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 Half-Sihde (Mostly Finished Roleplay)

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PostSubject: Half-Sihde (Mostly Finished Roleplay)   Half-Sihde (Mostly Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:06 pm

Location: En'treilldei, Treilldei City

Reason unfinished- Member leaving


Zeke wove through the thick crowds in the outdoor market of Treilldêi city. He kept out an eye for potential targets; he was running low on supplies and money, and some welcome "income" would be a good asset. He spotted a rather wealthy man in the crowd ahead of him and backed away to the wall of a building. Releasing his consciousness, he latched on to the wealthy man. There was a jerk like always, and he stopped the man's tracks.

He walked back to his body, digging into the man's pockets on his way there. Eventually, he found what he'd been seeking. As he walked past his body, he dropped as many valuables as he could without attracting attention. Then he kept walking. Fifteen steps, then back to myself.... He thought.
.... 8.... 9 .... 10 .... 11 then he felt something was wrong. He didn't dare look back.
He let go of the other man's body, releasing his consciousness. It flew back to his body like and elastic band snap.
Like always, it took him a moment to come to his senses. When he did.....

Rontu ran ahead of Isen taking on his fox form immediately. They have been tracking the footsteps of (...two young hobbits ^^ j/k reliving a random flashback to LOTRs) an old conjurer of sorts. He was performing some unacceptable acts using the lifeforce of human and Isen wanted to see that he was brought to justice.

Rontu caught the man's scent and the chase began. They ran swiftly through the trees towards the village, the busy lives of the inhabitants could be heard not far off.

"He's ahead then?" Isen called to Rontu.

"Yes, I believe so... his scent is only a few minutes old." he replied, panting.

They broke through the trees and entered a clearing that bordered the village's limits. They saw the old man dragging himself along.

He turned when he heard the sound of running and began to run, himself, using the stolen lifeforce of other humans.

"Hey you! Get back here!" Rontu called regaining his human form. The old man turned down a street and they could see that the effects of his magic were beginning to wear off.

He held out his hand and muttered a few incantations when he came in contact with a young wealthy man of the crowd. When he did this Isen could sense something move from the wealthy man into the body of a young man slumped against the wall, face devoid of emotion. What was that? thougt Isen, in confusion. It couldn't be the old man's magic...

The old man began to run again, but this time quicker for his temporary youth had been restored when he stole lifeforce from the man.

Rontu continued on, "Catch him, Rontu" Isen said as he stopped short to see if the young man slumped against the wall was fine, and to see if he could understand what it was the sped out of the wealthy man's body and into his.

He looked down onto his lap and saw jewellry and loose change. Isen gave him a strange expression and asked him, "Are you okay?"

Zeke shook his head to uselessly try to get rid of the fuzziness from switching bodies. He heard someone ask if he was okay.
Carefully picking up what he'd taken from the man, he answered. "More or less." He unsteadily got up, the last effects just wearing off, and looked the stranger in the face. "But I'll be fine."
He began to push into the crowd again, but looked back at the stranger. Why does he look so famialiar? His thoughts were extremely fuzzy still, though, so he had no answer. Dammit, what pushed me out of that guy's body so fast?

The man muttered faintly that he would be fine and his eyes opened and he looked at Isen.

Time seemed to slow to the point of stopping as he did this. He looked into to his eyes and saw faint memories of a horrible childhood, with a lot of prejudice because... he was demon, yeah that was it. But there was more. Love. It was present. A girl named Sophia. Oh how beautiful she was, how he loved her. But he mistreated her. He didn't know it then, but Isen could see that he knew it now. She left him shortly after his personality swerved for the worst.

And then it was all over. He was in the real world, time began to move again. He saw the yound half-demon walk away...

"Zeke, wait..."

Zeke was stopped in his tracks.... He was caught in the stranger's eyes and saw flashes of what could only have been the man's past.... Living alone with his sister, in the streets..... Learning to fight, first as a warrior, then cleric, then mage..... He saw the lonliness where this man outlived his closest friends... And then someone named Rontu, befriending him....
It dissappeared. Zeke stepped away, shocked, when the stranger called his name. He was pushed out of the way by people into the crowd, ending up near the man against the wall.

"H... how do you know..... what was..... who are you?"

I'm Isen, but you should already know that..."

Just then the old man ran into the clearly, with Rontu following him...

