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 Hotsprings Roleplay (UNFINISHED UBERCRACK)

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PostSubject: Hotsprings Roleplay (UNFINISHED UBERCRACK)   Hotsprings Roleplay (UNFINISHED UBERCRACK) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:28 pm

Uh.... yeah...

A roleplay that took place in the Mount Sogno hotsprings. It was a silliness roleplay in which brendan roleplayed as a girl and ally roleplayed as a guy.

Bailee made her way to the hot springs. She came here lots growing up and even began to build any immunity to the hallucinating gas. She hopped over an open lava vent, the heat inticing her, Feels so good.

Almost there. Making her way up the rocky side of the volcano, she could see steam rising in the distance. The trees here were large and vibrant due to the rich, volcanic ash.

Reaching the side of the nearest pool, she slipped off her clothes and sat down. So warm... she thought. The pool made her forget her responsiblities; forget her troubles. It was her way of avoiding life's troubles.

But she began to feel a presence within the trees. A mortal of some sort, the trees were telling her. She ignored it, Probably just another pervert...

Rokan stmbled through the forested landscape, handkercheif tied infront of his mouth. He'd been smart enough to know that the smog would cause hallucinations, but Smoke hadn't.... She'd wandered off somewhere.
Dammit.... Why's it so hot here? He stopped for a moment., wondering which way to get out. The temperature, as well as steam, had been rising and now it was hard to see what was up ahead. Taking off his coat and shirt, he put them in his bag and continued the way he'd been going. Well, I guess any direction's good.

He kept going for about five minutes when he tripped over a rock and fell off of an edge. Landing with a "SPLASH", he realized that he'd fallen on top of someone.
The water he landed in was extremely hot and when he pushed himself away from the person, he realized that, not only were they naked, but that this was definately a woman.

He lifted his head above the surface of the water.
"I'm so sorry. Are you all right?" I hope I'm not in big trouble.....

Bailee closed in on herself, wrapping her arms around her chest. She blushed uncontrollable.

"It's okay," she said softly as she helped him out of the water. She immediately grabbed for a towel -Damn, I forgot to bring one.

She held her chest against the side of the spring, doing her best to hide her breasts.

Trying to drag his attention away from the awkward-ness of the moment as well as the feelings this man would probably have for her beauty, she asked; "So you're a new comer then? I haven't seen you around here..."

Rokan blushed. "Uh.... Yeah." At least she's not spazzing on me.
He looked up at her and a strong sensation took him. Wow.... she's really..... She looked as if she was a priceless sculpture made by someone of inhuman talent. His blushing intensified, and he felt a strong urge to even just have her aknowledgement of his existence....
Then that means I can't let her know I got lost...
"Yeah," he said smiling. "I was, uh, trying to climb the mountain. Yeah... I wanted to reach the very top."
I bet that'll impress her.

Oh here it comes... she thought. Another man that would try to impress her. She reconsidered this however, he seemed pretty hot; and cute in a-pathetic-lost-sorta-way.

"Well, maybe you could warm up in here with me before you finish your daring feat..." she said, smiling and blushing uncontrollably.

A small shock passed through him. I didn't expect that... He smiled. Not gonna pass this up, though.
"All right," He said, edging a bit closer. "By the way, I'm Rokan."

"Rokan? Such a sexy name." she said smiling, knowing that if this kept going she could have her way with him.

But she looked at him again. His hair was wet; making him comparable to an adorable little puppy. So cute she thought. She egded closer, although not too close, since she had only known him for such a short time.

"My name is Bailee."

"Bailee, huh? I like that name." He grinned suggestively, but before he could do or say anything, there was another splash.

Smoke's head popped up from the water and she looked at the two of them.
"Sorry... Am I interupting something?" There was a pause. "Where are your clothes?"

Rokan blushed. "Uh......"

Bailee inched away from Rokan. She knew this Dersi must be his familiar and from what she knew of Dersi Familiars, she knew enough to know not to steal the attention of their Charge, lest they attack lash out savagely.

"He came in here, to wait for your return," she said evasively. "Well now that you are here," she turned to Rokan, "you can leave."

Rokan looked back and forth between the two of them. Dammit! She had to choose now to show up, didn't she?

He looked at Bailee, however, and could see she was back to feeling awkward. "Yeah, I guess it is time for me to leave." Without waiting for Smoke, he climbed out of the water and onto the rocky ground. Pulling up the handkerchief, which had slipped down to his neck when he'd fallen in the spring, he glanced back at Smoke, who didn't seem intent of leaving yet.

Smoke floated closer to Bailee, shooting her an accusatory glance.

"Did anything happen here?" She said with a growl forming in the back of her throat.

"Nothing did" Bailee said, disappointed. "You came before we could do anything..." she shot a playful glance at Rokan.

