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 Erin MacAnsley

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Name: Erin MacAnsley
Age: Twenty-three, but looks fifteen.
Race: Half-human, half-imp.
Alignment: Hedonist
Abilities/Attributes: Somewhat gifted with empathy, and with the communication aspect of telekinesis. She isn't strong, or fast, and has very little combat skills, tending more towards thievery.
Weapons and Armor: Wears a bracer on her left arm that her father left her. Other than that, she uses whatever she finds.
Appearance: Quite short by human standards, barely reaching five feet. Slight of frame, with angular features and long, pointed ears that belie her demon blood. Her fingernails grow out into long, sharp points. Her hair is black, short, and choppy, given that she cuts it herself, and her eyes are a deep, deep green. Medium in complexion, her torso is covered in various tattoos, mostly design-based. She wears whatever she can find (or steal, preferably), usually something utilitarian in design.
Personality: Erin tends to take after the imp in her, stealing, causing problems only to further her own ends- or just to be amusing- and generally being, well, impish. Though it's not as strong, she still gets a slight charge from people's negative emotions, and uses her empathetic skill to seek out those already in turmoil so she can manipulate it.
History: Erin's mother was a semi-wealthy widow that lived in Treilldêi City. After the tragic death of he husband, which for circumstances unrelated she was largely blamed for, she met a man, young, dark, and mischievous, who showed interest in her and for a time, made her feel better. After a time, though, he began using her past to twist her mind, making her think it was her fault. Well, lo and behold, this son of a bitch was an imp in disguise, feeding off of her despair. He managed to impregnate her, however, and the unnatural birth killed her. Thus, Erin was born. The imp had no desire to keep a child, but didn't want to kill his own flesh and blood, so he dropped her off in the city orphanage with his left bracer to guide her back to him should she ever go seeking, and slipped back into the in-between.
With her slow maturing and odd features, those at the orphanage could tell she wasn't normal. By the time she was twelve years old, the other children drove her from the orphanage- with no complaint from the owners, mind you. On the streets, she began stealing to survive, and then for fun, and then for the rush of the despair those she stole from felt. She also learned the nature of what she was from random banter and insults from those who managed to catch her. Thirteen years later, she remains on the streets, usually maintaining solitude, stealing from people, and doing whatever amuses her.
Other Information: More of an acquaintance than a familiar, there's a Low Fae Dobermann type dog that occasionally follows her through the streets. He answers to the name Aldous.
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Erin MacAnsley
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