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 A visit Home (finished RP)

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PostSubject: A visit Home (finished RP)   A visit Home (finished RP) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 2:27 pm

Location: Nera


Xyn-lea strode silently through the tall grasses that were reminiscent of her childhood. She'd been passing through Nera and decided to take a small detour, leaving her companions behind.
She wanted to see her old home.

Her feet stepped over foundations of old burnt houses. They had been farms on the outskirts of the town she'd grown up in. This is where I learned most of what I know, she thought somberly. Her eyes scanned the horizon until they rested on the rebuilt town, Giolle. She'd never had the time (or at least, never put it in) to go back.
I wonder... She thought, as her feet took her towards the town. Was her old home still there? She walked quietly all the way, memories tied down to landmarks flying to the forefront of her thought.

The sounds of a prospering town came to her ears as she stepped within the first few houses. People of Elfin heritage, as well as Humans, bustled in the town center. A regular busy town day it seemed.

It's all so different... and yet, I recognize things. Although the buildings had been built the differently, the layout of the town was the same. Memorized footsteps, ancient with dust, carried her towards a small house near the center. A little boy sat in front, drawing in the dirt. His clothes were covered in filth from it. All of a sudden, his mother came out of the house and scolded him for getting dirty.

Xyn-lea smiled as she walked away. It's like there was no war here, so many years ago. The town would be one of the few things, very few, that had a soft spot in her heart.

Xyn-lea headed to the inn in the center. Inside, a room of tables and chairs was set out. It was moderately busy, with most of the occupants being pairs of men discussing business. She called one of the people who looked like they worked there and paid for a drink. She then sit down in a solitary corner and lost herself within her thoughts.

Daxis searching the skys for something appealing to him,and appealing to him is the only thing but beautiful women. flying above the ground to see nothing for nearly an hour he spots the town giolle, wondering if there will be any pretty things in the town for him to find.

flying into the town silently he tries to land on a gate like fence,but snags his clothing on a tree and flips upisde down with his undoubted luck.
hanging from the tree he tries several times to shake himself loose from the tree,with no luck.

why did this tree have to be here anyways... somtimes i just don't get people?
after not of thinking the obvious before he pulled out his scythe and cuts himself loose, landing on the dirt road with soft powder looking feet, and pulls out the twigs stuck in his wings , but unfortunately kills the tree.

after his little mishap with the tree he walks down road in confusion of being lost ,with people giving him weird looks as he walks by. daxis finally comes to a building and to him what looks like an inn. "maybe i can find something to my liking in here?"he said in excitment.

he walks into the place scanning the room for you know what, and finds only to find one women in the building. daxis quickly making sure he looked ok from when he snagged on the tree earlier,and smoothly walked over to her,"excuse ... me ... is .. that seat taken ..?" he looked at her with his cunning eyes.

Xyn-lea looked up at the sound of the stranger's voice. He looked a bit dishelved, and she was still somewhat not all there to notice the look hin his eyes. She glanced around and all the tables she could see were occupied. Whatever... If he bugs me I'll hurt him.

"Uh, I guess you can sit there." She shot him a sharp look and returned to her drink.

daxis amazed that she let him sit was a first for him. he grabbed a chair and pulled it next to her. he stopped one of the workers and ordered a drink, and the person walked away to get it stepped on his foot, trying to hold the look of pain off his face he bit his lip, and his flapped a little tripping the person who stepped on his foot , pretending he did nothing, and stared at her.

with daxis' drink being delivered he snapped back out dreamworld.
"sorry, i was to busy staring into your beautiful eyes that i didn't catch your name?
and you can me call daxis ..." his wings started fluttering.
if i'm lucky i might have a chance with this lady.

Xyn-lea missed the first part of his sentence, but heard him ask her name and give his.

"Hm? Oh, I'm Xyn-lea."

I hope he's not talkative... I might have to leave to get some peace and quiet to think.