"Get him for me!" Rontu cried in a tired tone. "I can no longer give chase... too tired"

Isen went for the old man and tripped him. He bound his mouth to prevent any other of his incantations.

Rontu fell to the ground before Zeke, exhausted. Noticing him he asked "Who are you?" as he looking up at him.

Zeke blinked. "Why would I.....?" Wait... maybe when I saw things from his past, he saw.... But I'm still feeling messed up. I guess I didn't catch enough to know who this is... However, maybe there was another reason, too.

He watched an old man run into the area, and someone who could only be Rontu follow. Rontu collapsed at his feet and the stranger tripped the old man and bound his mouth. Rontu asked Zeke who he was.

"...Zeke...And you're Rontu, right?"

Rontu smiled proudly. "Yup. Fox Eyes in the language of my homeland. So Zeke, would you mind telling me what you were doing in his body...?" he asked pointing towards the unconcious wealthy man who lay off the road, untended and forgotten.

Zeke blinked. How did he know....? He just added it to the list of questions he had to ask.
"I, uh.... Needed some money." He glanced away from Rontu with feigned innocence. "He looked like he could stand to loose it." He looked back at Rontu, this time not lying. "He wouldn't have ended up unconsious like that, though, except something forced me out of his body....."

"Yeah. That's where this nostalgic old man comes in," Rontu said kicking at the old man who was bound and gagged.

"Well we can spare some change, but I can't promise you much." Isen tossed him a few spare gold coins. "So what are you doing in this area?"

Zeke caught the coins in the air.
"To tell the truth, I've got no idea. I usually avoid cities." He put the coins in his pocket. "But for some reason, I just kinda had this urge to head this way. I dunno.... It happens from time to time." He shrugged. He almost added, I guess it's the demon in me, but stopped himself; he didn't know if they knew that (although they seemed to know a lot) but people had a tendancy to be harsh towards half-demons.
He glanced between the two.
"I should probably leave....." Something made him hesitate, though.

"Zeke?" he said to himself. "Why does that name sound so familiar... ?"

Isen watched him, as he began to walk away. Then, when he turned around, he caught his glance.

There was another slowing of time, and he saw himself as a toddler playing with... Zeke? That's why his name sounds so familliar...

They were together, playing with children toys and their mother rushed in. "Isen, get your brother! We must leave now!"

"But why? Momma, I don' wanna leave..." Isen pouted.

"Yes. but we must! Some of those who belong to the Order have discovered that Zeke is a half-demon. They want him dead! Along with me!"

"But why are they being mean?" Zekecut in, beginning to cry. "I don't want you to die..."

"Yes. I don't want anyone to die either, but I can't fight them off..."

--Then the memory jumped ahead, to the last time they saw their mother. She was being dragged away with what they believed to be Zeke held in her arms, wrapped up in a small blanket.

But she had already foreseen this; Zeke and Isen were hiding and preparing to run.

--Then it jumped ahead again. Zeke was stolen by a band of demons... after Isen had found his sister. He had never seen him again.

--Then it jumped ahead again. Zeke had grown strong enough to fight his own and was disowned by the band of petty demon theives; they feared his strength.

--Then the memories faded and time began again.

Then Isen asked in shock: "Your -Your my brother?"

Zeke's eyes met Isen's; time slowed and faded into another set of flashes...
He himself as an infant playing with a boy....Who was it? His mother rushed in. "Isen, get your brother! We must leave now!" What? Isen is.....
More memories..... they blurred past..... Zeke saw again the time he was kidnapped by the band of demons, when they abandoned him...... the memories faded.

"You're- you're my brother?" Isen's voice cut in.

Zeke stared at him, mouth half open, speech almost coming; he backed away from Isen. "No way, nuh uh, I'm not gonna believe it. My mother and brother were killed!" He looked up at Isen, but in Isen's face he saw his faintest memories of his brother.
He looked away.

"I thought the very same thing about you... but now I understand. But you know you can not deny what you saw. It is what has happened. Things that I have nearly forgotten... but now I remember."

He looked to Zeke. Searching for some sign, some sign of belief. All he could sense was confusion and denial.

Zeke leaned back against the wall, arms crossed. One of the things Isen had said, 'you cannot deny what you saw', bothered him. He didn't want to believe it, but everything was telling him it was true. He could be lying..... He could have put those memories in my head.

Zeke shook his head. "I don't know what to believe." There's only one way for me to know that for sure. If he's telling the truth, this'll prove it.

