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PostSubject: Ru   Ru Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 8:09 am

Name: Ru
Race: (???) Half werewolf
Age: ??? Appears around 28
Gender: Male
Alignment: Mostly good. Doesn't follow laws, though. He mostly looks out for others and is the type to take care of someone.
Class: Battlemage - Warrior
Ru has extreme strength from his werewolfishness. He is also talented at elemental magics, and has some skill in healing.

A sword that is perhaps a bit too large. However, he uses it with his magics and has charmed it to be lighter than it looks.

Ru is tall, about 6 foot 4.His hair is a dusty red colour and very long, with the back in a ponytail and the front left loose. His eye colour is red with gold swirls. He has burn scars on his left forearm (covered) and an old, scarred bite mark on his right shoulder. He wears a loose grey blue coat with black patterning on it, and darker loose pants.
His werewolf form is a red tinged grey.
Picture at bottom

Ru is a quiet, usually gentle person. He can be very dangerous when he gets his mind set on something, though. He often goes out of his way to protect people.

He was rejected from his home when he was turned werewolf, and so sought to become free of the curse. However, what he mistook for an alpha-male werewolf was really just a low level one, making him half-werewolf.

Now, at one point, Xyn-lea was assigned to kill him. But because of some events that transpired, he ended up saving her life and so on and so forth... And she kinda fell for him....!

Ru Rureference
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