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PostSubject: Rokan   Rokan Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 8:06 am

Name: Rokan
Race: Half Vampire (Human)
Age: Appears in late-teens, is actually much, much older.(think over 100)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral-good
Class: Rokan was trained in some ninja arts, but it didn't last long seeing as he ran away from home.

Because of his enhanced strength as a child, he excelled in all kinds of unarmed combat. (this includes fighting with the use of pressure points). He also has had some training with small swords.
More recently, he's specialized in fighting teamed up with his familiar, Smoke.

Weapons: He has a sword with him that he got during a fight with a demon named Damien. He keeps it on him at all times.

Rokan has golden blonde hair and green eyes. He wears a dark green sleevless shirt with an open pale blue one over top. The pale blue one has sleeves that go to the elbows
His pants are a navy blue and tuck into his dark, heavy boots.



Rokan is usually of mild temper. His attitude towards killing is only when necessary; this includes both feeding and self defense.
He sometimes has momentary lapses of this, though, and he's been known to get a little bit savage in these cases.
He can also get overly affectionate towards Smoke, hugging her and whatnot.


Rokan was born a half-vampire in a town near Treilldêi City named Fiorse. He never knew his mother (she died, turned during birth but too weak to carry on) but he was raised by his father who was unaware of his 'condition'.
His father began to suspect, however, for as Rokan grew up, he showed signs of enhanced strength and senses.
Of course, Rokan knew this as well. He didn't know why, of course, being told that his mother died of "natural causes."
But his father knew what had killed his mother, and though he'd hoped for the best, it turned out his hopes had been in vain.

Rokan went along living, knowing he had power but not why, until he turned 17. His father felt that he was old enough to be told.

As soon as Rokan found out, he was near hysterical. He was angry at his father for keeping this from him. He was angry at whoever had turned his mother. He was angry at himself for what he was. He was angry at a million other things besides. All of it piled up on him, rendering him sensless, and he ran away from home.
Almost a week later, hungry, still not sane, and still not come to grips with who and what he was, he ran across a solitary traveler. He killed the traveler, drinking his blood and pushing himself further away from who he used to be. The shock of what had happened, as well as the vampire blood lust, caused him to go mad for a while.
Durung that time, he turned a handful of people into Vampires. One of these was Mia, who seems to be attatched to him.

Weeks later, he awoke on a mountain. He had no idea where he was or how he had gotten there, but there was a large fuzzy dragon-like creature near by him. She had been watching him, apparently, and had brought him up to the cliffside where he couldn't hurt the people in the town below. She was a Dersi, a beast with just as much intelligence as any human. Her name was Smoke.

Rokan attempted to come back to his home town, but only ended up leading a group of vampire hunters there. He left, and has been with Smoke ever since. She is his long time companion, and they are inseparable.

Miscelaneous Info:

Rokan has a familiar named Smoke. Smoke is a female Dersi who is very protective of Rokan. She has a temperment that is closely linked to Rokan's most of the time. She's kind of like a sister to him.
Smoke is grey that is tinged red. Her eyes are a yellowish grey.
See picture (PENDING)

Quicky headshot for now:
Rokan Derpyrokan
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