He let a little bit of his consciousness reach out, brushing against Isen's. There was no lie, just the knowledge of truth. As he left Isen alone, a wave of memories hit him. His mother, dragged away by the people they had once called friends. Tears began to well, but he pushed them away.

"So is my....." He trailed off, looking up at Isen. "Our mother alive, too?"

"Alive? I am not sure. I have come to accept that she is dead, however I can not proove that either." he looked away, trying to mask his sadness.

"But a lot of time has passed since then. and she was only mortal. Even if she survived that attack, she should've dead a mortal death..."

Zeke saw Isen trying to hide his tears. There was an awkward silence.

"Yeah.... I guess that was a long time ago." He said flatly.

Just then, a hand pulled him backwards and held a knife at his throat. He heard a muttered incantation and felt.... something... being pulled at from his body. Whatever was being taken, he yanked it back roughly.

"So you're the half demon I ran into before, eh? I'll fix you." As this was being said, he felt something neutralize his movement, constricting him so he could barely breath.

The voice, elderly and malicious, aimed itself at Isen.

"You should pay more attention to those you capture and less to emotional moments. Now promise to lay off the chase or I'll kill him."

Zeke, unable to move, tried to shoot his consciousness towards the man. It rebounded; this was the same force that had pushed him out of the wealthy man's body. Before snapping back, he relayed a message to Isen.

Help me!

Everything that had happened, happened to quickly for Isen to react. He sensed movement behind him and then the old man holding up Zeke.

Help me! he got from Zeke. He tried to approach them but the old man gripped Zeke tighter.

Destract him! he put out to Rontu. The kitsune transformed back into a fox and jumped for the old man and Zeke. He landed softly in front of them and held the old man's gaze. This spell held him in place, preventing him from moving. However this also restricted Rontu's movements.

After Isen did this he lept forward and let loose a flash of magic...
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PostSubject: Re: Half-Sihde (Mostly Finished Roleplay)   Half-Sihde (Mostly Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:07 pm

The flash of magic surprised the old man; Zeke took advantage and swept his consciousness into the old man's body, this time succeeding. His movement within the man's body was jerky and rough, however, as at the same time he was struggling to hold control. He made the man release his body; it fell forewards onto Rontu.

Then, quickly, he tried to turn the man against himself; he brought the arm with the knife back towards the man's chest. It was then that he lost control of the old man's body and was sent roughly out of the man's body and into his own. As soon as he returned to his own body, he felt a much, much stronger dizziness than last time.

Rontu caught the old man in mid-fall; if he were to hit the ground he would've died.

-Isen was about let the unthinkable happen, however, he was able to do something before the old man died. He fired a weak wave of magic that forced Zeke out of the old conjurer's body.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

Rontu caught the old man in mid-fall; if he were to hit the ground he would've died.

-Isen was about let the unthinkable happen, however, he was able to do something before the old man died. He fired a weak wave of magic that forced Zeke out of the old conjurer's body.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

"Nothing of significance, but when compared to what you have done in your past, his death doesn't seem so derserving..." he returned his glare.

"Now, stay still old man." He released white feathery webbing from his fingertips that bound the man, preventing him from moving. "No why are doing this, stealing the youth of others, who taught you how to do so...?"

There was no answer. "I could have let my young half-demon friend kill you, so if you don't answer me I'll be more than willing to let him finish you off..."

"Fine," he said weakly. "I am but an old man, why would I want to steal youth, other than reliving my glory days?"

Isen took this in; he made a good point. "Well you didn't fully answer my question ...who taught you how to do this?"

The old man turned to face Zeke, "His father taught me ...his father and the cult that followed him..."

Zeke glared more intensly at Isen, but ignored it when the old man explained himself.

"His father tought me ...his father and the cult that followed him..."

The words sent a shock through Zeke. He took a step closer to the man, glaring at him at the mention of his father.
"How d'you know the guy who taught you to do that was my father?"

"What the hell is going on!?" He looked att he half demon, "Zeke..." He glared heavily, he lifted his right hand and darted towards with full speed and created a purple void of light in the middle of his palm, and went straight for Zeke with his arm forward, hoping to hit him.

Zeke barely had time to react to the recognizable voice behind him.
He dove out of way, crouched low on the ground and hand methodically reaching for his sharpened rings.
The crowd, which had been dispersing earlier, were totally gone now.