"Well, seeing that I was cut short, I suppose I must leave also." She did this on purpose; stood up, revealing the full splendor of her body.

"It was nice meeting you, Rokan," she said, smiling playfully. She got dressed as slow she could, emphasizing on how beautiful she was. Bailee prepared to walk away, "Maybe I'll see you later..."

Rokan couldn't take his eyes off of her as she dressed. He saw Smoke shoot him a glance and looked away, blushing. Thats dumb, he thought angrily. I can at least look, can't I? Especially when she's obviouslly showing off.

As Bailee began to walk away, Rokan turned to Smoke.

"You know, you don't have to do that every time I get close to someone."

Smoke growled. "Oh yeah? Well, I thought you cared about me."

"Smoke, you're not a human."

Smoke glared at him intensely. "Fine!" She began to fly away.

Rokan immediately felt bad for what he'd said. "Wait! Smoke! That's not what I meant!" What a stupid thing to say! I should think before speaking more often..... "Smoke!"

He couldn't see her through the fog. "Smoke! I'm Sorry!"

Bailee was doing her best to strut her stuff as she walked away, but obviously this man was more moral then she had originally thought.

She turned around and observed the situation. He had said something a Charge should never say to their Dersi familiar; as a result, she was flying away. Well, I suppose I should help, he wouldn't be able to find her.

"Very smooth" she said as she reached Rokan. She smiled at him, trying not to come off as an apathetic bitch. "Well I can help you find your friend. I can see her clearly" she said, watching her through the fog. "Do you want my help?"

Rokan turned around and looked at Bailee.
"So you can still see her then?"

"Yeah. I can sense life (I'm a Half-Nymph). That's why a look like this." she motioned with her hands to her body. "Well anyways, she's flying towards" she strained her eyes to see,"-a lava vent," she said with an worried expression.

"Well we better retrieve her before the illusions tempt her into the lava vent," she said as she began to run toward the vent, jumping high enough to clear the trees entirely. She showed off her ass as she did this. What? Multi-tasking comes second nature to me... she thought when she saw his expression. She smiled, He's going to be very fun, I can see it now...

"A- A lava vent? Which way is it?" Panic began to form. If she...... "I'm such an idiot.... I shouldn't have said that to her...." He looked away, ashamed.

"It's okay, people just make these mistakes sometimes," she said sympathetically. "Come on, help me stop her before she does something stupid," she smiled as she jumped out of view.

Rokan followed Bailee towards the lava vent where Smoke was. At first he couldn't see anything through the steam, but then he saw a shadow of what could only be her.
"Smoke!" He yelled. Dammit, I can't yell loud enough with the stupid handkerchief over my mouth! He pulled it downwards. "SMOKE!!!"

[Note: hallucination]
He ran ahead of Bailee, hoping to catch up with Smoke. As soon as he lost sight of Bailee, however, he also lost sight of Smoke.
Where could she be? The steamy gasses from the volcano smelled horrible, but he kept the handkerchief down and kept calling after her.

In the distance, he saw something, but he wasn't sure what it was.
Smoke was lying on the ground, unconscious. Her fur looked badly burnt; one of her wings looked broken.
"Smoke!" He ran over to her and began to shake her. "Smoke! Listen to me!"
Tears welled. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that!"

Bailee watched as Rokan ran stupidly passed him. Dumbass! You should not have pulled down the handkerchief!

"ROKAN NO!" she screamed as she watched him run away from the lava vent and toward a crevass just next to the vent. She ran swiftly, calling upon the winds in Nymph-speech;

"Oh Great Wind Spirits, I call upon you in my time of need. Rescue my Dersi friend, and I will repay your gracious deed."

The wind responded and formed a funnel around the Dersi that pulled her toward Bailee. Thank-you.

Bailee grabbed her, before the spell of the Wind Spirits was finished. With the Dersi in her arms, she ran towards Rokan.

She grabbed Rokan's wrist as he was about to plummet over the edge. She put the two down softly and turned to Rokan.

*SLAP!!!* "Rokan! Rokan! Can you see me?!

Rokan felt pain sting his cheek. Smoke and the landscape around him faded away. He was lying on the ground; Bailee had slapped him.
"Wha....?" He sat up. They were near the edge of a large chasm. "Where's smoke? She needs help, she's -" He cut off when he saw Smoke near by.

"That was a hallucination.... wasn't it?" He pulled up the handkerchief and looked at Smoke, who was glaring at him. "Smoke, I'm sorry.... I didn't mean it like that."


Bailee backed away slowly, to allow Rokan and Smoke the proper space as to settle this misunderstanding.

"I'll go get my healing kit," she said trying to catch her breath. "Stay right here."

