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  Makoto Yazumi

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PostSubject: Makoto Yazumi    Makoto Yazumi Icon_minitimeWed Sep 07, 2011 5:47 pm

Name: Makoto Yazumi

Age: 56

Race: Immortal

Morals: Is evil on the inside, can be nice if he tried.

Abilities/Attributes: Makato is good at fight and Martial Arts without the peace and gentleness.

Weapons and Armor: Makoto uses weapons like his scorpion claw sword.


Eyes: Green, can turn pure black if angry.

Hair: Dark Redish-Brownish hair.

Clothing: Wears a light brown robe over top of a black shirt and blue pants. Carries his sword on his back.



Food: Anything he can have

Colour: Black

Weapon: Throwing knives

Animal: Python

In general: Makato Yazumi was a happy child who never knew much. Happy until his half brother killed his mother. Makato has always been angry and seeking revenge for anyone. He will not let anyone get in his way or tell him what to do. Makato doesn't have a conscience and doesn't know what is legal and illegal.


Birthplace - Stromm

Birth - His mother was very young, the father left him right after he was born, and they were a extremely poor family.

- As a young child, all Makoto did was travel, look for food with his
mother and practice. He practiced fighting, as he would sleep without a
roof over his head.
When he turned 10, Makoto met a friend on the
edges of Xell. That friend turned out to be his half-brother and was
sent to kidnap Makoto by his dad.
His mother also died when he was 10 trying to defend Makoto.
Makoto now lives on his own traveling to find his father.

- Well, as I said, he met a friend who was actually his half brother
trying to kidnap him to take him back away from that, "witch". (his
She died while fighting Hiro. Out of anger, Makoto
threatened to kill Hiro if he never told him where his father was. He
didn't say, so he beat him up and left him there. No one knows if he is
dead or not.
Makoto travels to find his father. He will know if he found his father, they both have a birth mark on their neck.


Living in: Does not live anywhere, Makoto travels constantly looking for a place to call home.
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Makoto Yazumi
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