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PostSubject: Zeke   Zeke Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 8:20 am

Half Demon, Half Sidhe
Appears twenty. In fact, much MUCH older.
Theif, Rogue

Zeke has one demonic ability that he most often uses. However, he can't use it too often or for too long without risking losing control of it.
Basically, what he can do is breifly inhabit the body of another person -Demonic Possession-, thus temporarily "borrowing" their abilities, ect. However, when he does this, his actual body appears to be dead to those who don't know any better. This leaves him weak unless he has someone to guard him.
Now, this branches off into him only drifting somewhat into their consciousness (like, to find out their topmost thoughts) or to making them say/do something they didn't want to do.

His other abilities are beyond what he's willing to use; all of the demon powers were sealed at birth but the seal was partially broken. Those he does have he can only just barely control and he's too afraid to try for more and risk losing himself. Were he to crack the seal open and use all of his powers, it would likely drive him mad.

As for other abilities, he has excellent aim with any thrown weapon. He is not good with magic at all.

He is handy with knives and smaller thrown weapons. Zeke keeps a set of seven knives on him, their blades are roughly a hand length long.

Zeke is tall (6'4") and wears a tight black shirt under a tough brown jacket. His pants are a faded beige colour, and while they aren't tight fitting they aren't overly loose either.

His hair is a very pale blonde, with long bangs in the front that usually obscure his eyes. The back is shorter, and his hair is often messy, but he likes it that way. His skin is tanned from spending lots of time outside. His eyes are blue, but red around the edges of the iris.


Zeke's a bit of a loner and often comes off as rude or uncaring. He prefers to be left alone and not talk, so this is his defense of having to deal with other people. It takes someone who can either catch him off guard -or someone who is more stubborn than he is- to break through it.

Zeke was born to a Sihde mother, but not by her husband. Through some wild affair with a demon, she gave birth to Zeke. However, demons were not seen as very respectable where Zeke was born. In fact, they were downright hated. Zeke's mother had a close friend perform a seal moments after giving birth, sealing the power away where hopefully she could get away with hiding him. It was not as successful as she had hoped.
When he was a few years old, old enough to walk and talk and retain some memory, it was found out that he was half demon. The towns people decided this would not do, and tried to kill him and his mother and older brother and sister. Zeke was sent away with his brother and sister, and his mother was killed. However, Zeke's father had been keeping and eye on his bastard son, and the moment the opportunity presented himself, Zeke was kidnapped.
Zeke's father, Azael, had a group of followers and minions. They attempted to break the seal gradually, but the seal was strong and they could not break it entirely themselves. As he was raised in this group, they kept trying to force him to break through it himself but he would not comply.
Once he reached adulthood, he go sick of things and tried to run away. His father, enraged, gave chase and left him to die out in a field in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, it wasn't the middle of nowhere and someone found him and brought him to a small fishing town. After he had mostly healed, he spent most of his time paying the people who'd taken him in back for their troubles by working for them. In this time, he fell in love with a girl from the town. He had a happy life for a while until his father caught wind that Zeke was still alive.
Azael sent a large hell hound to finish the work, and the beast nearly destroyed the village. Zeke used his demon form to stop it but lost control and went berserk, killing several people. He ran away from that life, as well.
He's been wandering around since, not staying too long in any one area so as to avoid his father's wrath, but at the same time, looking for a home again.

Currently, he travels with Daxis, a clumsy, loud, ditzy Giansza who has somehow attached himself to Zeke. Sort of like a tumor. A really, really, derpy tumor.

Misc Info
In his demon form, the red rimming the blue in his eyes spirals inwards and outwards, the whites tinting a dark black. Bruise-like markings in a spiked pattern spread out from his spine, going across his cheeks, neck, back and shoulders. His hair, already a pale blonde, looses its colour and the tips tint blood red. A visible purplish-black aura surrounds him, and this aura is somewhat tangible. It can even take the form of wings to give him flight or turn into weapons for him.

He's only gone into this form a handful of times; one time he did he lost total control and he fears it happening again.
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