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 Callendra " Cal "

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PostSubject: Callendra " Cal "   Callendra " Cal " Icon_minitimeTue Sep 06, 2011 3:36 am

|:- Name: Callendra " Cal "
|:- Gender: Female
|:- Age: she is around 800 years old and looks around to be 20
|:- Class: Swordsman
|:- Social Caste: Wanderer
|:- Title: The Demon sword
|:- Race: human

|:- Racial Notes: Cal does not represent the average human in anyway.

|:- Nationality: En'Treilldêi

|:- Personality:

|:- First Impression:
|:- Moral views: To destroy Evil, even if one must become a demon yourself stop at nothing to to so. Everything else is without purpose or unnecessary.
|:- Alignment: Lawful Evil
|:- Drive:
|:- Base personality:

|:- Superstitions: None
|:- Views off other races: None

|:- Sexuality: None
Orientation: None

|:- Likes:

|:- Food: Sweets, dango, popcicles, pocky
|:- Activity:
|:- Place:
|:- Color: Red
|:- People:
|:- Animal:

|:- Dislikes:

|:- Food: "Weird" foodstuff, like snails and oysters.
|:- Activity:
|:- Place:
|:- Color: Blue
|:- People:
|:- Animal:

|:- Appearance:

|:- Attire:
|:- Armor:
|:- Material:
|:- Thickness:
|:- Enchantments:
|:- Hair color:
|:- Eye color:
|:- Height:
|:- Weight:

|:- Physique:
|:- Strength:
|:- Agility:
|:- Endurance:
|:- Dexterity:
|:- Reflexes:

|:- Skills:

|:- Proficiencies:

|:- Type of proficiency:
|:- Proficiency Level:
|:- Effect:

|:- Language:

|:- Name of Language:
|:- Fluency:

|:- Non Combat Related Skills:

|:- Skill type:
|:- Skill effect:
|:- Skill drain:

|:- Combat Related Skills:
|:- Skill name:
|:- Skill drain:
|:- Skill effect:

|:- Weapon:

|:- Weapon Name: Uramasa
|:- Weapon Type: Nodachi
|:- Weapon Length: 183 cm
|:- Weapon Weight: two kilos
|:- Weapon General: Uramasa is a sword that drives the wielder into a bloodthirsty frenzy that doesn't stop until the blade gets to feast on the blood of others, a corrupting completely evil blade without any thoughts of being used in the defense of others, it uses the souls of those it kills to prolong the life of those who wield it, slowly wearing down the users mind until they are nothing but a pawn of the blade itself, completely caught up in the slaughter of those who live. It never grows dull and it is almost unbreakable - and even in the event that it is broken, it can be mended by stealing life force from the user, the fact of the matter is that the blade sucks those it kills dry of all energy, converting it into mana and infusing the user with said mana, prolonging their life and granting them exceeding physical abilities; in exchange it drives them on a literal power trip, mixing the mana into their adrenaline and causing great amount of wrath and a total removal of any higher thoughts then the most basic and primeval of emotions. Leading the wielder on further warpaths until their demise. As such most wielders of Uramasa face a short incredibly powerful life and never get to see the time where the blades ability to extend the lifespan of people comes into play, Off course its ability to gather energy allows the blade to simply absorb any magic that comes in contact with it, its ability however requires a killing blow to be struck to take full effect, mere scratches or lighter flesh wounds wont drain the targets life. In the event that its user is injured and then kills someone, their wounds are restored instead of prolonging their life. Off course the amount of useful energy the sword gets from its kills are directly related to how powerful the killed person was. It gains energy at a 1 to 1 ratio, and thats how the life prolong works too, Killing a child is strictly put better then killing an old person already on the verge of death. Despite lacking any method of perceiving the world, Uramasa is more likely to try and get the user to kill juicy targets.

Appearence-wise Uramasa is a long sword, fitted with a shorter handle that only allows one handed use. the blade is jet black with blood red indents that glow omniously, it has a plus shaped crossguard with the rearmost part decorated with a miniature; golden replica of a human skull.

|:- Magic:

|:- Mage education:
|:- Mage proficiency:
|:- Energy Level:

|:- Magic System:

|:- Formalia:

|:- Spells:

|:- Spell name:
|:- Method of casting:
|:- Effect:
|:- Energy Requirements:

|:- Back-story (Brief):

|:- Key Events of childhood:
|:- Key Events of teen years:
|:- Key Events of early adult life:
|:- Key Events of middle age:
|:- Key Events of 70+:

|:- Back-story (Extensive):
|:- Relations:

|:-Relation: Mother
|:-Current Status:

|:-Relation: Father
|:-Current Status:

|:-Current Status:

|:- Summary of first few years:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 10-15:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 16-20:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 21-26:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 27-32:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 33-38:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 39-44:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 45-50:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 51-56:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 57-62:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
|:- Summary of 63-67:
|:- Key Events and their impact:
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Callendra " Cal "
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