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PostSubject: Xyn-lea   Xyn-lea Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 8:13 am

Name: Xyn-lea

Race: Elfin (Dark Elf)
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral (Whatever suits her needs)
Class: Assassin, (Vampire Hunter, Enchanter)

She spends a lot of her time training using many different kinds of weapons, as she occasionally has to use specific kinds.
Apart from that, she also trained herself (from a book) to be able to temporarily enchant her weapons so that they do more deadly damage and sometimes kill instantly. This has come in handy on more than one occasion. Also, she has experience in killing Vampires, as it pulls in a high pay.
Also, although this is usually rather useless, sometimes her dreams tell of future people she will meet, or future events that will happen. This doesn't happen regularly, however, so there's really no knowing.

Xyn-Lea was trained to fight with many weapons. However, there are four weapons she carries with her:
A chinese style nine-segmented whip. The chain is made of nine segments, each the size of the palm of her hand, held together by two small rings each. At the end of the whip is a small but heavy dart with a thick white ribbon tied six inches down from it.
A powerful short sword, plain except for a silver ribbon she has wound around the hilt.
A set of small knives she has hidden on her body. She uses these as a last defense, either throwing them or using them more as daggers. The knives, unlike her other weapons, are very valuable.
The last is a concealable weapon she carries in a pair called "Emei Needles" They are as follows: a thin metal stick (about 15,16 inches) with one serated edge and extremely sharp pointed ends. At the center of this is a pivoting point which allows the metal stick to swivel around 360 degrees again, and again... ect. This pivoting point is attatched to a ring that goes on the middle finger, the metal stick going under the palm of the hand. It can be used with extreme speed and can sometimes be disorientating for the enemy to watch.

(I got my first and last weapon from a show on national geographic talking about the top 10 ancient chinese weapons. The whole top six were assassin's weapons!)

Sketch on my improvement of the Emei Needles. ^^

Here's how it works:

Okay, so there are essentially three parts. The first is the ring, which slips on the finger. It is permenently connected to the "screw", which is the part that spins.

The screw works sort of like a click-pen, where it does "click, in, click, out" sorta thing. The part that goes in and out has a small circle that is open on one side in it. When the screw is in "out" position, you are able to slip the needle in the hole. When it is in the "in" position, the needle can't slip out.

The third part is the needle, which is about a foot or so long. One half is sharpened on the top of the needle, one half on the bottom, with a ring in the very center that is slightly thinner than the rest of the needle so it can be put into the screw's hole without sliding out forwards or backwards.

She spins it quickly, producing slicing motion, or holds it and stabs with it, or throws it.

Xyn-Lea is short with short black hair littered with random streaks of blood-red and white. Her eyes are a cystal blue, which she was told she inherited from her father (a rare occurrence for Elfin.) She wears tall, knee high boots died black, tight shorts of the same colour, and a pale grey sleeveless shirt with a low neck line. Over top, she usually wears red-dyed leather vest.

She has a scar along her jawline, but it is pale and near invisible unless you know what you're looking for.
She also has a rather ugly scar running the length of her lower leg, hidden by her tall boots.


Xyn-Lea is cold and calculating, and rarely smiles (except around Ru). It takes someone who knows her, and that she really cares about, to get much positive emotion out of her. However, once she is on your side she is a fiercely dedicated ally.
She often uses her physical appearance against people, mainly men. It amuses her. However, it's gotten her in trouble before.

For those who get to know her, they see that she also has a sense of humor that is usually dry and sarcastic.

Xyn-Lea was born to the Xeris clan of the Elfin. She never knew her father; she was told he died soon after her birth. Her mother, though, was named Josaphine. She grew up living in a town, not knowing the migratory lifestyle of the forest dwelling Elfin. As soon as she was old enough to hold a weapon, her mother began training her in various combat arts.

When she was 13, her mother got very sick and died. After that, she lived with an elderly woman named Taanie who was one of her mother's close friends (almost an aunt, really.) However, less than a year after her mother's death, a series of small battles and skirmishes broke out and their town was invaded by a troup of humans. Everyone was either killed or captured to be sold for slavery. Xyn-lea was one of the latter.

She was sold to a group of slave merchants but due to her fiery temper was often abused heavily and was not easily sold. Once she was sold, it was not long before she escaped. Operating on her own, she began as a small scale bounty hunter. Due to her youth, she was actually successful; after all, who expects a sweet looking girl to be a threat? She gained quite a reputation and eventually began doing work for Nera's leaders. Political assassinations, that sort of thing.

During one of her last jobs for a group of humans, she was set to help in assassinating a known werewolf. During this mission, however, she was betrayed. It turned out to have been a set up all along. She would have been killed had the target not intervened. She was saved by the werewolf, who turned out to be Ru. He helped her recover, and she ended up falling for him.

Ever since this event, she has absolutely refused any work coming out of En'Treilldei.
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