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 Sven Vahn Tathetae

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PostSubject: Sven Vahn Tathetae   Sven Vahn Tathetae Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 10:11 pm

Sven Vahn Tathetae

Age: 28

Race: Elben

Gender : male

Classes : mage , alchemist

Morals: Good natured

Abilities/Attributes: uses knowledge to strategize tatics for battle as
well is a specialist in the alchemic arts.

Weapons and Armor: weapon is a small
ancient book made of animal skin with unledgable lettering on the front cover
that has faded over the years of use. The book was passed down through his
family ancestors, and recieved it on his 18th birthday. The book is
said to hold the secrets of the family magic.

Appearance: height – (6’4”),hair
colour- blueish green, has long hair tied back in a black ribbon. Eye colour(s)
– one is a fiery red , and the other is an ocean teal ,has the large pointed
ears of the elfin race with 2 earings in one . he wears old fashioned clothing
from like the 17th century medievil times, wearing a red cloth shirt
that has a ruffled front with a crystal brooch for decoration , giving the
presence of being an aristocrat .an wears a long red silk woven skirt with
black shorts under,and knee high length boots . also occasionally wears glasses as to punctuate his intelligence . an uses them for reading.

Personality: Sven is very wise and
smart for his age ,for being the youngest in the family he is found to be very
punctual , is easily irritated ,also throws in occasional sarcasm to get rid of
annoying people. Always seems to be calm throughout any situation he has handled . he
is also a bit of a bookworm, who would , if gotten the chance would seclude
himself in a library (hence he spends most of his time there brushing up on history , knowledge of
the arts , or anything he can get his hands on that he finds appealing. He is
also a Pacifist and doesnt care about others problems.

History:Sven comes from an elben family
that is in a hierarchy of aristocrats and is next in line for the inheritance
of the families head title. His family background is said to have achieved top ranks
in the past history of the family . sven is now continiung the legacy of his
elfin aristocracy of magic. is traveling to gain the worlds infinite knowledge if possible.
(used to live with family in their mansion on the continent of Rok Thoxa ).

Other info : has a famliar as a pet to
keep him company as well as provide transportation. In appearance it looks like
a small rabbit cat hybrid that can transform into a larger beast that provides
him ground transportation for when he gets tired of walking. After finding the
beast injured somewhere in the forest he looked after it giving the female
creature the name Tomai . tomai is
equipped with a magical collar that sven
put on her to keep track of her
whereabouts as to not lose her in any
situation that could prove dangerous . sven can sense the magic within the
collar. sven an his companion live somewhere off the bank of the river xelli (traveling encampment) is currently living and studying there.

Sven Vahn Tathetae Svennnnnnpotato

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PostSubject: Re: Sven Vahn Tathetae   Sven Vahn Tathetae Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 11:21 pm

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Sven Vahn Tathetae
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