She began walking away, towards the trees. And as she walked, she enhaled the beautiful fragrance of the trees' flowers. She smiled in spite of herself.

As she neared the hot springs, she could hear hoarse laughter. She spied through the trees a group of orges, pillaging her stuff, laughing dumbly as they sorted through her clothes, and of course, her bra's.

Bailee croutched behind the trees, watching; waiting. Then, suddenly, she could sense distress from the trees as a cold hand groped for her shoulder. She looked up to see the ugly face of an ogre.

"Hello Pretty," he said and smiled, revealing a horrid smelling breath and mishapenly set teeth.


From where Rokan and Smoke sat, Bailee's scream could be heard, "ROOOKKKAAAN!!!!!!!"
-it was cut short; muffled. And then, silence.

Rokan sighed.
"Smoke, I do love you, but like a sister. I need to be close to people, too."

"That's not gonna -"

Smoke was cut off by Bailee's scream. "What was that?" she asked.

"Come on, Bailee's in trouble! We have to help her!"
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PostSubject: Re: Hotsprings Roleplay (UNFINISHED UBERCRACK)   Hotsprings Roleplay (UNFINISHED UBERCRACK) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:29 pm

Smoke nodded and took flight, hovering above and a little ahead of Rokan. Her eyesight was better in the smog, so Rokan asked her if she could see anything.

"No... not yet.... Wait! I see large people up ahead!"

They had neared the hot springs and Rokan could see them now, too. Ogres. One of them was holding onto Bailee; her stuff was scattered across the ground.

"Shit..." whispered Rokan. "Looks like there's about five of them, too...."

"I'll create a distraction; you get the one holding Bailee," said Smoke, flying off before Rokan could stop her.

"Great..." he muttered to himself. "Well, I guess this better work, then."

He waited a moment, before he heard Smoke growl from above. She swooped down onto the ogres and away, teasing them, and repeating the motion, except further away.

It seemed to be working; the four unoccupied ogres were paying attention to her.

Rokan dove into his bag for a weapon; there was no way he could beat those things with brute strength alone. Then he noticed that he still had that short sword (note: remember that rp, brendan? lol) he'd taken from the battle with Damien....
This'll work....

Sneaking around behind the ogre, silent, he slashed at the back of it's legs..

Bailee saw the other orges of the group being lead away be a Dersi pest, who was swooping down constantly. She smiled at this, They came back for me? I think I made some friends.

The ogre who held her let out a hoarse cry, a discord of jumbled sounds that caused her cringe. She was able to slip out of his arms and turn around to observe the damage. It was Rokan, and he had cut deeply into the legs of the ogre.

"Nice to see you," she said, winking. However, the ogre did not find the situation as funny. He jumped again for Bailee, but she was able to do a back-flip then crush his head into the ground with her feet.

She stood upon his unconscious body, raised her arms and chanted another Nymph Spell. "DUCK!!!" she screamed as she jumped out of the way. Quickly, almost faster than one could blink, a lightning bolt struck the ogre causing him to swell and burn. This was followed by a small *pop* as the force of the electricity caused him to burst then deflate. A horrible smell rose from his smote body.

The other orges turned around quickly after the flash and growled in unison. Then they advanced on Rokan and Bailee...

Rokan jumped out of the way in time to see the lightning strike the ogre.
The smell was unimaginable, but at least the handkerchief helped with that, too.

Now, however, the ogres were coming back towards them.
"Smoke!" he yelled. "Try and separate them for us! It'll be easier to fight that way!"

She winked to show that she understood and began tormenting the ogres again.

"I'll get the one on the left," Rokan shot to Bailee.

He charged at the ogre and jumped with all his strength over and on top of it. He landed on it's misshapen, large shoulders and plunged the short sword into the base of it's neck. It began to wobble and he grabbed the sword, jumping off and rolling as he hit the ground.

Meanwhile, Smoke was distracting the two in the middle. She swooped down between them, whipping one of them with her tail. It grabbed the tail and swung her down to the ground, knocking the breath out of her. Then she felt the ogre's hands on her.

"Rokan! Help!"

Rokan turned to help Smoke but the other Ogre was in his way. He charged for it but before he could react, the Ogre's fist hit him and he crashed roughly to the ground.

It brought it's large, smelly foot down on top of Rokan's chest. He grabbed the foot and struggled to push it off. He was holding it so that the pressure was almost enough to hurt him.

"Bailee! Help Smoke! I'll be fine!"

Bailee jumped towards the ogres with a spinning jump, causing a small whirl wind, pulling Smoke out of the way and lifting her back into the air and out of reach of the ogres.

