry him. He got away just long enough for him for Zeke to know where he is. He turned into his demon form. He looked side to side,pulled out his nail file and started filing his nails.

Zeke followed him, wondering what the little fruit was up to. When he got around the cliff's corner, he saw a dog-like demon leaning against the tree and filing his nails.

He, however, did not see Orazashi.

“Uh.. you seen a short guy... 'bout your height run by?” he asked.

“Um my height...” “He went that way” He pointed to the left “No actully that way” He pointed to the right
“Now wait maybe he's me” He gasped and pertended to faint. “Haha!!!” He laughed

Orazashi turned back into his human form. “Tada!!!” He said.

Zeke gave him a flat stare when he pointed both directions. He was just about to say something when the little demon pretended to faint and then laughed.... and turned into Orazashi!

Zeke raised an eyebrow. “Oh. So you're a demon?”

“Yeah I'm demon,you got a problem that pretty boy!” He laughed again and poked him in the gut.
“You were cluless wern't you Zeke.” He smiled sweetly like a person who want's to marry Zeke,maybe he was one person like that.

“Pfft...” Hmph'ed Zeke. “So...? I'm half demon.” Zeke shoved him for the poke. “And as for being clueless... Meh. S'not like you were threatening or something. Some demon.”

He turned his back to walk awak. “I got more demon in me than you do, and my mother was a Sihde.”

“Hey don't ditch me!” Orazashi said not smiling anymore “You're more emo than me when my girl friend dumped me!”

He took out his nail file again and started filing “So...you're a demon too hey? Well you don't mind taking me then done end of conversation let's go.”

Zeke sighed. “I said half demon,” he said. “And who're you calling emo, shortie?”

He began to walk away. “Not gonna stop you if you tag along, just as long as you don't try anything funny.” He looked back. “Oh, and I'm not gonna pull you out of any trouble you get yourself into.”

“But Zeeeeke! Please” He held his leg while Zeke draged him.

Zeke grumbled as he walked away. Maybe I can ditch him in a bear's cave....
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Pretty boy and shortie (crack)
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