Zeke glared at the newcomer.
"So you've finally caught up with me again, eh Reks?" He grabbed for a ring and readied to throw it (as a child would a frisbee). "I thought you would leave me alone after the last time."

"When I wooped your ass!?" He readied his sword as it came out of it's sheath, "Be ready to doie for good this time!" He darted for Zeke once again and jerked his sword frowards.

Zeke let the sword slide through the ring and flipped it upwards, trapping the sword in the ring. He grinned.
"You wish." He jerked the sword away and slashed at Reks with another ring. Not taking his eyes off of Reks, he yelled to Isen.
"Little help here?"

Isen let out a wave of magic, attempting to hold Reks back.

"Now what did you to leave yourself in a mess like this?!" he yelled above the boom of his magic.

Reks dodged every atack thrown by Zeke and was able to get his sword back from the commotion of Isen's blast, which missed him by a mere inch, "DIE! He jumped back and his sword began to glow red and he jumped forward in midair, and as he did, black wings came out of his back, and he dove down toawrds Zeke and Isen, but shot a ray from the sword and created an explosion instead.

The main blast of the explosion missed Zeke but the shockwave of it threw him back into a window of a nearby shop. He crashed inside, some of the broken glass cutting him.
He threw one of the rings out the window at Reks.

Reks tried to dodge the ring, but was hit in the arm, causing him to stumble and drop his sword whilst clenching his arm. "Dammit!" He looked up at Zeke and grabbed his sword and looked at his injury as it immediately regenerated, "your dead for making me temporarily draw blood!"

Zeke smiled cruelly. "Sore loser?" He grabbed his last two rings, grabbing one of them through the middle so his fingers were on the outside. This was painful, because although his gloves stopped the blades from breaking the skin, they pressed against the joints on his fingers. However, what he had in mind wouldn't work otherwise.

He threw the other one at the wall behind Reks with all his strength. It stuck halfway in the wall; the wall began to crumble. Then he charged for Reks, and with a punching motion, slashed with all his strength at Reks with the side of the ring.

Reks lifted his arm and swiped the air creating a barrier, hoping to have Zeke hit it, and then lifted his enormous sword with mighty strength and slashed upwards while spinning at a 180° angle, swiping away the crumbling granite which threatened to crush him.

Zeke crashed into the barrier, swerving just in time to avoide most of the debris.
Then he charged again at Reks, with a plan.

Reks clasped his sword in his left hand, and then grabbed it with his right, and pulled as if he was trying to pull the sword apart, and in mere moments the sword began to split in two, giving him two swords, both the same length of the previous one, but only half the width.

"Com'on! Gimme all you've got!" He raised the sword in his left hand and readied himself, and then jerked back the other sword and dip it towards the ground.

Zeke grinned. "That old trick again? Haven't you learned anything new?"

He slipped by Reks and grabbed the ring he'd embedded in the wall. Then he sent out a partial strike of his mind, trying to stun the other man. Without waiting to see if it had worked, he charged and attempted to slip the first ring over Reks' head.....

Expecting the enemy not the notice, he swiped from back to front with the sword in his right hand, and as he did, the bricks and debris from the ground shifted upwards out of the ground in the shape a giant shield, and then span around making it go all around him, and then jumped out and noticed Zeke coming at him again, and he threw up his left sword and caught it on his index finger and pivoted it, and then dropped his left arm and let the sword hover like a helicopter blade,and it started flying towards the young man that was darting at Reks, he threw the other sword and the one hovering and as it struck, they both stopped in midair, pointed down and landed and stuck in the ground in front of Reks. They began glowing: the left, black; and the right, white. then he waited for Zeke to come and hit the hidden paralysis barrier which was hidden between them.

Zeke saw the swords hit the ground and begin to glow. He slowed, wary, but not soon enough. He hit the barrier and felt his whole body go numb. Falling to the ground, his fingers released both rings. Dammit, looks like he has learned something new!

He lie on the rubble strewn ground, glaring at Reks. "What did you do?!"

"It's paralysis, you're whole is going to go numb for awhile, you will almost unable to move, lucky for you i haven't mastered it yet so you will have some mobility." Reks reached and grabbed his swords and lifted them and combined them back together, "You're in for it now!" He lifted them and spread apart his arms and jerked them forwards, causing granite from surrounding debris and buildings flying straight to him, "Grave!" The rocks began flying one after another as if attempting to bury Zeke.