"well... nice meet you Xyn-lea..."he smiled at her pulling his large robes out from being stuck under a chair,doesn't realize until its too late and that his hot beverage is tipped and poured all over him. "ooooooooooowch"he screams as it burns through his clothes, making a huge uproar in the place but everyone just ignores him. "i tink i got third degree burns from my drink...."as he makes a sad pouty puppy-dog looking face at Xyn-lea.

Xyn-lea looked up at Daxis. She cast him a, "what the hell is wrong with him??" look and then continued to ignore him. He mentioned it to her and she noticed his pouty face.

"....and you want me to do WHAT about it?"

still looking at her with the puppy dog look"kiss it better..." as he leans in eyes closed for a kiss.

Xyn-lea looked up.


She saw Daxis pucker up and lean close.
Oh, I'll give him something all right....

Leaning back for momentum, she swung her arm foreward and punched him right in the "kisser". In doing so, she stoof up and upturned the table. He went flying back quite a distance.

"Hmph." she dusted off her hands. "What is with some people?"

daxis felt the sting of a fist on his face and flew through the building wrecking chairs, tables, and flying through the window hearing the owner scream"how you pay for all this mess !!!!" daxis falls through the window and hitting the hard ground. laying on the ground for awhile ,he got up and shook off being punched by her. and walked up to were to she was ."excuse me... i think i got lost on my way home.... can you take me to yours...?" as he put his hands together and prayed. daxis opened his eyes and could feel a small pain on his back, he looked behind and saw pieces of glass and a blood trail from all the way from when fell out of the window , looked back at her .why is she so blurry ...... and fainted from the shock.

Xyn-lea sighed. "This guy's as dumb as he is desperate... Not a good combination. She got up to leave as he fainted, but was stopped by the inn's owner.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

She gave him a blank look. "I'm leaving."

"Who's going to pay for all this?"

She pointed to Daxis. "He is. I only punched him for harrasing me."

"That's what they all say. I don't wanna be left with someone who's not at fault. You're staying here until I can sort this out."

She crossed her arms, but stayed. I wanna be able to come back here without trouble, so I guess I better listen.

daxis woke up to hearing people talking" considering the damage that was done to my inn inside and out , including chairs,tables and the window as far as expenses go this tis your grand total for the damage....i hope you two can pay for it.. or there will be consequenses...!". oh..mannnn... i blew it ... maybe im just meant to be lonely for an eternity.... looks up at an angry face and makes a heavy sigh, and hangs his head low.

Xyn-lea cast him a surprised, angry look.
"BOTH OF US?! This is his fault. He probably harrasses women like this all the time!"
She looked over at Daxis. "You pay for it yourself."

itting in the dirt looking up at xyn-lea his demonic crimson eyes gain a sad look and begin to water "i can't .....pay for .... it , i have nothing, not even a home or a warm bed to go back to....if only i could just have one chance ... I...I,I promise to be good...."as he looks at her his small tears fall to the ground as he tries to wipe them away. "i guess this ...is what i deserve after all anyways." daxis slowly gets up and starts to walk away with an injured wing tears lightyly streaming down his cheek as looks to the ground dsigusted with himself.

Xyn-lea rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. I can afford it, so I'll pay." She reached into her bag and pulled out a few highly valued golden coins, a silver, and a handfull of copper. "This should cover it."

She sighed and turned her back on the innkeeper and began to walk away....

"wait ...." he calmly says to xyn-lea " will ... you ..... at least take me with you so i can pay you back for the trouble i've caused you.... , its just i feel lonley with out anyone that why i do this .... because i can't even go back to my people, i've been accused of a crime i have not even committed so i look for people elsewhere but i've always been rejected...." tears still streaming down his face " i don't wanna be alone anymore i'm tired of being lonely for the rest of my life ..."as he is screaming at the top of his lungs now. " i know you don't want to hear everything that's about me , but i love you ... so please .... just give me one chance ..... to make everything right..."daxis stands in the middle of the road waiting for an answer.

Xyn-lea sighed. Why do I always get the crazies? I should just kill him and do everyone a favour... She'd only thought of it as a joke at first, but then she realized.... it wasn't that bad of an idea. She could just lead him a little way out of town....

