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48 (appears roughly 25) | Human - Avatar (Demon Blessed) | Neutral

Magics (elemental, telekinetic). Fast and agile. The blessing he recieved from the demon has given him a much extended life-span, as well as heightened senses. However, he is weak to any of the same kinds of magics that a demon would be weak to. His runes also provide him with some skills. See more at the bottom.

Weapons and Armor:
Valent wears little armor. He uses a small, one handed sword with a curved blade.

6'1" - Dark red hair - Dark blue eyes - medium skin tone
Scars on his face and back, one large scar by (as well as on) his left eye. Valent has no sight from that eye. He dresses in mostly dark colours, also favouring the colour red. Tattoos and markings of magical runes cover most of his upper body. They glow faintly when he uses magics and also provide him with a level of protection. See more description down below.

Valent is the silent type, and not easy to anger. He's more suited to being calculating and to removing the people that do anger him very quickly and efficiently. He's not good at conversation at all; he's spent most of his life being silent, in fact. When he does talk, his voice is often soft and quiet.

Valent was born in a town north-northeast of the Sernad mountains. he lived there with his parents until he was in his early teens. Unfortunately, a sickness came through and both of his parents died. He attempted to try and make it on his own, but being young, he ended up being tricked and stolen into the slave trade like a lot of orphaned children. His affinity for magics made it hard for anyone to keep him as a slave -as he'd try to escape- so he was sold between masters for years until someone who could keep him under control came by. That person was a Demon by the name of Drogan.
He was used in arena matches against other demon's slaves, where bets would be placed. At all other times he was kept locked away. Drogan was the one who gave him the blessing, and also used magic to carve the tattoos and markings into Valent. They amplify his powers, although they pain him when being used.
Valent was successful in most of his fights, taking down opponents like nobody's business. However, this streak would not last. He took on a very powerful opponent, and was beaten badly. Many of his scars, including the one on his eye, were from this battle. Nearly dead and having lost vision in one eye, Drogan abandoned him to his opponent's master, Yavira. She saw the potential in him for a much better fighter were he to be nurtured and taught as opposed to being tortured and forced to figure things out on his own. The others she was master over were there by choice, fighting for her as a trade for being taught and given a blessing. She treated him the same, and let him go free if he so chose. He stayed with her for a few years, but once he had learned how to properly control himself without hurting himself, he chose to leave. He will still pay her a visit once and a while, however. Valent is grateful to her for not treating him like shit.
Currently, Valent works up north, near the stromm badlands, often as hired protection for travelers and (more financially appealing) merchants.

Other Information:
The runes on him provide him with a few things. They amplify his magical powers, although the more he amplifies things the more the runes cause him pain, burning into his skin. They also allow him to absorb some of the magic from attacks that hit him.
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