Zeke flinched at the attack and tried to move away. Luckily, Reks had been somewhat right, although all his ended up doing was roll over. Dammit.... Not gonna be able to move fast enough...

He shot his whole consciousness at Reks. At the very least, I'll screw up his attack and won't be in my body when it hits....

"AGH!" Zeke posessed Reks and stopped the attack, "Get...out...of...my...body!" Reks took control and forced Zeke back out again, "Don't bother with that! The longest you'll be able to posess me for is half a minute! I gained the ability to regain control of my body!" He walked over to Zeke and lifted his hefty sword, and pierced the ground with it, and opened his hands, pointing the palms towards the ground, "Catch me if ya can..." The ground around him began to shake in place and started swallowing him up, taking him underground.

Zeke saw Reks disappear underground. He sat up stiffly, still not feeling his limbs properly. Dammit, why do you always run? however, he somehow felt that Reks wasn't done here. At least I stopped him...

He got up, but his legs still had absolutely no controll and he stumbled back down. "Ah, shit..." I hope Isen's still out there...

"Isen! Need a little help!"

Isen jumped down from a nearby building roof. "Fine" he said unexcitedly. "But you better have a good reason for me to do so..."

He focused shadow/light energy in his hands then through it at the ground. He was searching for Reks, trying to stop him in his tracks, and bring him back to the surface. Unless he did something reckless, it would do him no harm...

Zeke saw that Isen was still there. He saw him begin looking around for Reks.

"Nah.... Don't worry about him." He tried to lift himself up again, but, again, stumbled. "He'll be back, but just don't worry about it for a bit. How about you or Rontu help me up?"

"Nah.... he stills near," Isen commented. "Although I'm still not quite sure what he's doing..." He and Rontu lent a hand to Zeke, and lifted him up.

"Are you alright?" Rontu asked quickly.

Reka trailed though the granite earth like a worm through mud, and as he reached the top he sensed for a presence and felt one above him Aha... he trailed faster and faster and just before he reached the top he took out his sword and seperated it, and then lept above ground, "DIE!" He spotted Isen and Zeke and began slashing at them wildly, as if the world would end if he stopped, and then they began to glow "Demon Cleaver!" He began jabbing back and forth sawing at the very life force in front of him trying to make every movement count as to stop their lives dead in their tracks, "This'll do it!" He smiled widely, "Burst Dragon Barrage!" He jumped up so swiftly it was hard to tell that he moved as he lunged back down towards them, and just before he reached his targets, the silhouette of a dragon formed around him and opened it's ghostly mouth to reveal several large ferocious teeth. Reks picked up speed and when he finally reached his target the dragon sweeped forward and snapped it's jaw shut as it materialized. As the dragon snapped it's jaw Reks span around one of the sword using it to his advantage to pick up even more speed and he crouched down and span as he got close to his enemies and swept their feet with his other sword continously in rapid motion and wheeled the other sword towards Zeke and Isen and began slicing at their location vertically. He lept back viciously and closed his and eyes and quickly opened them again to reveal them glowing dark blue, and the sword followwed as they began to glow, and he jerked his hand up then swiftly down again turning both swords into weapons called gunblades, and darted forward once again and started shooting elemental bullets from them every time he slashed. All the while he kept his focus on his swords, just hoping at least something hit them.

Zeke barely had time to react as Reks came out of the ground, attacking. He grabbed for the two rings he'd dropped and unsteadily dove out of the way of the first attack.
He managed to dodge most of the others with increasing steadiness but turned around to have one almost hit him. He blocked with one of the rings braced against his arm. Pain etched himself up and down the arm and he heard a snapping noise.
The force sent him flying to the ground; he winced when the shoulder of the injured arm took the impact.
Getting up, he clutched the arm.
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PostSubject: Re: Half-Sihde (Mostly Finished Roleplay)   Half-Sihde (Mostly Finished Roleplay) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:07 pm

"Dammit.... Broken." He clenched his teeth as he tenderly felt up the arm for the break; it was hard to tell, but Zeke thought there was more than one point where it was broken. He's gonna pay...

Glaring at Reks, he threw the ring that had been in the other hand. What am I gonna do? I can't fight him like this...

Isen cast a forcefeild upon himself just in time. However the force of the attack caused him a temporary headache, as well as throwing him back about 20 or 30 feet.

