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PostSubject: Dusk   Dusk Icon_minitimeWed Jul 02, 2008 2:37 am

The weeping tendrils of light crept around the rock and dripped down through the granite crevices, leaving only the most shadowed untouched. What little light there was tingled abrasively on Kyne's skin as he emerged from the cave-like structure he and Leo had used as a sheltered resting place for the day. It was dusk, the preceding herald of the night, and Kyne greeted it with the usual contempt.

"This is a lousy shortcut," he said to no one in particular, mostly to himself really. Leo, however, had heard and assumed it was directed to him.

"Correction," spouted Leo all knowingly. "This is a shadier shortcut. Once we get past this plain, there's thick cover."

Kyne humphed in dissatisfaction and turned his eyes away from the remnants of the daylight, towards the purple sky that was nearly dark enough to see the stars. "Lead on, oh mighty navigator," he muttered under his breath.


The night's travel had been slow paced and peaceful; Leo was glad for that. There had been far too many nights that were quite the opposite, filled either with attacking creatures, teams of bandits, and even one vampire hunter. Feeling the energy of the night, Leo began to whistle under his breath. It was nothing purposeful; just a whistful, spontaneous melody constantly changing just like very movement of the tall grasses around them. Leo cold see the trees of the forest already, crouching in the distance as if they were going to leap out all of a sudden and say, "look at me! I'm a forest!". However, he could also see the beginings of the dawn: a pasty gray haze spread from the eastern horizon and the birds were beginning to chirp.

"Kyne," Leo said worriedly. "Do you think we'll get there befor--"

"Don't worry about it," his companion replied absent-mindedly. Kyne still seemed to be in a negative mood, but Leo, as always, worried about him. He saw Kyne glance at the sun before, without stopping his stride, pulling out a thick traveling cloak with a hood. It would do the trick to keep him out of the sun, in a pinch, but just barely.

As the starry abyss began to fade from black to purple to slate, then gold, Leo tried to hurry his pace. The trees didn't look too much farther ahead.

Leo's pace seemed to hurry with every step. The direction they had to head had turned towards the east, causing the heavy cloak to be even less help. If we can just get there fast enough.....

"Leo... slow down." Kyne's voice called out from behind him; it sounded strained. Leo glanced back and saw that Kyne had lagged much farther behind him.

Clear, direct sunlight hit the plain, twisting over the horizon and seemingly attacking Kyne. He stumbled, catching himself with one knee on the ground and pulling the cloak tighter around him.

Leo turned around and tugged at Kyne's shoulder. "Come on, get up, we're almost there! If you don't get into those trees before the sun's fully up it'll be a lot worse!"

He heard Kyne take a deep breath and then got out of the way when he suddenly sprang forward and sprinted towards the trees not far ahead. Leo chased after but was no match for his larger companion. Kyne had gotten to the edge of the forest first and collapsed against a tree, leaning on it for support.

Leo put a hand comfortingly on Kyne's shoulder. "You going to be okay?"

Kyne nodded, breathing heavily. Leo was about to say something else when he heard footsteps near by, possibly on the road, and turned to look for any sign of trouble.
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