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 Daryn Aldae'en

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PostSubject: Daryn Aldae'en   Daryn Aldae'en Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2008 10:27 pm

Name: Daryn Aldae'en
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Half Immortal (???).
Morals: Kind hearted, always willing to help. A bit of a trouble maker.
Attributes: Good with magic, especially telekinetic based magic. Decent with swords. Absolute shit with elemental magic; he has, in fact, been known to accidentally blow things up when he tries.
Weapons/Armor: He wears a katana on his waist, and as far as armor goes, his leather vest provides him with decent protection.

Appearance: Daryn is tall (6'0"), especially for someone of Immortal heritage, and much stronger than he appears. His eyes are red and his hair is blond with strange dark red roots that are hard to see due to his hair length. Said hair length is medium, and usually messily sticking up. Along his spine is a dark purple marking that's like an imprint of a spiked spine. He wears a loose khaki shirt with a black leather vest that's trimmed with red. His pants are black as well, and trimmed with red. He wears dark leather boots. He also has a black traveling cloak, which is nice and warm and he makes sure to carry with him in case of cold weather.

Personality: Daryn is an optimistic fellow, and he tries to believe the best in people, although he's realistic about most things. He's also a dreamer, and his mind wanders farther than the small town he was born in. He's usually smiling, though, even if it's a mischievous one. When he was younger, he was very much a trouble maker, but not so much now.

History: Daryn was born in a small fishing town. His mother died during birth and his father skipped town, so he was raised by his aunt, Gaella. She was cold to him, however, as were most of the people in the town. He was oblivious to this growing up, but when he was older he picked it up. Daryn's one friend in the town was a man who'd been close to his mother, Leiven. He lived alone, however, at the edge of town, and rarely talked to the others. He seemed a guilty fellow but was intent on making sure Daryn was happy.

------More history, but it's hidden lol-----

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Daryn Aldae'en
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