He recovered quickly though, and jumped back into the clearing and found his place next to Zeke. "Okay I'll help, but I better have a reason to do so..."

Zeke glared at Isen.
"How's this for a good reason. I doubt he's gonna leave you alone now if you just say, 'sorry, I don't know him. I'll just be leaving'. Think about that!"

Isen did not like the look her gave him, "I am here to help you, now pay me the respect I deserve," he said coldly, "Little brother..."

Reks looked around ferociously for Zeke and isen, because he knew he missed, he a bloodlust growing in his eyes, andhe hungered for the stench of death on his fingertips, he wasn't human at that point, all that stood facing Zeke and Isen was a vicious monster, ready to rip them to shreds, this was the aftermath of the attack he just used, lose his sanity to grow in tremendous speed and power, "DIE!" He darted forward and lept in the air cross-hatching at Zeke and Isen, "ESCAPE IS IMPOSSIBLE NOW!" He lept backwards and readied himself again.

Isen's words had startled Zeke; as so, he'd missed the chance to note that Reks was attacking. He dove out of the way, safely out of range. Or so he thought.
Pain erupted as the edge of a slash cut into his leg. He felt, below the pain, the blood soaking his pants. He pushed himself up with his good arm, ignoring his injuries so far (or at least trying to.)
"Shit! I... have to do something!"
Suddenly, he got an idea. He pushed all of his consciousness out and then came back to himself, taking control of his body but not entirely entering it. The pain of his injuries faded to a dull reminder. He pushed himself the rest of the way up, trying to avoid using the broken arm unless he had to.

Anger was painted on his face, glaring at Reks. "Yeah... Escape for you."
He quickly glanced over to see if his half brother had escaped the attack.

Isen looked forward to see one ugly monster glaring at both him and Zeke. It was preparing to leap at them, but he couldn't help but cringe... What the f*ck is that?

But he knew he had to do something and soon; Isen threw up a forcefeild and attempted to wrap it around Zeke also, but he was too late...

The horrid assailant leaped at him. His sword struck, but only barely. Zeke was able to recover quite quickly and Isen was only thankful that he had for he couldn't possibly defeat such mindless attacker on his own.

But he saw that now was his time to make a move; Zeke was in no shape to make one so quickly. So Isen turned around to face the attacker. Impulsively he leapt at him, with blue fire igniting on his hands...

Reks flew back from Isen's attack, then recopvered swiftly and stood up, "Such power...I shall destroy anyone potential challenge!" He lunged forward so swiftly that he wdoubted either of them could see him, 'Hahaha!" he laughed evily then ran behind Isen and Slashed at him at mid range.

Zeke saw Reks' attack and one thought went through his head: He's not gonna be able to react fast enough. I gotta stop it. He forced his body to charge forward. Every footstep sent shot pain up his leg, and every rhythmic step that jostled his arm brought more.
He slammed his body into Reks'.

They both hit the ground with great force, "You fool!" He stood up, "Hahahaha! The pain alone from forcing yourself out of paralysis could kill you!" he pointed his sword at Zeke's neck, "But since you have the strength to move even after I have attacked you, this proves how much more I must stop you!" Reks jerked his sword back and went to thrust forward just as a bright red light began flashing from the armor on his left arm, "Damn...I'll finish you later!" He lept back and put his sword back together and sheathed it and leopt backwards into the nearby bushes, "Follow me, and i WILL kill you!" Reks' voice echoed...

Zeke got up from the hard impact, still only half registering the pain that seemed to be in almost all of his limbs now. He was very, very thankful for whatever that bright red light had been; Reks could have easily killed him before he had a chance to get up. However, he was filled with a rage so thick and dark that it came through stronger than the pain.

"He won't get that chance again," Zeke muttered under his breath. "I'll kill him first!"

He began to charge after Reks but that was when his concentration with his mind technique broke. He felt the pain that had been a distant reminder earlier flood into his senses and collapsed onto the ground.

"Da...mn," he barely got out. He tried to push himself back up, wanting beyond anything to chase after Reks. He could barely do it, though, and just rolled himself over onto his back. Shutting his eyes, he sighed.

"I... give up."

Isen watched as this flashed before his eyes. Everything was a blurr and he couldn't follow with his sight, but he percieved all that had happened with his mind. He watched as Zeke ran after the attack and felt all his hope fade as he fell to the ground with a thud.