Bailee then landed gracefully, avoiding all attacks of the ogres, "I got the one on the left," she said to Smoke as she avoided it's heavy swings. She then leaped upon it's back and was perparing to summon another spell. However, it reacted before she could do so and threw her aimlessly.

She flew toward the ogre holding Rokan down and knocked him over, and perseded to help Rokan up...

Rokan didn't see what happened until Baillee had knocked the Ogre out of the way. He got up slowly, breathing deeply now that there wasn't foot on his chest.
Smoke flew over. "Rokan, are you all right?"

He glanced over at her, glad that she didn't appear angry with him any more. "Apart from the fact that I may never get the smell of Ogre feet out of this shirt, I'm perfectly fine."

He smiled cheekily.

"Thanks, Bailee..."

"No problem" she said smiling, and flirting uncontrollably. "No I'll tak the one on the right, you can pick between yourselves who gets what..." said before she charged on one of the remaining orges.

She was able to confuse it, and dodge it's slow, hard swings. She smiled in spite of herself. This is going to be easy...

Rokan nodded, both he and Smoke charging at the other ogre. Smoke flew ahead to distract it, and Rokan charged at it from behind. Just before striking, a sharp pain shot up his side where a dull ache had been moments before. Clenching his teeth, he attacked the ogre fiercly. Stupid ogre....... Guess he did more than just bruise me.

With the ogre successfully vanqueshed, Rokan kicked it irritably and then walked away, holding his side. The ache was more pronounced now, and Smoke must've sensed it because she asked him,

"Are you all right?"

Rokan nodded. "More or less... I think that ogre that tried to squash me might've broken a rib, though." He turned to Bailee. "You said you've got a healing kit, right?"

Bailee swerved out of the way of the ogre's large fist. Then she caused a whirlwind, and in the process caused the ogre to trip and fall clumsily. Using what energy she had left, she ended with a nice finishing move by summoning fire to her hands and frying the ogre to a crisp.

She turned to Rokan and Smoke to see how they faired. Rokan seemed to be in pain and he turned to her askng, "You said you've got a healing kit, right?"

"Yeah, it's with my stuff over here..." she said walking over to the pile of her possessions. She grabbed what she needed and came back.

She pulled up his shirt to feel the rib with her hand, "Well it's not that bad... take some of this ointment, it will lessen the pain." She handed him a phial of turquoise goop. "You can live with this fracture, although we may need to go in for quick sergery..."

Rokan took the ointment but declined the sergery.

"No, if it's not life threatening, I'll be fine..." He smiled. "But thanks...." He sat down. "I think I'm gonna leave here tomorrow, after resting," he said. He looked up at Bailee. Even apart from her physical appearance, he enjoyed her company. "Which way are you headed?"

Bailee smiled when he said this. "Back to the hot springs... we weren't quite finished were we?" She turned around and began to pack up her stuff, preparing to walk towards the nearest pool...

Rokan smiled back. "Sure," he said, but Smoke shot him a glance. "But I'm not feeling up to anything more than just soaking in the water" he added after taking in her look.
He shot Smoke a glance that said, Oh, you never let met have any fun, but in a playful way. What he'd told Bailee was partly truth, anyway.

Rokan walked to the hotsprings. Hm... Could have sworn I heard someone.... Nah. Probably just what little of the smog is getting to me.
He relinquished his shirt and dropped into the hot, soothing water.

"Coming in, Bailee?"

Then, he thought he saw someone under the surface of the water a little bit further away. That, also, he wrote off to the smog.

"GASP!" Ayame gasped for breath as she stood up swiftly hiding anything insulkting thatr could possibly be seen, "uh.....ehehe.....Hi..." She looked at the handsome man in front of her as she blushed poppy red. Ayame giggled cutely and fasted herslef into a corner near Rokan and Baillie, 'Soooo....You are?"

Suddenly, a woman burst out of the water, startling Rokan - no, perhaps startling isn't strong enough a word. But none the less....
She stood up out of the water, trying to cover everything up. Another one? Where are these naked girls coming from?!
She giggled an embarrased hello and evacuated herself to a corner created by some rocks, still near to Rokan and Bailee.

Rokan, somewhat embarrased for the girl's sake, somewhat embarrased because he'd almost went on top of her (only the second person in the day), answered her.
"Uh.... I'm Rokan. She's Bailee...." He smiled softly, trying to hide the half-embarrasement and residual shock of what'd just happened when a random inner thought spoke to him. Come on, dude. Enjoy this. It's not every day that TWO hot naked chicks pop out of the water and come on to you. "What's your name?"

"I'm Ayame..." She stopped and began stroking above her breasts, "Oh this watrer is so slippery..." She grabbed Rokan's arm and pulled down to her level, and giggled cutely again.
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Hotsprings Roleplay (UNFINISHED UBERCRACK)
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