Xyn-lea turned around and winked at him. "All right. But only if you promise to be good...."

" does this mean you've reconsidered me ..." he blinked at her while wiping away his tears. and runs up to her side, and begins to follow her. "soooo... where are we going ....???????" as he keeps a steady pace with her, though him being injured slowly falling behind.

Xyn-lea sighed. He's pathetic.

"We're going to meet up with my friends." She said as she lead Daxis further and further away from the town. Soon it was out of sight. This should be far enough away....

"Let's stop here for a minute. There's something I want to do." She winked suggestively at him. Hehe.... He's such a desparate idiot.

he gave her a weird blushing look on his face.Gulp....i hope its not anything pain ful this time ,i better be more careful and not let my guard down , hmmm... i'm on to you xyn-lea just what are you planning....? still following behind her, he looked into the bright shining sun that was setting on the horizon and stopped in place where xyn-lea was.

She sat down on the grass in a subtly suggestive manner and looked up at Daxis.
"I don't think we got properly introduced.... What was your name again?"

hmmm... she's clever ,thats just what i like about her.but if she's going to be like that then i will just have toplay along. daxis stared long and hard at her eyes, as if to notice like there was more to what she was doing him.
he looked down at her, then sits down painfully trying to not move his wings.
and stared at xyn-lea with cold almost as if death were in his eyes,and did not move .

She blinked at the look in his eyes. Is he on to me?
"What's that look for?" She gave him an innocently cute baffled look that had won hearts (and killed or scammed them) before.

daxis' crimson eyes gave her a peircing grim look as if he was the reaper in the flesh. she's no laughing matter, now i see it.... getting up he pulled out his scythe." there's no need to worry, though it seems i've found you out for your true ways...."he says as his eyes glow red with fury. "how about a little visit from somone dear to you?... " as he summoned up the deceased and was controling them like a puppet. " coming closer to xyn-lea he and the dead talking to her " ahhh.. come now .... don't you want to play with us ...?"he grinned at her.
as he sent the dead towards her direction.

Xyn-lea sighed. "So you aren't as dumb as your pickup lines, then."
She quickly pulled out her emei needles and was about to charge when corpses stuck up out of the ground. A necromancer? she thought. He might try using people I know against me. I can't let myself recognize them. This, of course, was an easy enough task for a trained assassin. Needles spinning wildly, she dispatched the first living corpse with ease. It's head rolled on the ground near by, body still standing. She finished the body with a low kick to the knees and turned to face the other. Quickly, as she attacked with one hand at another corpse, she tossed the needle in her other hand at Daxis, quickly enchanting it to multiply to several needles right for him.

daxis seeing quickly summoned more corpses to stop the attack, and charges towards her with his scythe darting around her to confuse her then silently stood still behind her, and pulled the corpses to surround her. " its too late now ..you poor thing ....just like a rose .... wild with thorns , but a fragile flower within... "he whispered into her ear from behind as his scythe came close to her neck as he tightly held onto her body.

How did he get there? She thought with bewilderment as she felt the razor sharp scythe resting dangerously near her throat. Her muscles automatically tensed up and she closed her eyes to think her way out. She couldn't move away, for he was holding on to her too tightly. Maybe I can get his guard down... She made her voice waver slightly and tears come to her eyes. After all, as a skilled assassin, she was very good at acting.
"D-daxis? Please... please don't kill me! I'm sorry that I tricked you. "

daxis slowly release his grip on xyn-lea stood still, and started reverting back to his old self. "this only happens when my life is in danger... i don't want to hurt you.." daxis said in more of his own tone,"i'm leaving i have nothing more that i need in this world... he takes one more look at xyn-lea " goodbye..."as a tear falls from his eye, and pulls the spirits towards himself as they each rip a piece of his soul apart turning him into crystalized dust lbowing in the wind before Xyn-lea.
the only thing left is a faint whisper of " i will always be watching you." and fades away.

Xyn-lea stood there, staring at where he had been.
Did he just.... kill himself?
She shook her head and walked away.

"What a dramatic fellow."
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A visit Home (finished RP)
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