"Idiot" he muttered under his breath. He ran after Zeke and within a few strides he found him with his face implanted in soft soil. He lifted him up and beared him to a clearing, realizing that if he hadn't, Zeke would've sufficated since he was already too weak to move.

Upon reaching the clearing he met up with a bewildered Rontu. He was gone attending his own errands (retrieving food and the like) and returned to find them gone.

"Where were you?" he asked helping Isen set an unconscious Zeke on a soft, damp patch of moss.

"Further into the forest. As for what happened, I too would like to know. When Zeke awakens, we'll ask him." He paused and examined Zeke's wounds. "Did you find any herbs that be of use here?"

"Some, but not the best. Basically, I got one that will numb the pain and the other which will help him heal but only if he rests while it's at work." With his left hand, Rontu held the first herb up to his nose and let the fragrance do the work. Within minutes he would go numb. With his right hand he gently squizzed the other herb and let its juices seep into his wounds. Without the combination of both herbs, Zeke would feel pain beyond reckoning. Luckily, Rontu knew what he was doing.

"Well all we can do is wait until he has healed," Rontu said after he finished applying the herbs. "He should be fine tomorrow..."

Zeke's eyelids lifted heavily as his senses flooded back in. He felt dull, throbbing pain in most of his body, as well as the physical and mental exhaustion that came from using his abilities a bit too much. A leafy canopy, thin and with bits of blue sky visible, sat above him. He tried to push up off of the ground with his good arm, and almost couldn't do it.

"That was a close call," he muttered under his breath.

"Sure was... so what happened anyway..." Rontu slid down from a low tree. He stopped before Zeke and looked over his wounds quickly; most have healed, while others were nearing it. He concluded that he would be scarred. "Isen went into town to get some food..." he added trying to make as much sense as possible. "But he didn't tell me what happened or where you guys went..."

Zeke started a bit when Rontu jumped down out of the tree. He'd been off in his own little world, and that statement had been directed mostly to himself.
He considered trying to stand up but shot the idea down immediately. As much as he hated looking up at people when he spoke to them (it made him feel weak) he doubted he could and figured he'd probably hurt himself trying. That was when Rontu asked him what happened.

"Long story short, that loser Reks kept attacking us and I tried to chase after him. I couldn't keep concentration on my mind-" Zeke cut himself off, seeing Rontu's confusion, and quickly explained his ability. "Anyway, I couldn't hold the concentration any more and collapsed."

His stomach grumbled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten since the previous day. Or did I even eat then?
"How long ago did Isen leave?" His words normally would have come across as annoyed, but for some reason Zeke took care to moniter his tone. He'd been alone most of his life; this would be a chance to change that.

"About an hour ago, shortly after sunrise..." he held out a hand to help Zeke up. "C'mon we'll go find him..."

Zeke took Rontu's hand and got up. He took a step carefully, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn't stumble and fall. After a few steps, he came to the realization that it hurt like hell to walk, and he'd definately be limping for a little while, but it felt better not to be sitting or lying down.

"All right, then." He and Rontu began to head back towards the city, and Zeke silently wondered how far away they were. They hadn't gone far, however, when he heard rustling in the leaves not far off. That could be Isen..... Or it could be Reks or some other sort of trouble. Deciding to play it safe, he tugged Rontu off to the side and sent him a message via his mind. He needed to concentrate a little more than usual to do it (due to mental fatigue).

"That could be anyone making that noise... Wait until they pass us by and try to get a good look at who it is."

Rontu backed up and hid Zeke behind him. He realized that his wounds had only just healed and that needed more sleep for him to well enough for battle; as he was now, he stood no chance in close combat.

The noise was getting louder and nearer, but he couldn't yet make out who it was. Then it was revealed what it was and Rontu gasped in spite of himself...

Zeke couldn't see what Rontu was looking at at first; there were tree branches in the way. He shifted over and then he saw it.
It was a large boar-like monster, with serrated, pointy teeth and eyes that burned like the flames that cooked hitlers brunch. (lol sorry... popped into my head) It snorted savagely and charged for the two of them.

Zeke reached for any sort of weapon that he'd usually have on him- then he realized that there wasn't any. He was totally unarmed. He jumped out of the way in advance and the beast -possible sensing his injuries and knowing he was the easier target- changed direction.

Thinking quickly, Zeke jumped on top of the beast and from that position, jumped into the lower branch of a tree.
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