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PostSubject: Kyryuu   Kyryuu Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2008 9:24 pm

Name: Kyryuu

Race:human, immortal


Gender: female

Allignment: Good- worked in the church of myhdeia

Class:Cleric, Alchemist

abilities:the basis of her abilitiesare restoration magic, and the alchemic arts.

weapon: an odd bottle of holy water, a bag of rosaries, and a small dagger.(all these items came from the church)

Appearance:(5'3")hair colour:long orangey, brown(hehe think of orihime), eye colour is purple,she wears the uniform from the myhdeia churchwhich includes;a dress,leggings,white gloves,white boots,and a red cloak (mainly used for outdoor activities).

personality:kind-hearted towards all, is frightened by the "unknown",but always tries her hardest to come through with her strong faith. she puts everyone else's needs before her own, her pure soul has opened the world up more to arroe.

History:Kyryuu's history ties into Arroe's, meaning she is the one refered to as "HER". she worked as a member of the church in myhdeia, and left when she was called to leave out of urgency on a job,and had not returned.she does not know that the church she had lived in for many years, had been destroyed, she was also the one who took care of arroe when they brought him to her at the church.( so considering all this she kinda was like the head nun . or was when she still worked there,and was part of the churches militia hence why she was called away on urgency.)

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